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OK, so the scotsman in a silky ladies' slip is one thing. (see Trans #1). I continued to pour the single malt. He was in no eagerness to mix or blend and he remained firmly blokey. But the conversation went on in the bars to discuss what further down the slope is looking like.

It was not a pretty sight. 

Several opinions were given by customers and attempt was made to bring some mirth, but that just didn't work.  You see the modern movement toward confusing the genders and excusing the  benders is just not funny and is getting out of hand. It is  not so much an an issue that a man like Bruce Jenner wants to wear a dress, a bra and even a corset, it is his demand to be called a woman. It just ain't going to be so.

Do clothes really maketh the man? 

Even being called 'Woman of the Year does not make it so.

There is more to a car than  just the upholstery
Cats might have something to say about that.
We can almost put up with nutty nonebrities making damned fools of themselves, but what of 'real' people in real jobs. Like the military for example. Several American military personnel have 'changed sex' it seems and so have some Australians.

Go on then: give an order and watch a Knight scoff.
Do any of those people inspire leadership confidence? 

Can you imagine any man actually following those wierdos into battle? 

Yet, the military and governments are bending forward for these people and YOU are paying for it. 

Allowing or even encouraging children to 'be' the opposite gender to which they were born, for faux-gender-equality reasons of the parents or because the kiddy says he/she 'feels in the wrong body', is a disaster waiting to happen

And happen it does.

Take young 'Jazz' Jennings for instance. Raised as a girl, this boy has now reached teen years and is upset because boys do not find her/him attractive 'in that way'.. 
Won't find  normal healthy love.

Indeed, she/he is repulsive to them. Hello!! 'She' is actually quite pretty but you are not going to fool some young lad just because the parents are stupid. The boys are uncomfortable around him and (s)he is going to suffer from that discomfort with a growing sense of discomfort of his/her own.

It is cruel.

Or take the tragedy of Leelah, a transgender teen who committed suicide.  Leelah was actually Josh Alcorn who threw himself under a truck. He 'wanted' to be treated as a girl, but his parents did not. Conflict of emotion, family and society ensues.
Except he wasn't a daughter or a sister.
Katy French Talento spoke to the issue in the US room.
Transgenderism: a thought experiment
A recent piece in The Federalist by Stella Morabito captures some of the political and statistical realities surrounding transgenderism.  
(  You can see that piece here....  ) It is about young Josh/Leelah.

The ease with which societal elites in academia, medicine, and Hollywood sanction a child's war against his own body and call it healthy, normal, or something to celebrate has its foundation in the contraceptive revolution of our culture. 

Women were told that the very thing that most marks them as a woman, their wondrous reproductive systems, their fertility, is their enemy.   
If only they can break free from the tyranny of their own bodies, they will be free. 
But we cannot break free from our bodies without further destruction. 

Hormonal contraception has brought us all kinds of "liberation" - cancer, unintended miscarriages, the masking of symptoms of reproductive disease until it may be too late to treat or mitigate, changes to our pheromone profile that attract and repel different types of sexual mates, the commodification of children and reproduction, which has led to designer babies, selective abortions and other eugenic trends, and a general disintegration of children's rights as the foundation for the legal structure surrounding civil marriage.
This is just one example of the catastrophic effects of declaring war on our own bodies, not just for an individual who declares such a war, but for many others in the culture who suffer from the effects of this materialist philosophy. 
 We do violence against human dignity when we agree with someone who has decided that his own body is his enemy. 
 We can not escape our bodies, no matter how aggressively we reject, medicate, poison, mutilate or even kill our bodies, as the sad teenager referred to in The Federalist piece did. 

In the end, our personhood is an inextricable combination of soul and body.  To damage one is to damage them both.   
Perverts are already in the classrooms
To reject one is ultimately a rejection of both and the psychological carnage of this self-rejection can not be avoided. The idea that we can separate our true personhood from our body is an ancient heresy that raises its head in different forms in every age.
I wonder if these elites would be quite so indulgent of this materialist assault on human nature if there were a child or a teenager who demanded racial preferences and affirmative action treatment because he claimed that he was truly black, trapped in a white body.  Walk with me through this thought experiment. 
A white adolescent hails from a privileged family in a tony suburb, let's say.  He learns a little about history in school, and about Africa, and the Civil War, and he begins to experience overwhelming feelings of empathy with his black and African brothers throughout the ages. He thinks that this sympathy explains why he's always felt different or isolated from his own family. He begins to feel such unity with his black brothers that he delves more into traditionally black or African subcultures, including the hip-hop music scene, the nation of Islam, and adopts a fashion and hair style more traditionally associated with these subcultures. 
His parents begin to worry about his alienation from them, and especially his increasing despondency, anger and depression. He feels isolated from his family, unfeeling paragons of white privilege that they are. They ask their pastor to meet with him. To no avail. They take him to a Christian counseling practice, and his counselors try to talk to him about the healthy aspects of his sympathies and the perhaps unhealthy aspects in the form of his detachment from his cultural identity, his family and community connections. 
He rejects their efforts as bigoted, racist, and hostile to his true identity as a black man. 
His friends at first think it's funny and quirky, but as he gets angrier and more critical of them for not understanding him, or not wanting to play along with his "black" identity, they distance themselves from him and he grows more isolated and depressed.
As he ages, he wonders why people reject his claims of blackness, why black girls think he's weird and won't date him, and why the African American club at school thinks he's just quaint and odd rather than fully embracing him. 
As he applies for colleges, he lists his race as black, writes admission essays about his people's persecuted past, applies for minority-only scholarships and demands to live in the all-black dorm. When he is admitted to college, and his true race is obvious to his dorm mates, he grows aggrieved that his scholarship is rescinded and he is asked to move to a different dorm. He insists on rushing the black fraternities, and when they reject him, he sues them and the university for all their many expressions of bigotry. 
Change the thought experiment he to a she and what do we get?  Here it is in actuality. A white woman demanding to be considered black. Her name is not Charles nor Charlotte though. It could be Charlatan.

