Friday, October 11, 2013

Gay Marriage - RicePhobia

We get homosexuals in our Tavern.  Both the male and female varieties. I have no problem as long as they behave as nicely as the other customers and don't pee on the carpets. No-one here seems in the slightest bit afraid of them.

Most are very nice people. One can count them amongst our friends. Yet constantly we hear that we heterosexual folk are homophobic.

Buggered if I can see it m'self if you'll excuse the pun. I have never met anyone who is afraid of homosexuals, unless of course its that biker chap in the skin-tight leather shorts that some are a little wary of and then it is only because of  his demeanour (very broad, tattooed shoulders on the lad) and the grunting when he sits on his bike. Poor chap has a 'squash' issue, but that is his problem.

Some people are scared somewhat by the lawyers that homosexuals hire to sue anyone who even gives an askance look. But scared of queers (their word)?


Nor phobic.

A 'Shrink' frequents the Tavern and was pondering out loud the other evening. I can't mention his name because he comes under the same rules that won't allow a dentist to have his name on TV. Even though this mental health professional doesn't pull teeth.

He was saying that a 'Phobia' is an atavistic fear. By that he meant it is rooted in very early human evolution when we had to be scared, quickly, if we were to survive. It only takes one exposure to a threatening 'thing' or situation for a human being to 'learn' to be afraid, of an atavistic threat  instead of the dozens of exposures that other 'things' or situations require for us to learn something. It acts upon the 'flight or fight' mechanisms, it seems.

We do not 'learn' a phobia. People may be phobic' about snakes and spiders or even heights,

but never about martinis, ball-point pens or homosexual people.

In fact there is no known case of a person being Phobic about a homosexual other person.

And.... a Phobia is a 'mental condition' even if applicable to most people. A Phobia affects their life. The fear has them constantly on the alert. Open spaces; heights; spiders; whatever it is, is such a fear that people are made quite unable to function easily. It can ruin lives unless 'treated'.

Such fearful people are to be pitied and helped.

Not 'blamed'. Not made 'criminal'.

So why do homosexuals so often claim that you or the next chap/chapesse is homophobic?

And blame people for it.

Why do homosexuals make a big fuss and claim that THEY are offended by someone's fear?

Well, the shrink chap had an answer to that.

Homosexuals are averse to the opposite sex.

They fear the opposite sex. (What they would call a Phobia).

They project that fear onto YOU.

And the reasons go deeper than that atavistism. It goes as deep as the fundamental structure of Human beings.

Humanity, he said, is one species with two quite distinct parts. Male and female.

It is the 'task' of a person to know themselves and to know what being human is all about. But any one person can only know his or her own sex directly.

To know humanity fully one has to have an intimate knowledge of someone of the opposite sex.

It is only through a thorough and deep connection, an Intimate connection, lasting decades, that a person can glean an understanding of how a person of the opposite sex experiences life. Without that, half of their own humanity remains a stranger to them.

One must have that even vicarious understanding to know fully what it is to be human.

Human beings of either sex can only know so much about themselves and require a totally trusted 'other' of the opposite sex to show them, through their life together, parts of themselves that can only be seen by someone else. Highly intimate things about our deepest life. Aspects of our psyche or souls, in non-shrink terms.

You cannot see what is behind your ears or the back of your head. And you cannot see behind parts of your psyche either.

Someone else has to tell you. They are your mirror.

But homosexuals fear that depth of intimacy that shows themselves fully. They won't 'risk'. They won't confront those parts of themselves that only an opposite sex person can show them.

So they form a relationship with someone of their own sex. The one sex  they already know and are comfortable with. And it cannot show them those aspects they cannot see.

They cannot form the deep relationship, the Intimate relationship available to opposite sex partners. All they can do is skate over the surface of a normal heterosexual union and claim it is the same.

That is painful to their psyche. Self-inflicted.

That 'enrages' as a deep level.

And that is the rage that Homosexuals direct at heterosexuals. Projected self-rage.

It is a fury exacerbated by denial.

Well, that's what the 'Shrink' says.

I guess one could go further and expect that rage to be intensified by the deliberate denial of the human reproductive need. Homosexuals men cannot have a baby together. Pass on their genes. Nor can lesbians. They are each kept apart from life-giving.

It is no use throwing rice at a gay Wedding.

Rice is a symbol of fecundity. Fertility.

The life they choose denies their very humanity at a very deep level.

Buy them a drink, but don't throw rice at their faux-wedding.

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