Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dancing on Air

Just brilliant.

The cold is banished to a backdrop; the world is seen from a different perspective. Love is like ...

dancing on air.

The effort is needed. The 'risk'. And yes, one needs to come down to Earth and plant the feet firmly on the ground eventually.

But for the moments, the lasting experience.... the exhilaration....

The Best Dreams happen when you are Awake.

The view from the Patio today.

Enjoy in wonder.

Have a quiet drink and think of tomorrow.

Pax Dei.


Ne meias in stragulo aut pueros circummittam.

Our Bouncer is a gentleman of muscle and guile. His patience has limits. He will check you at the door.

The Tavern gets rowdy visitors from time to time. Some are brain dead and some soul dead. They attack customers and the bar staff and piss on the carpets. Those people will not be allowed in anymore. So... Be Nice..