Sunday, May 14, 2017

Ve Heff Vays of Makink You Zink

Popular media is a wonderful way of persuading you to think. People have noticed. Not necessarily the people that you want to know, though.  And what they persuade you to think is not what normal people consider wholesome and good. But young people, unformed in mind and conscience are ripe for manipulation.

There is barely a week on TV where some LGBT normalization is not rammed down your throat. The manipulation of minds has reached a crescendo in our society where not only are small children 'educated' in our schools into believing the incredible about sexuality when they can barely add-up and spell their names, but daytime and evening TV is saturated with perverse messages too. They cannot escape.  'Family' TV has become a disgrace as family disappears altogether, being replaced by queer dads and lipstick lesbians.  Mother and father are words on the government eradication list. 

There is money in changing our ways of thinking. 

And any number of people waiting to paint our society in the worst possible light for the dollar.  Thay have been at it for a while now.

We - the adult people often found in the Tavern - are 'phobics', apparantly, according to those who want to change us: those who of course, are perfect themselves. They are 'inclusive' and 'tolerant' of the just about 2% (on a good day with the wind behind them ) homosexual folk: while we who prefer the 98% who are heterosexual are bigots. We are also hateful Christians. Just because another mob has snaffled the 'religion of peace' label for themselves by cutting heads off and running people over, it seems we Christians are jealous. We are just as bad it seems, preaching 'Love thy neighbour'. All religions are the same to the 'diversity'-loving left, who focus their attention upon only one for eradication.

The lies that the left-driven media tell are barely believable by any but the unread.  Tall tales are told that defy the label 'Fiction'. They are black propaganda. For example... indeed a few examples to consider....

 A good indicator of how far down the slippery slope we are was the controversy surrounding the 1989 show Thirtysomething after it depicted a male couple having a conversation in bed together.  Conservative activists were  quire resonably outraged, and convinced many of the show’s advertisers to pull their support.  Though it wasn’t as well received at the time, the show should definitely be credited with showing a same sex couple in a private but made-to-look ordinary moment in what was a television first.  As the New York Times pointed out, a scene like that today would likely garner more controversy for what it didn’t show as opposed to what it did.

Ellen and The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Some people are leaders into depravity, not simply followers. There’s probably no single person who’s done more to advance the image of LGBT people in the media than Ellen DeGeneres.  Degenerate Ellen. She made history when she came out both in real life and on her sitcom, Ellen, which went on to depict her newly out character entering the dating world.   But when it comes to helping the public to 'better understand' and accept same-sex couples, she may have made an even greater impact on her daytime talk show.  

In regularly sharing 'quirky' anecdotes about her life and relationship with her audience, Ellen has helped to mendaciously pervert millions of viewers into seeing the common ground they share with couples like her and Portia De Rossi. NOT.  

And when Ellen announced she and Portia were engaged to be married in California, it was a celebration all too many people perverted by the brainwashing were all too happy to share with her. 

Not only did Roseanne Barr’s sitcom feature one of TV’s first same-sex kisses when she locked lips with Mariel Hemingway, but she also featured one of television’s first same-sex marriage ceremonies when her character helped plan the wedding of her boss Leon to his longtime partner Fred.  Marriage, of course, it isn't. Though Roseanne ended up going a bit over the top with the wedding theme, the show made sure that the sentiment and lerve shared by Leon and Fred ultimately came through loud and clear.

Friends remains one of TV’s all-time greatest hits, and it made headlines when Ross and company got together to celebrate his ex-wife Carol’s wedding to her partner Susan.  Why any man would celebrate his ex-wife being a lesbian and himself being cuckolded by a woman beats me, but we are to believe it is the right thing to do.  And when Carol’s disapproving parents failed to show, he movingly stepped in to walk her down the aisle. Yep, let's drag a man in to support the sidelining of men altogether.

Will & Grace
Following the eventual cancellation of Ellen, many thought a sitcom with two gay lead characters was a risk, but Will & Grace soon turned into a runaway hit. In addition to disguising the message behind self-dubbed 'hilarious and classic comedy', (PR dept bonuses all around) the show also invited audiences to get to know its gay characters 'better' nearly every week for eight seasons.  

Vice President Joe Biden, the pretend-Catholic politician noted for his 'handling' of girl children whenever one comes within reach even credited the show with educating the public on LGBT issues including marriage equality. He calls it 'educating'. 

All My Children
Daytime television and soap opera have their own set of firsts, and among them was the wedding of Bianca and Reese on long running soap All My Children in 2009.  The show made headlines when the daughter of main character Erica Kane 'came out', and she’s seen her fair share of melodrama since then, but remained a significant part of the show up until its cancellation last year.

