Friday, October 11, 2013

A Drum Roll, Please......

We get a bit of cussin' in the Tavern, as you would expect. And we try to keep it down. But we do like a LOT of Per-cussin'. And today we had a lot of percussers drop by.

The Drummer of the title likes a good whacking on the skins, and a chap close to the Taverner's  heart, beloved indeed, likes it too. So this is for them. Sit back. The Music Room doors open onto the Restaurant.  Eat your lunch and not your shorts. Make a fine mess of the tables cloth and we will restore Precision as we go.

Enjoy !!

First up, to set the standard.... but keep it Top Secret....

And from somewhere colder and wetter, where even the weather does not stop them.... Swedes.

There is something really Masculine about soldiers marching and making music. Not that it is all a blokes' biz. There are girls who have the beat as well, albeit in a less 'Parade Ground' setting.

Vote your No # 1 from this line up. Some crackers here.

And those were just from Round # 2. There are more you can follow up and follow home, walking to their different drum.

But there are The Greats: the Two Greats. From an era past now but as ever still inspiring.

..... and his opposition from the same era.

OK, this is just a short one. Nothing fancy. Just fantastic.

That was when he was just starting out.

Later there was the great face-off. The Battle. Who was the best?

You vote.

But wait.... percussion is not just drums.

There are Feet;  on Legs. And what legs !!

But to finish off, with the coffee and mints....


Ready for a drink now?


  1. That was hands down, the BEST drumming blog ever written this side of the universe! Now, I have Buddy's Set, and that blond's Gretch set, and synchronicity does exist, because I just polished them up today and had a bit of fun myself.

    The first of course sets the bar, you are right. And Buddy Rich was the best technician of all time, but Gene, well, he just talked. His rim shots were attacked to his great heart.

    And the really gave me a lift..
    And now that I see that picture of me (second from the left) in that last dance, I must admit, I really wasn't so bad at the tavern last week, was I?

    Bless you for remember ...the drummer girls.

    (By the way, ONE of those girls had another drummer playing with her off camera, can you guess which one? ) --the Drummer

    Oh, I'll take my Irish coffee now please. :)

    1. My mind was on you when I thought of the blog post, Joyanna. And you elevated the last vid clip to real art by joining the line. Teach me the steps and I will join you there.


      After a few stiff drinks.

  2. WoW!!!

    The first video was amazing! I love music and military precision combined. Such skill!

    My next favourite was the River Dance performance.

    All in all a great selection of drummers.

    I am not sure I would enjoy coffee in the company of a bunch of chimps (last video ;-) )!!!

  3. Amazing entertainment eh? I am pleased that you enjoyed it.


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