Friday, January 8, 2016

Racism in Oz

A description frequently heard in this tavern is the phrase 'Hilary's Village'.  It is something of a catch-all for the strange and sometimes dangerously moronic behaviours of the general mob outside the Tavern's hedges.  Some of it is quite mad, albeit mildly. Bad, often.

Matters such as the 'charges' levelled at anyone who has a view other than those favoured by the left 'progressives'.  Fines and jail sentences for having an opinion against abortion may be an extreme, along with massive fines for refusing to bake a cake. On the more endemic and perhaps simply verbal coercions are the favourite shut -downs of 'Racist'. It ranks alongside 'Islamaphobia' and 'Homophobia'. and 'Bigot'. 

As Christopher Hitchens is said to have said , 
"" Islamophobia a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.”"

I am not at all sure he did say it, but it is true nonetheless.

One can be thankful that we do not have any Aztecs in Oz otherwise......

Our particular way of life, our laws and social mores have all been carefully evolved and sometimes hard-fought-for over generations. They are not the same as other nations. They are better.  To say so is not bigoted or racist. It is simply a sound assessment and judgement.  Debate it if you wish.

The ABC, our National broadcaster stands on the ramparts cheering on the real bigots. They even organise meetings to 'debate' it. We do not object to debate. The ABC's way of 'debate' is to range five on one side and one on the other, and stack the audience to boot.

We opened the Restaurant to Rita Panahi yesterday, to throw a small, intimate dinner for her. A few hundred attended. And they were far better people than had attended the meeting she had been invited to by the ABC.

We congratulated her and showed her speech.

You can see her speech here...  

I shall try to put the video itself here when You Tube gets around to releasing it!

Meanwhile, well said Rita.



  1. It is truly extra-ordinary how quickly the uninformed jump to a defence of Islam and force a total closure of rational argument. Yet no other (so-called) religion condones the scale of mass-murder, kidnappings, be-headings, stoning to death (torture) punitive taxation on non-believers, sexual enslavement of minors, denial of education, let alone demands that those who wish to leave the faith be killed immediately. Very well said indeed, Rita Panahi.
    Peter H.

    1. Just look at the ADF. A Catholic Army Major gets sacked for refusing an order to 'march' in the Gay Mardi Gras, (it is against both his religious requirements and the Army's own rules) while a Muslim Navy Captain published essays supporting her satanic Madhi and gets a fine position as 'spokesperson' for Islam in the armed forces !! Hilary's Village is not a 'safe space'.


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