Sunday, January 17, 2016


It's not that hard. It takes thoughtfulness, innovation, investment and dare I say Capitalism, to 'make good' with what we discard. (All things Lefties seem to hate)

You do not have to be a Greeny. After all, there are few enough examples of greenies doing anything but condemn, especially condemn capitalism. But you can do your bit as some others do.

Take the left-reviled Chick-Fil-A business in the USA.  This is what happens to their rubbish.

Tavern customers remember the furore about Chick-fil-A. The company was 'ostracised', nay, persecuted for repudiating 'gay rights'. Not that they ever refused service to gay people. They simply did not support gay 'marriage'.

Their stores were picketted and the media joined in the hysterical denunciations.  Even presigious institutions showed their cowardice in the face of such gay intolerance. That is, intolerance by the gays.
Chick-Fil-A Is Not Welcome at Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is saying no thanks to Chick-fil-A. The student government feels the on-campus presence of the Atlanta-based chicken chain would be a "microaggression" against the LGBT community.

This week the Baltimore college's Student Government Association "approved a resolution that called on administrators to put to a halt any discussions or plans to bring a Chick-fil-A to campus" in light of the fast food chain's controversial anti-gay marriage stance. 
Hmmmmm. 'Microaggression', eh?  That would be a big Macro-aggression denying a business access to premises, wouldn't it?

I guess they only take stuffed chooks as students at that 'University'. The Administration does not seem to have the brains of live chickens. Best avoid sending your kids there.

The furore threatened to destroy the business, but the fine and upstanding amongst the American people supported the fast-food compnay in an (until then) unprecedented show of defiance to the lefty intolerants.

Chick-Fil-A Sales Soar Despite Bad PR
In the latest sign that all press is good press, Leon Stafford of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Chick-fil-A's sales soared 12 percent, to $4.6 billion, in 2012. The good fortune follows several years of impressive expansion and strong sales, which have pushed the privately-held company's valuation north of $4.5 billion, making billionaires out of its founders.
Chick-fil-A caught a great deal of flak throughout the year after its president Dan Cathy came out against gay marriage and in support of the "biblical definition of the family unit." 

Gay rights activists staged protests at locations around the country, and some even called for a boycott of the brand.
But if the uproar dampened enthusiasm for the brand among pro-gay rights consumers, it also inspired vigorous backlash from some conservative (and politically apathetic but poultry-loving) customers. Soon after the height of the controversy, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee dubbed (via a Facebook posting) August 1 Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, leading to record sales throughout the chain.
Good old reliable Huffington. They reserve the 'backlash' word for almost any counter-response to gay atrocity. 
These latest sales data are just further proof that all that negative coverage didn't hurt demand for chicken sandwiches among Chick-fil-A's core consumers.
Good to see them thrive. They stood for what are now seen as 'old', Traditional Values, as opposed to  what the left has dubbed 'American Values'. 

Take a stand too, in what you do.

Recycle Traditional Values, based on Christendom.

Tolerance can go too far. Love the Sinners but hate the Sins.

Do not be afraid.

By the way, we do fine chicken dishes here in our Restaurant too.



  1. I'll have one gay burger, one transgender side-salad and a feminist cola please.

  2. Not on the menu. :) Shall I send out for you or send you out Hahahah


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