Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Freedom of Speech

It is high time we tackled a subject of such Great Importance. The Freedom of Speech. Indeed, of Thought as well. We are surrounded by the Thought Police and dark forces have been very busy restricting our God-Given and Man-Fought-for right to speak our thoughts.

It is not just the Rent-a-Mob so regularly employed by the Socialists and feminists that shout down people's opinion, but Governments too.

A regular here in the Tavern, Andrew Bolt - a fine chap - was hauled before a Court and found guilty of simply asking a question, in which he implied that some people just might not be what they claim to be.

Why would someone claim to be other than who they are, you might ask.

Money. Of course.

Taxpayers' money.

A superb International commentator from Canada (yes they do have one) spoke up in defence of Andrew. It is not likely that enough people heard his speech, which must surely be one of the finest on the subject ever given in the past ten years.

Humorous too.

I invited him to come and have a few bevvies with us and entertain the customers with some serious speechifying. He did not disappoint.

So, to keep this post from the Tavern short and sweet, Ladies and Gentlemen, Heroes, Heroines and Saints, The Knight & Drummer Tavern is pleased to bring you....

 Mr. Mark Steyn.
(He spoke just for the drinks)
I think Mark deserves Hero status, don't you.


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