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Australian Sock-Puppet of the Year

Every year in Oz we elevate someone to 'figurehead' position with a big 'do' in Canberra. There are so many worthy people doing fine things that it is difficult to choose just who is the most worthy, the most dedicated and most deserving of recognition and national Praise.

It is not often that any can get past the Bouncer and into the Tavern, however. Why? Because for several years now the 'chosen one' has been a puppet for PC agirprop.

We had that racist footballer fellow, Adam Goode, who did not live up to his mispelled name, crying foul against a little girl and causing her grief, yet lauded by the PTB in Canberra because he is Aboriginal. Make no mistake here; that is what he was made Australian of the Year for.  Being born black. He has done no real good in the nation.  You won't find him on the beach as a lifeguard in his spare time, like say, ex-PM Tony Abbott. Nor part of a fire brigade, again like Abbott. But Ozee of the Year is not for ex-PMs.

It is for sock-puppets.

Right now we have a particularly egregious person who made awful personal choices in her own life which led directly to the death of her own son. Poor woman. She has to be made a heroine.
Australian of the Year 
Rosie Batty 
Merely a Feminist Puppet
Since Rosie Batty became the Australian of the year her primary focus has been upon ending domestic violence against women, and while this is an important and worthy cause, Batty has not used her new found fame and position to promote the need to end all domestic violence and especially violence against children. 
Batty’s own son Luke was murdered by his father in February 2014, is the reason Batty is not focusing upon child abuse and especially child murder as the fact it does not fit the agenda of the feminist’s she is now representing, as more mothers kill their children in Australia than fathers.
Since her son Luke was killed in February 2014 Australia have seen many children killed by a biological parent, with the vast majority being killed by women. 

The first being a newly born child found buried on Maroubra Beach, with the mother being the prime suspect as Emma Partridge (2014) stated ‘police said they held grave concerns for the baby’s mother and urged her to come forward. They have contacted local hospitals in the hope they might be able to track down details of any newborn baby who might be missing or unaccounted for.‘ 
The mother was never found, but when it comes to the killing of newborn children mothers are the main perpetrators. 
As in this case the mother probably gave birth away from medical facilities so she could dispose of the child not long after giving birth. This is a common practice to the point that when this unknown mother’s child was discovered many in Australia argued for Baby Hatches, they are basically video return slots for babies, and are common throughout Europe.
Next came Raina Mersane Ina Thaiday who murdered seven of her own children and a niece. A week later she is portrayed by the mainstream media as the victim as her violent rampage was a product of the violence she had apparently endured at the hands of men. The Australian (2014) stated
‘familiar to locals as Aunty Mero, Raina Mersane Ina Thaiday had been a victim of domestic violence at the hands of at least one ex-partner. According to a friend, Beryl Jackson, she claimed to have been abused from the time she was a small girl, growing up on Darnley Island in the Torres Strait. Her personal demons must have been bottled up for years. Without warning, they exploded into what police say was a murderous rampage.’
Therefore excuses are made for her heinous actions, instead of asking why another mother has murdered her own children and what action can be taken to stop it from occurring again. 

This did not happen. Instead feminists proved again they are more interested in protecting women than children. 
This is proven when the next time a mother kills her own children she is not arrested until four months after the event and again portrayed as the innocent victim.
Akon Guode intentionally drove her vehicle into Wyndham Vale Lake, she was released on the same day of the suspected murders. 
Then as with Raina Mersane Ina Thaiday she was displayed in the press as an innocent victim when Steve Lillebuen (2015) wrote
‘she (Akoi Chabiet) also spoke highly of her “devoted” mother Akon Guode, who was at the wheel of the Toyota Kluger that ploughed through 20 metres of scrub, before plunging into the lake of Manor Lakes Boulevard. “My mother is a very good lady. She would never deliberately do this to hurt us or hurt my siblings.”
However, she is now in police custody and facing three charges of murder. There has been no feminist outcry regarding the fact she was released and then allowed to reside in the same house as four children. 
However, if a man commits a similar heinous crimes they receive far different treatment by the police, media and society.
One example is Stephen Playford who is facing charges for murdering his 6 year old daughter, after killing her at the family home. Playford was immediately arrested and held in custody even though at the time acting Detective Superintendent Geoff Sheldon was quoted by ABC News (2015) as saying “We don’t even know the cause of death — it could be a horrible medical condition or it could be something else, or anywhere in between, that’s why we’re trying to get as much information as we can.” 
It appears Playford did indeed murder his daughter, and was rightfully arrested, yet it is apparent he received different treatment from the mothers previously charged for murdering their children. The next male to end the life of their own child was Joshua Homann.
Homann has been charged with murdering his partner Kirralee Paepaerei and due to the fact she was pregnant he killed his own unborn child in the process. He has not been charged with murdering his unborn child as this is not possible under New South Wales Law. 
There has now been a massive outcry from feminists and other members of society to have the law changed so Homann faces two counts of murder not one. 
As Alison Balding (2015) stated ‘under NSW law, Mr Homann has been charged for Ms Paepaerei’s murder but not that of his unborn daughter Mia’s.’ 

