Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Question Everything

Outside the Tavern are all sorts of scary people trying their damnest to scare one another. And scare you. They range along a dimension of interferers, with busy-bodies and do-gooders at the modest, pointy end and ranging through greenies, to environmental terrorists, socialists and possibly the worst of the lot, feminists at the blunt end.

They will impose their 'creeds' religiously, through persuasion, manipulation, coercion, mendacity, lies and, of course Laws. They will use mendacious economics. They will create false histories and false statistics.

Inside the Tavern we drink deep of Truth and Integrity.

As does a gentleman who came by today and told us of what he had found when he Questioned the conventional wisdoms of today.

Ivo Vegter took us from Bananas and MSG to Nuclear power and Fracking in a seamless expose of the cant and crap we are fed daily by the scaremongers.

 And he showed us just what the cost is of believing the cant and crap.

The Pin and Balloon Bar customers were near deafened by the banging - and the laughter. Ivo is quite entertaining.

(Until You Tube gets its act together and releases the right video to Blogger,
you will have to go there to YT to see Ivo's speech to the TED )

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  1. I've had a look and it should load, there is no embedding disabled. Maybe it's because it's Oz. We get a lot of that over our way.


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