Queer As Folk and The L Word
Though neither of these Showtime produced programs was heavily marketed to a mainstream audience, they each become big hits for the premium cable network that built on their initial viewer base.  In fact a surprising number of younger straight people still credit one or both of these programs with 'expanding their understanding' - in the direction determined by the perverts and manipulators-  of LGBT couples and relationships. Drawn in and shoved down the slope.

Brothers & Sisters
The ABC drama Brothers & Sisters featured one of TV’s longest running gay couples with Scotty and Kevin, who went from strangers to husbands and fathers over the course of five seasons.  In fact their story was one of the first to give extended consideration to the issues of adoption for same-sex couples, and often pointed out the difficulties they encountered by not having a legally recognized relationship. Hello. 

Grey’s Anatomy
The Shonda Rhimes created series Grey’s Anatomy has seen its fair share of stories about same-sex couples over the years (as many of her shows do), but few of them got the 'happy' ending that regular characters Callie and Arizona did when they finally got married.  End of Marriage as an Institution that is.  Now also raising a child together, we’re excited to see what the show has in store for them next. In todays shock-proofed viewer, it might have to include a live abortion after an IVF season and following a bout of domestic violence which is highest in frequency in lesbian couple. I guess they will have to blame a man.

Modern Family

ABC has repeatedly proven its commitment to 'inclusivity' through many of the shows listed here.  Modern Family continues this tradition through its sardonic, lervin', and  unrelatable-to- the - normal- majority depiction of a committed same-sex couple raising a child together.  

Child abuse is so today!

When shows like this show the American public just how similar the relationships of LGBT people are to their own, as if it were, the message becomes that much clearer that same-sex couples 'deserve' the same protections and chance to care for one another as all Americans. Perhaps they will deal with zoophilia soon.

Robin Smith was in with a 'show and tell' of the latest atrocity to be presented as entertainment.  The Handmaid's Tale. This by a deep, dark feminist Margaret Atwood is brought to gory life in order to brainwash in just the ways it accuses.
The Handmaid's Tall Tale
Leftists might be on to something if they replaced Christian red dresses with Islamic black burkas. But they ignore the obvious.    
“The Handmaid’s Tale” is a new TV series based on the 1985 novel of the same name. Don’t bother watching or reading either, though both are in the news. In summary, the theme is anti-men, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-conservative and perverts any other aspect of American culture that is currently being destroyed by the Left.
There. Hopefully, that just prevented you from wasting your time.
“Progressives” are already equating the Margaret Atwood novel-turned-series to the faith community and those with any degree of a moral compass whose values inform their votes, their entertainment, educational choices, etc. 
In other words, the Left has found another tool by which to inflict cultural criticism on those who refuse to consent to the unhinged Left’s demand for consensus of their Rainbow Mafia agenda and their destruction of the First Amendment to silence all critics.
Not that Atwood didn't do a good enough job before, but of course we have young people in Universities today who dare not read any book that doesn't have a trigger warning sign. So for them there is the TV. 
The novel rightly exposes the dangers of extremes of thought and indoctrination. 
That is its singular value. Otherwise, the parallels drawn are clearly meant to frame America as a nation on the verge of collapse to fundamentalist Christian theocrats.
The story goes that a mythical country governed by a totalitarian theocracy, formerly the United States of America, the Republic of Gilead is formed.
Not that Saudi Arabia wasn't considered. But that would not have quite the same level of realism, would it. 
America has been overthrown through the mass assassinations of the president and most members of Congress. The villains are, you guessed it, in a Christian fundamentalist movement organized under the banner, “Sons of Jacob.” 
In other words, let’s not only attack through creative writing the faith of those who believe in Jesus Christ, but include Judaism by evoking Jacob, the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham, the Jewish patriarch.
The novel brought to the screen also notes that the post-American nation is structured into a “hierarchical regime of Old Testament-inspired social and religious fanaticism.” Uh, remember the entire Old Testament is about Israel and the Jewish people and the New Testament is about Jesus Christ, a Jew, whose teachings of liberty, grace and righteous living fulfill and/or replace the law.
This fairy-tale “Christian” coup results in a nation where women are kept for reproductive and sexual purposes, with essentially no other function.
Women are not permitted education, to work or to have access to money. A national population, portrayed as shrinking due to environmental toxicity resulting from war, has few fertile woman. Hence, “Handmaids” are designated for sex at the homes of the elite to perpetuate their lineage. 
The first episode released on April 26 featured “disobedient” women shocked with cattle prods and having one eye removed, with the third episode featuring the bank accounts of females being frozen following the new government’s decree that women cannot own property.
Of all the religions currently practiced in 2017, there is one which embraces the open abuse of women, honor killings and the subjugation of women as property, preventing them any rights of property — 
and it’s neither Judaism nor Christianity. 
It is, of course, Islam of the sharia variety. But you won’t hear Hollywood address that 800lb gorilla.
Just one eye depicted as punishment. Not the entire face?  