Charlatan. Faux-Black because there is MONEY in it
What do we think about this man? Do we think that the problem is ours - our own intolerance? Are we the ones that need to change, and to resist the information being conveyed about this man by the biological facts of his skin color, ethnic history, and associated genes? Or do we reach out to him in compassion and love and try to address his deep psychological distress without affirming his self-rejection? 
Just asking. 
 Katy French Talento is an epidemiologist and former U.S. Senate staffer and gets a drink for asking.

She has a point though she pulls her punches. But she does show the ridiculousness of blaming those who try to stop the madness.

And a madness of sorts it is. 

Almost every child, teen and adult has wondered what it is like being the other sex. It is natural. It is also natural to gravitate toward the opposite sex, be fascinated by the difference, and generally to rejoice in that difference. Men learn what it is like to be a woman by living in intimate relationship with one, and woman learn about what it is like to be a man the same way.

But the growing mind can be maleable and prone to disfunction. That's why parental guidance and a mature, adult sense and sensitivity is needed.

One would think that the home and school would protect children. Not any more though.

You would hope our courts and law-makers would have sense and sensitivity. They are lacking too, unfortunately.

But perhaps I am pulling my punches now. The societal Institutions are crumbling and have, in the main, taken leave of sense.

Here is what is coming..... Walt Hayer had this to say....
Transgender “Men” Ask Supreme Court to Overturn Texas’ Prolife Law Because They Want the Right to Kill Babies, Too
In a shocking turn of events transgender men (always genetically, and sometime anatomically, women), along with other similar LGBTQ-type groups, have filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court requesting the current Texas abortion restrictions to be removed. They feel it is important that transgender men have access to unrestricted abortion.
Poor child. It has a Maddy.
At the very least, arguing on behalf of transgender men to have abortions seems specious because if they were truly men they obviously could not get pregnant. However, there are a number of cases where transgender men have by choice, and by accident become pregnant.
Transgender men were born women but generally believe they should have been endowed with male genitalia. 
Up until very recently, it was nearly universally recognized that such a condition was a treatable mental disorder. 
Now, many transgender men go through multiple operations in barbaric surgical attempts to become more like men. At the end of such an ordeal, they would physiologically be unable to become pregnant. However, many transgender men choose not to go through the entire process either due to the substantial costs, medical complications, or numerous personal reasons.
One can get easily confused. Here 'transgender men' refers to women who have been altered to look like men. 
Even so, if transgender men truly self-perceive as male, how is it possible that they need abortions? 
Shouldn’t they also be attracted to women as most men are? If that was the case then, a transgender man having sex with a woman could not get pregnant. But, in reality, many transgender men engage in bi-sexual and high-risk activities, creating risks of unintended pregnancies if they have not fully completed transitioning. So then, is it right for them to demand that the Texas abortion laws be changed for them?
Subborning Children
I think we also have to recognise that the pressures to 'normalise' this dis-ease is  from a combination of feminist, homosexual and paedophilia groups who deliberately involved children in order to sexually abuse them. The planting and nurturing of bizarre gender mis-identity ideas in a child is egregious child abuse in itself, and a precurser to more. 
Story books are in kindergartens, deliberately planting the idea. And children are exposed to the most appalling sexual displays increasingly.  It is wicked; it is child abuse; and it is supported by legislators and courts. The taxpayer underwrites it.

This is deliberate perversion. And the PTB want to make it 'normal'
Frankly, it’s likely the Texas abortion law doesn’t even apply to them (the statute refers to “the woman”). Since the law seems to only apply to women, and many of them have legally changed their status to men while still retaining the ability to become pregnant, they are likely not affected by the statute in question.
So what are these activist transgender men and the broader LGBTQ community doing in this case? 
It seems they want to expose themselves to the public and force a degree of public acceptance. 
See it enough and you won’t be shocked any more; the obscene becomes normal with enough exposure. In short, they want the public to accept them as men who can still get pregnant and have periods.
For a sane person, none of this really makes sense except to understand this is all just another effort to rebel against the created order and further deconstruct the Judeo-Christian foundations of western civilization.

A chap in a frock is one thing. A woman dressed as a sailor or a card-sharp is his colleague. Both may be relatively harmless. But behind them, beneath them, reaching up from the Pit, are far darker forces.

In the Tavern we drink deep of the fine stuff and look through the windows, past the hedges, and see a civilisation disintegrating. 

The children cry.

Seek Pax Dei. 


  1. Yes. The children cry.

    Where poor "Jazz" cannot get a BOY to date him/her/it, who is waiting in the wings?

    Pedophiles, of course, and Jazz is exactly what they want. An emotionally vulnerable child who is stung by rejection, and will be receptive to the wrong kind of attention from ADULTS.

    "Trans" children will become the "Bacha Bazi" of Western society: sexual targets for older males.

    Grumble grumble grumble MILLSTONE around the necks of the pedophiles....

    1. Our voices must be raised. I know you have direct experience and the courage to speak out, m'dear. There is always a seat at the table in the tavern for the heroic people like you.

  2. I don't know how you can stomach even looking at the topic. Obviously I agree but avoid it like the plagues, as far as poss.

    1. From time to time we must peer into the Pit to see what beast is looking at us.


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