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It is barely noticeable to the man in the street just what corruption goes on behind the scenes. We are all too busy getting on with life and the corrupt count on that to distract us. Like magicians they use sleight of hand and hope we do not see their trickery. Unlike magicians they are not doing it to entertain, but to gain. And they have their assistants, "the lovely Doreen" to help in the deception.

Mike Buchanan came by to show us some exposure work by another friend of mine in the UK.  He shall remain in the corner of the UK room supping his pint while we take a look at his work.

It concerns some who are making a small fortune by decieving us about Domestic Violence. In Oz we have our very own Rosemary Batty, an empowered, modern woman whose choice of husband and her own inadequacy brought about the death of her little boy. 

Of course she became the heroine of the year, and Australian of the Year too, She made a series of bad decisions and otherwise has done nothing of any constructive note in her life, yet.... Honours!! She is on the gravy train, encouraged and scripted by the women's lobby, NGOs and Gummunt Departments, feted, wined (lots of wine) dined and paraded to parrot the PC jargon. She is the Oz  'Doreen'.  She grins and wiggles at the side of the stage so you do not look at the thieves and decievers. Men, of course, are strapped into the box to be sawn in half for your entertainment and box-office takings.
Rosie feeds off her son's death like a vampire.

You and I and the taxpayers are played and rooked.

But to the UK. There it is no simple stage act. It reaches right to the top of national and local politics. Follow the money and look for the Doreens.

Mike said as a way of introduction......
A remarkable piece by HEqual. The role in the scandal played by Elaine Snaith, the lesbian feminist Chief Executive of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office – her salary is £75,000 p.a. – is extraordinary.
He went on to show the work by HEqual. You are unlikely to see this in the newspapers or on your TV news.
How feminists and a Police Commissioner’s Office conspired against male victims of domestic violence on Twitter
By now you can’t have failed to miss the scandal engulfing Northumbia Police concerning their sexism against male victims of domestic violence. 
The police force, ultimately headed by radical  feminist Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird produced a series of sexist and hopefulness outdated posters, all of which pushed the totally debunked narrative of domestic violence comprising of male perpetrators and female victims. 
Vera the magician with her tame Lioness
To compound matters further, Baird refused to listen to anyone’s concerns and instead blocked all manner of people who highlighted her sexism on Twitter, including male domestic violence victims in her own region who she was supposed to be helping.
HEqual has followed this story from the very start and thanks in part to our work the force was even forced to issue a statement about its sexism and the story appeared  in a number of media outlets such as Breitbart, the Independent,Daily Mail and the local press. Many of these articles are factually correct and quite well written, but there’s also a great deal of unreported and hugely significant material we’ve uncovered that’s yet to appear anywhere else.