When an author tries to invent Christian atrocities, they have no imagination. Just looking beyond the west might have shown her some.
Don’t miss the fact that when Atwood, a Canadian, wrote her clearly anti-Semitic, anti-Christian book in 1985, she was living in West Berlin within close proximity to the dividing wall that separated the despotism of Eastern Germany from the freedoms of West Germany. 
So, during the Reagan-Thatcher years, this malcontent living on the free side of the German wall composed this writing that, today, is being used by the same angry Left to malign anything that resembles an institution or individual with a belief system that notes good versus evil or decency versus indecency.
Describing in the first-person her methods of construction of the story, Atwood, featured in the New York Times on March 10, 2017, couldn’t contain her dripping disdain for the founding of America. “The Republic of Gilead is built on a foundation of the 17th-century Puritan roots that have always lain beneath the modern-day America we thought we knew.”
There are many things responsible for today’s messed up culture. The Puritans and Pilgrims who fled European religious persecution are not one of them.
One little piece of information that proves this resurrected fantasy is intended to deride the political and cultural Right is the title of the NYT’s piece: “Margaret Atwood on What the Handmaid’s Tale Means in the Age of Trump.” 
And, Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have the entire reason this 32-year-old novel is relevant to anyone.
Let’s take the only valuable point of the book and make a 
more intellectually honest argument. 
Remember, there is agreement that there is danger in the extremes of thought and indoctrination for the purpose of power. So, answer the following by indicating if the statements best describe the political and cultural Left or Right.
In Berkeley, conservative speakers have been met with leftist rioters dressed in all black with masks and hoods, waving flags that resemble the flag of the 1933 Communist Party of Germany. They’re setting fires, breaking windows and threatening violence. 
Who was eliminating speech, Left or Right?
The day after the inauguration of the 45th president, a mass of females gathered on the Washington Mall wearing hats fashioned to represent the reproductive organs of those who are biologically female and angry. Cheered remarks featured at this gathering included a female singer claiming she’d entertained the thought of blowing up the White House and a poem that claimed the American president had incestuous thoughts toward his daughter. 
Which group, Left or Right, objectified women as only being “true women” if they’re uniform in this angry ideology?
Which group, while focusing on the “rights” of women, ends the lives of millions of their own gender in the womb as some statement of empowerment called choice?
Ironically, Atwood, in her NYT piece, noted that “the control of women and babies has been a feature of every repressive regime on the planet” as evidenced by genocide, rape and infanticide.
The emotional incontinence on the Left is always — always — a device to hide the absolute failings of their arguments and fallacies of belief. “The Handmaid’s Tale” is no different. What the Left claims to fear most are the exact same tools and tactics they use to impose their agenda and indoctrination on the rest of America. Indeed, they bear more resemblance to the Tale’s villains than they’d ever care to admit.
Drinking deep gives clarity to the mind and heart. It rejuvenates the Soul. Drink or zink.

The lies, mendacities, dissemblings and  manipulation that are thrown our way from kindergarten to the euthenasia hospital are meant to decieve. And who uses them? 

One has a 'holy' book that encourages it. The Koran. But closer to home we have a library full of cultural Marxist tomes that have 'educated' our media, our governments, our education department. 

Both come directly from the Prince of Lies.



  1. Another way of looking at it is that LGBT groups and others are just trying to dedemonize and humanize groups that propaganda has previously demonized and dehumanized rather than thought control. Because if you think about it, that would be the only way to "fight back" against such propaganda.

    Otherwise, with one exception, everyone who has ever caused me injury has been a white self-purported christian, both male and female. However, I don't associate their crime with skin color, religion, gender or political preference. I associate it with the free will of misguided individuals.

    I still love Christians and nonChristians, men and women, Christians and nonChristians, straight and gay alike because that's truly loving my neighbors. Though I have favorites of course, but I am fair, and I "try" not to enable anyone, but not be stingy with mercy like the merciless servant. Because we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and it is only by God's grace any of us are saved :)

    1. Many claim to be Christian who by any measure are heretics in the least and downright evil at worst. Christ came to save sinners and we have a lot coming through the Tavern. Love the sinner but not the sin. Mercy is God's bizzo and forgiveness too except where it is against you. Then you have obligations.

