Friday, October 18, 2013

"I do not Answer to the State".

The joys of standing in the bar include speaking 'in vino veritas'. Even if someone overhearing might take offence.

The Tavern welcomes critical speech, even offensive speech. Only if someone pees on the carpet do I get annoyed. Free Speech is the cornerstone of Liberty and does not stain carpets. It is a matter of Principle.

There are many however who would stop you speaking. There are those in low places who would stop you speaking, like the rent-a-mob spoken of just the other day who tried to stop people raising concerns about killing babies: and there are people in high places that you would not imagine as stopping you speaking until you hear them speak.

James pointed out someone just today.

At the end of the war, many Christian people invested their hopes in the new international organisations, such as the Council of Europe, the EEC and the United Nations, literally out of the goodness of their hearts. They would certainly have been less trusting, if they had known the sort of people who were being appointed to positions of great power and influence – people like Brock Chisholm, the first Director General of the World Health Organisation . He wrote -
 “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family, tradition, national patriotism and religious dogmas.  
The reinterpretation and eventually the eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training; the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of old people, these are the belated objectives of practically all effective psychotherapy”.

James was actually reading out from someone else's work so you can check back yourselves,
but he (they) went on to say...

That is as near to pure evil as it is possible to get. It is a totalitarian inversion of all the things which make men and women truly human, moral beings.  
Neither should we forget that many people in positions of great power and influence were under the spell of Marxist communism, a quantitatively far more murderous creed than Nazism or fascism.  
The eminent Marxist historian, the recently deceased Eric Hobsbawm, never denounced the crimes of Stalin yet he was held in high regard in high places in this country. The cultural Marxists of Gramsci’s school have captured most of our institutions of higher learning and much of local and national government.  
They themselves called this 
“the long march through the institutions”.
 Many politicians, not just Labour, have accepted his pernicious doctrines. It is to them that we owe the  
manias of  
“political correctness” “equalities” and  
“human rights”  

How is a chap or chapess going about their God Given Rights occasions to deal with the oppression coming from all sides?  Those sides are now replete with 'Tribunals' that are Laws unto Themselves. They are manned mostly by women of the sort I showed a month or so back and her outrageous interrogation of a Father who as concerned for the safety of his daughter taken away from him and given to a vicious, lunatic mother. Let me remind you.

The spread of these pernicious doctrines and people are now everywhere. Even in staid, cool Canada, where Mark Steyn - who was here just a day or two ago - told us of his latest attacks by the 'Yooman Reichts' mob. As Nazi an organisation as can be dreamed up and passed under our noses.

Five years ago, I and my fellow right-wing blowhard Ezra Levant were in the midst of a spirited campaign to rid Canada of its disgusting censorship laws and restore a centuries-old tradition of free speech to a land that, in the name of “human rights,” had surrendered it too easily.  
The Canadian Islamic Congress had brought simultaneous complaints before the federal, Ontario and British Columbia “human rights” regimes against Maclean’s magazine for publishing an excerpt from my book. Despite the advantages of triple jeopardy, they struck out all three times, and at the federal level their suit so damaged the reputation of “Section 13” (the national censorship law with a 100% conviction rate) that last year Parliament finally repealed it. 
But the urge to litigate disagreement is never far from the surface in contemporary discourse. So both Ezra Levant and I find ourselves back in court yet again. In my case, I’m currently being sued in the District of Columbia by Dr. Michael Mann, the eminent global warm-monger, for mocking (in America’s National Review) his increasingly discredited climate-change “hockey stick.” So Dr. Mann has sued for what his complaint to the court called “defamation of a Nobel prize recipient.”
It is worth all of the read, so here's the link yet again. !

Ezra, whom he mentions took the opportunity when he was interrogated by some apparatchik woman to film the process, and to show us all how to deal with these Kommizars. 

Listen and learn. 
Ezra has been fighting censors for many years.  
Watch videotape excerpts of his interrogation by the Alberta Human Rights Commission, for the “hate crime” of publishing the Danish cartoons of Mohammed.
In these short extracts, Ezra cogently addresses the outrageous questions from some jumped-up femi-prosecutor, spelling out the Principles that we here in the Tavern would recognise. And hopefully, you will too.

The lady interrogator waffles and prevaricates when challenged with the usual nonsense one gets from EVIL apparatchiks full of their own Agitprop. She has no idea that she is In Thrall. She is simply a paid agent.

What was your intent?

I don't answer to the state

Attributes of free speech

It is a matter of principle.

You and I HAVE to stand up to the State.

We have to Know how to Speak to Power.

But while you are waiting to be hauled before some trumped-up Tribunal infront of a jumped-up Femi-Kommizar, stand at the bar and have a drink on the Tavern.

Pax Dei Vobiscum


  1. Bravo! My dear...Bravo! ---Drummer applauds.

  2. "'in vino veritas'" really?
    I know for a FACT that (ok, back when I drank) that it was beer and hard liqueur (specific brand names redacted as per Art. 13, sec. 2, para 4, of Bartenders Prerogative for Cutting Off Patrons for Making Stupid Arguments in Public Act) that paved the way for celebration of life.. WIne? REALLY?
    I DEMAND a retraction...or something. SOMEONE ("else") MUST BE PUNISHED in such a manner that they will be branded for LIFE somehow.


    1. The wine I serve, Capt, is from a special jug carried by an Angel shape. Did you not read the left side-bar?

  3. He has an ongoing fight with Jennifer Lynch of the CHRC. These are the most unreasonable people, these State appointees who are there to seek out and pin whatever offence they can, according to the narrative.

    1. Yes. 'Reason' is as far from these ideological minds as China is from Mars.

      The usefulness of barrels of wine is noted in history.


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