Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chinese Extravaganza

Everyday we get Chinese military types dropping by the Tavern. Most are fine young men and women, albeit a little shorter than most, and I suspect they are from the training rooms of the Chinese Cyber-Intelligence Circus place across the valley.

I hope they like the ambience here and do not simply want to burn the place down or spike the drinks.

We get Russians too. Same sorts but maybe some rather ruder types mixed in.

But for the Chinese chaps and chapesses especially I would like to give a big


for your Ballet Company that calls itself the

Great Chinese State Circus 

currently on tour.

Have you ever wondered what Lion Tamers do when their lions are on holiday or held up in customs quarantine?

This old Knight is used to the grace and athleticism of the ballet - not that I do a pas de deux or a pirouette m'self - but never have I seen it done so spectacularly as this short piece that was 'put-on' in the Music Room last night.

The two phenomena dancing were introduced by Ladybug, the lovely lady who has a Table in this Tavern's restaurant especially laid with the finest linen and cutlery. Not that she is the only one, mind youSpecial ladies get special service and she is special.

So sit back and be astonished at a piece of ballet that the composer never envisaged.

Can you believe your eyes !!

On 'point', on his head. Rotating. !!

The beautiful girl was as fluid as the water of the lake.

And while the male dancers in ballet are under-lauded (apart from one or two) that chap did really well. I hope he is as good with the lions.

The circling swans were pretty good too (and pretty). They are usually on the ticket booths and chasing the clowns around.

It reminded me of what happened to the Romanian Olympic Gymnastic team when the Communists were chucked out. (I think it was them. These east European/balkan types are all the same to me) The boys and girls had no funding for their training and things looked bleak.

Until an entrepreneurial American fellow came along and turned them into dancers and took them on tour.

I must find them and get them over for a night of sweaty choreographicals.

They were magnificent.

Oh, and you lads and lasses from the cyber-spy-school. Stop trying to leave comments along with your urls to Lord Harry knows where. The bouncer automatically blocks them.

Just keep on bringing beauty and skill and talent to the World and the World will love you.

And I will pour you pints of Grace in return. Not spiked.

Pax Dei Vobiscum.


  1. Amazing talent by the two leading dancers!

  2. I have to admit a liking for such melding of 'disciplines' by highly talented, 'physical' people. Grace and skill and strength provide an astonishing spectacle.

  3. Oh...I'll have to repost that.

  4. I LOVE ballet. My favourite is The Nutcracker,but this was exceptional. I am so glad that you posted it and I didn't miss it.

    For once in my life I have had timing,

    1. I am glad you liked that, Uber, dear. It is so unusual and an astonishing display of talent. It also takes a fine eye and sensitive Soul to appreciate it. Drink it up !!


  5. Everyday we get Chinese military types dropping by the Tavern


    1. My Doorman is adept at spotting them. Something to do with his eyes. :)


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