Baird’s sexist posters prompted numerous complaints and HEqual was prompted to investigate the correct procedure for reporting her sex discrimination. Although it’s possible to complain to the police or the Police Complaints Commission, we noticed that concerns about actual Police and Crime Commissioners and excluded from such procedures. Instead, as quoted on the Northumbria PCC’s website the procedure is as follows:
You will note, as everyone in the Tavern did, that the posters all indict Men !!! (tm) as bad guys and women as their sorry victims, while conveniently ignoring the well appreciated experience that all the behaviours detailed are common female  abuse strategies. They are not confined to men and indeed are common amongst even ordinary, otherwise non-abusive women.
In accordance with the provisions that are contained in the Elected Local Policing Bodies (Complaints and Misconduct) Regulations 2012, the Police & Crime Panel have determined that.. 
....any complaints about the Police and Crime Commissioner or the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner will be dealt with, in the first instance, by the Monitoring Officer, who is the Chief Executive of the Police and Crime Commissioner. 
If you wish to complain about the PCC please write to Elaine Snaith, Chief Executive using the details found on the ‘Contact Us’ page.”
So the gatekeeper for complaints about Baird and the person running her office is is Elaine Snaith, she’s paid a salary of£75,000 and her full job description is at:
We decided to examine whether she was likely to be a fair minded and neutral  individual who’s going to take all the complaints and her job description seriously and actually  act in the interests of all the people of Northumbria, male or female. Fortunately she’s on twitter and her bio appears as follows:
Doreen. Not ashamed to call herself a Lesbian Feminist.
Before we go any further it’s important to establish a few basic facts. 
Firstly the outrage concerning the posters shows that most of the public  felt they were completely sexist or at least completely unhelpful. A poll by the Newcastle Chronicle initially indicated over 80% of the readers were of this view. 
Secondly, the police statement about the scandal shows they recognised these concerns. In fact, only six posters in the series ever appeared on the Police Force’s Facebook account, with the “one day to go” poster notable for its absence. Therefore it’s reasonable to assume the  criticisms were accepted to such an extent that the police even withdrew the last poster in the series.
Unfortunately, while some in the force clearly appreciate just how sexist and disgraceful it is to whitewash from existence some 40% of domestic violence victims, the message still hasn’t got through at Baird’s office.
Whilst Baird kept silent on the matter and blocked male victims of domestic violence who complained, Snaith’s approach was somewhat different and it’s abundantly clear from her Twitter feed that she supports the discrimination against male victims in the posters 100%.
Of particular interest to feminists was the poll in the Newcastle Chronicle showing  overwhelmingly that readers were of the opinion that their posters were sexist. Clearly such a fact was hugely embarrassing to not only Baird and the police but to gender feminists as a whole and as a result a Twitter campaign was launched to attempt to influence the poll. 
While many behind the campaign are some of the most extreme feminists around we’ve uncovered tweets from very prominent UK feminists and even taxpayer funded feminist organisations encouraging or instructing others to vote 'no' in the poll and pretend the blatantly sexist posters weren’t sexist. Figures and organisations involved in or supporting this Twitter campaign include:
Liz Kelly – co-chair of “End Violence Against Women”
End Violence Against Women coalition
Beatrix Campbell – Journalist and Green Party politician
Welsh Women’s Aid
Polly Neate – Chief exec of Women’s Aid, on of the the UK’s largest domestic violence charity
The Women’s Equality Party – Brighton branch (their tweets doesn’t mention to the poll but they’ve retweeted others that do)
Rape and Sexual Abuse Center Merseyside
One of the most active individuals in this campaign was none other than Snaith herself. 
Since she joined twitter she averaged less than four tweets per day yet on December 31st alone we counted well over 100 tweets or retweets about the poll and the sexist posters.
In all fairness, a minority of the feminists who’ve tweeted about the poll have done so in a fairly reasonable manner and simply encouraged others to participate, therefore trusting them to make up their own minds about the posters. We’ve even done the same ourselves. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Baird’s office with Snaith tweeting the following:

So not only is the person who handles every single complaint about Baird’s sexism fully supportive of it, she’s also tried to rig a vote about said sexism by telling people how they should vote rather than letting them make up their own minds. 
Worse still, even the argument she provides in support of the No vote campaign is a blatant lie too.
Sir Michael Scholar of the UK statistics authority has twice dealt with such matters and as a result both the Crown Prosecution Service and the Welsh Government have been officially forced to remove similarly misleading statements from their publications. 
Thanks to these rulings taxpayer funded bodies in the UK are barred from saying  the overwhelming/vast majority of victims of domestic violence are women, and that’s becasue to say such a thing is complete nonsense. 
The UK Crime Survey consistently demonstrates that 40% of victims are men and so so year after year.
In addition to her lie and countless retweets about the poll campaign , Snaith then sent out a second “vote no” request. Then, as the poll figures start to sway in Baird’s favour, Snaith tweeted a progress update to both Baird’s official PCC Twitter account and even the main police Force Twitter account to instructing them both to “Retweet the hell out of this”:

Finally, once the result is was more secure, Snaith ran off to the local paper sending multiple tweets about the “result” and requesting they write a “more balanced article” to reflect the brigaded poll result.
Of course, as with so many 'polls' of this ilk, one or two individuals can 'vote' time and time again in fine Socialist fashion. Just think how many votes you can get from whispering to the sistahood.  

