Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What Happens when all the Fathers are Gone?

Do you not believe it can happen? When the only Father left is God the Father and no-one believes in Him either? It IS happening. 

What will America be like? Will there be a Nation there at all? The darkness is creeping over.

The Princess of Lies has her wicked way.

Fathers have been and are being pushed out of the Family. They are demeaned, denied and jailed. They are vilified, blamed, dispossessed and dismissed.

The Father's role of protector has been shattered. Mother's have the only rights.

 Over One Million babies are murdered in the womb by mothers in America each year.

Fathers have no say.

Fathers have no Right to even know which baby was to have been theirs.

And this anti-male, anti-family, anti- woman - yes, women suffer too -  disease spreads.

Complain, object, stand up, argue and you too will be vilified as 'Intolerant' of 'diversity';  Patriarchal; even Homophobic.

Marriage is dismantled, diluted, trivialised, stolen by people who cannot marry, hate marriage and wish to see the State Control instead of Men and Women Love as One.

Only Fathers can stand against the State. So the State has outlawed Fatherhood.

A new Dark Age is almost upon us.

It has been slowly creeping up on us for the past 50 years.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against Principalities, against Powers,
against the Rulers of the Darkness of this world,
against Spiritual Wickedness in high places. “


  1. In the US, the numbers of "new" laws pronouncing males as "felons", that for some reason don't apply to prosecution of those with vaginas (whatever they may use them for), grows exponentially.
    In the US a "felon" can't vote, possess firearms or "other" items deemed weapons, is "tattooed", for life without a (rare) "geeze...THAT was stupid" exoneration from "somebody important", be employed for "certain" (the list grows) jobs, etc. etc.

    Yes, one can be deemed a "felon" (AND sex offender) for pissing on a tree f a "child" MIGHT have been passing by.
    The Demands that "women" be placed into "positions of authority", by virtue of fault of birth continues to grow. STRANGELY, the consequences of outstanding incompetence and unquestionably illegal actions by "women" in elected and appointed position seems to be discrimitively prosecuted, and their "history" (resume/CV/"credentials"/peer criticisms) seem to become "private protected personnel confidentiality "issues", to those not privy to "official gub'mint" records. Angry white hetero male married custodial father folk "permanent records" tend to be available on Google (without expensive "scrubbing" or "administrative" assistance.)
    Recent "hate" crime sentencing that "enhances" punishment (including felony status) seem to be broadening, as do male only reinterpretations of "domestic" violence, racism, heteroism (I made that word up) sexism," impaired" driving, "workplace" harassment, and assault.

    Maybe it's just my biased observations.

  2. Oh,.... did I forget Conservative, Republican(by NO means the same), religious, or patriarchal somewhere above?

    1. Along with the decline (stealing) of personal responsibility, people have also had the concept of 'consequence' taken away from them. If our society is stupid in its lack of awareness of possible consequences of its war on Fathers, one might be less inclined to be more angry than sad. But even a hint that this is deliberate and that forces of evil are at work, and one has a duty to be angry, channel that anger and turn it into useful, considered and moral action. As well as be sad.

      But whatever... consequences WILL eventuate. And as even the trailer shows, they will not be pleasant.

      Keep your sword close. Remember charity.

  3. Is this really ethical? I understand that there are people who do the right thing; however, they are punished for the wrong reasons. Yet, there are people who do the wrong things in life and yet they get rewarded.
    I was married for 18 years and believed in the American Dream by having a family, working hard, and planning for our future; however, all of that was stripped from me. Please take a few minutes of your time and review this video presentation :
    Therefore, is it fair to have your career taken from you because of an overzealous person? Just like that gentleman who paid his child support (Mr. Clifford Hall) and yet he was punished. Place yourself into these situations, do you think it is fair?

    Finally, take a few minutes of your time and look at the petition and if it moves you please sign the petition.

    Thank you.


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