There is now a massive petition pushing for the introduction of Mia’s Law where killers of pregnant women are charged with two counts of murder. The question is not if the law should be introduced, the question is .. 
why do feminists not push for harsher penalties when one of their own commits the same brutal and sickening crime as a man.
Since Batty lost her son Luke 12 children have been murdered by mothers and 2 plus an unborn child by fathers. 
Yet the fathers have been treated as guilty immediately whilst the mothers have been treated as either victims or innocent despite their crimes. 
Where were Batty and the feminists demanding Guode be monitored 24 hrs out of concern for her remaining four children. Guode committed her crimes on the 8th of April and was not arrested until the 7th of August. This gave the feminists ample time to argue their point by claiming that Guode’s may have been in danger living with a murderer, but they do not appear to have been concerned. Instead, they seem to have been waiting for a male to commit a similar crime so they could introduce even harsher laws against men.
The actions of Homann have been used by feminists to argue that any man convicted of any form of domestic violence against a woman to be monitored. Yet the same people did not come out in the press and demand Guode be monitored, instead they attempted to portray her as completely innocent. 
This displays that feminists and their new leader Rosie Batty are not truly interested in protecting all children from domestic violence, only those abused by men as this fits their worldview that all men are inherently evil. 
Pity they cannot see the same evil in their own gender, even when innocent children are murdered.
The feminists want men convicted of domestic abuse to wear bracelets so they can be monitored, and if people see the bracelet they will be able to brand the wearer an abuser of women and children. 24 hour camera surveillance in their homes, to make sure any woman they come into contact is safe from any potential violence. 
However the same people are not arguing that the mother who attempted to murder her child by throwing it literally into a drain be named and publically shamed. 
Almost no-one in Australia would know who she is, they could be living next door to her, and what if another man meets her why should he not be warned that if she becomes pregnant she may murder his child. Yet the mother cannot be named for legal reasons, her named has been suppressed for her own protection, yet men will be forced to suffer indignity and public humiliation.
Batty does not appear as interested in protecting children from domestic violence as she is in pushing the feminists’ agenda; this appears to be Batty’s and the feminists who stand in the shadows behind her main purpose. 
They do not come across as being interested in actually attempting stop to all forms of domestic violence against all people, no matter their sex. This has been displayed constantly by Batty and the feminists as they scream loud and demand male offenders be punished beyond the boundaries of current Australian Laws as they argue for harsher penalties and the introduction of new laws as in the case of Homann. Yet when a woman murders her own children the same people argue for leniency and understanding and even allow suspect female child murderers to live in the same house as other potential child victims.

Batty and her cohorts are attempting to have dangerous double standards introduced into Australian law where male perpetrators of domestic violence receive much harsher penalties than women who commit similar offences. 
If Batty and her feminist supporters truly wish to end domestic violence they should spend the rest of her term as Australian of the Year and beyond educating Australian society that ..
women are just as capable of domestic violence and killing their own children as men.
Additionally, that halting domestic violence also means women and especially violent mothers need to look at themselves just as hard as violent men, and to take responsibility for their actions, no matter the cost, as no man woman or child should be made to suffer domestic through domestic violence.

If you do not know what 'The Narrative' means. then you had better find out.

It surrounds you. Gummunt creates it. The media disseminates it. 

Do not be fooled.

And do not be too surprised next time around, which will be soon. The front-runner nominee is a Transgender male to female army officer !! He may well breast the tape with socks stuffed in his bra ahead of the rest of the puppets.



  1. What happened to the Cairns Raina Mersane Ina Thaiday case? It seems she hasn't faced justice yet.

    1. You tell me. I just serve the ale here.


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