But here it is far more than a whisper and the people and organisations 'appealed' to are funded by.... guess who?.... you. 
On Monday, Northumbria Police stepped up this fiasco s step further. 
In an interview with Chronicle they said: “We are pleased that 60% of those who voted in the Chronicle’s poll agree with us that it appropriately targets women victims and male perpetrators, and is not, in doing so, sexist”. 
I doubt very much that the poll result ever hit 60% “no” but if it ever did it was for the briefest possible moment and totally and utterly due to feminist brigading. Furthermore, the Baird and thus the Police Force had to be fully aware of what was going on as it was partially organised by her closest colleague in her own office.
Despite the major Twitter campaign by high profile UK feminists (and the police)  the result really hasn’t been that impressive. At one point the yes vote went as low as 45%, but it’s already back up to 48% which is hardly a resounding victory though it is a major change from actual public opinion if nothing else.
Ultimately though, having taxpayer funded feminists flood a single poll with votes to change its result in no way changes reality.
Mind you, the taxpayer is never consulted about the use of (predominantly) his money. 
Any internet threads, newspaper article comments and Facebook discussions about this matter are overwhelmingly against the posters and view them as sexist and dishonest and that’s becasue most people are aware that both men and women can be violent and abusive in relationships.
It’s also important not to lose sight of the real issues here. 
Those playing around with this poll aren’t simply rigging a result. They’re also openly showing support for sexism against men by the police and they’re opposing the very idea of putting a male identity on any single poster and thus recognising male victims and helping them to come forward.  
Furthermore, by pretending the poll results are in any way legitimate the police themselves are being completely dishonest with the general public who pay their wages and they’re certianly not an organisation you’d want to place any sort of trust in.
To think we pay Baird and Snaith a combined £160,000 to openly discriminate against men is staggering , given such high salaries it’s  little wonder that they’re not keen on having their sexism exposed for all to see. To think that they’d rather block victims of abuse on Twitter and mess around with influencing newspaper polls instead of actually do their jobs and helping and supporting male victims of abuse is utterly shameful.
There’s even more to come on this scandal. We’ll have more exclusive updates in the coming days so either subscribe to our blog or follow us on Twitter. 
Who polices the police? 

Who even notices the Gummunt Policies that propel radical feminists into positions of power where they not only get paid handsomely at taxpayer's expense but disfigure the face of society at the same time and at taxpayer's expense again. 

Drink deep. Keep your eye on the magicians.

They are NOT there to entertain you.

By the way, did you notice the sleight of hand on the Oz newswires the other day? The cricketer who asked a female news reporter for a date> A $10,000 fine for his 'sleazy' sexistness. But let us not mention the TV 'weather' woman who just the other year  made a sexist pass at a chap minding  his own business on a beach. Not a bit of outrage there. And why this time? Is it because it was a sleazy man? Or was it to distract us from something far more important and deadly?

Thank you Mike. A Pint for you every half hour, sir. 



  1. Re that last article: gotta love how a man was 'allegedly' stabbed in the heart. No, he WAS stabbed in the heart, it was allegedly the woman who did it.
    These reporters need to go back to study English as their command of it is deeply lacking.
    The concept that crimes that feature female perpetrators is a phenomenon I call the 4th paragraph: where the gender of the perpetrator is withheld until the 4th paragraph (if at all mentioned) if it's a female, but is in the heading or first line if it's a male.
    Is also the same if they're suppressing the race of a perpetrator vs white.

    1. Good try, sir. I am afraid the time has passed that we could expect even good English let alone fine, memorable phrases from our media. I can recall listening to the likes of Alistair Cooke many years ago. And reading Bernard Levin's reports. Days long gone. What we can expect now is biased nonsense and poorly constructed to boot.

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