      In any event and with any person, you have to call out the sin in order to lovingly correct the sinner.

    2. Throughout history gay and lesbians have had preferential treatment, not aprobation. Every era has made space and even profession for them. Males have been in armies (Sparta) and both genders in theatre and art. The 'demonisation' has been little more than others of various ilks have experienced. Try working your way through Camille Paglia's tome. Sexual Personae. Plenty of evidence there. By a feminist.

    3. I wish I could agree with you but after losing one to suicide and another who almost suicided - one of the most lovely souls to ever grace my life, I can't you see. But I respect your perspective and appreciate you allowing mine xo :)

    4. We wish to die for many reasons. As a King I begged for my knights to despatch me and free me from my agonies. But it was not to be. And when I rode my steed across that bridge from which no-one returns, it was my Supplier Himself that knocked me from my steed and boxed my ears. He sent me to this Tavern.

      So please do not think I do not know the angst and pain that your friend with the lovely soul must have endured. All our souls are lovely when first given but our very actions can make them dark e'en unto mortal damage. What you may see as lovely may just as easily be doomed and you seeing what you want to see.

      Pray for your friend, but do not fool yourself.

  2. Hmm. Well? lol. I'm not sure if either of us are "fooled" or just have different interpretations of scripture :)

    I guess I think if we are to adhere stringently and conservatively to man-made law in OT's Leviticus and Paul (trying to please the Pharisees, something Christ would never do) - which other than common sense genetic restrictions, is roughly the same as Sharia law and borrowed from the Captive culture of Babylonians - then there we need to adhere to every OT man-made law Christ didn't specifically repudiate.

    As you know, Christ changed many of those "Babylonian borrowed" man made laws, to include Christ specifically repudiating in Matt 5:23 "An eye for an eye, borrowed from the Babylonians/Sumerians, who did not believe in an afterlife and thus demanded swift and sudden punishment for all sin - and he answers the question why himself - because all of the law of the prophets should hang on loving thy neighbor.

    And what of other laws Christ changed/took a "liberal interpretation of? Did God change his mind about eating pork being a sin or he knew we as a toddler civilization could better understand how to be careful in its cooking/care by the NT? Was eating pork a sin in the 1st place or just God said "No" to babies and explained later?

    Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying we change every little thing because we feel like it, I'm not THAT "liberal."

    I'm saying what if following Christ's example was to reconsider OT law as whether or not truly loving our neighbors or necessary (pork)?

    I'm saying we are reading ancient scripture that has translated/retranslated millions of times and many texts have been lost or omitted for political purposes through history and is still debated on interpretation.

    And what of all of the intersex children born whose reports I've typed - estimates between 1:2000 and 1:15,0000 born with some degree of intersex, sometimes not visible, hm?

    Considering the brain develops before the slow progression of reproductive organs (which is why men have nipples which develop before the other organs) - what do we tell them?

    That God made a mistake between their brain and their body? Or that they are sinning before God for having inclinations the brain and body can't agree on? Do we explain to every person in society who doesn't know they're physiological difference that they're not gay, they were literally born intersex?

    Of course, I cannot assert that my interpretation of study of the bible (led by Catholic instructors) at a university level is correct. I cannot assert that your very-educated interpretation is correct either, but I do listen and consider any new input I haven't considered, rest assured :)

    And I can only tell that for me personally, once believing myself to be a female knight evangelical Christian, believing Christianity was about works and reducing sin to sexual ones and abortion - imagining I was "preserving" morality and defending ourselves against a perverted more sinful world than me - all that left me feeling was temporarily superior, frightened of the world, and darkened in soul myself for having shamed others to the degree that I did. I still ask God's forgiveness and others for that :(

    Nowadays, my soul begins to glow with the mantel of the Holy Spirit when I have loved my neighbors rather than tried to change them to meet my or my church's approval. My soul knows, as I'm sure yours does, when our father is pleased :)

    But we all have different calls and focus. And of course I could be wrong and continue to pray for insight and guidance.

    Because like my Pap once said is also possible - about an apprentice electrician and my mother believing she was a prophetess - when his employee left work midday to become a preacher, "God didn't call him nor your momma, they just up and went" :) lol

  3. I'm not suggesting that homosexuals should be persecuted (and in fact they've rarely been actively persecuted) but homosexuality should be actively discouraged. We're not doing people any favours by encouraging them in an unhealthy and unnatural lifestyle.

    And this is important because homosexuals are made, not born. To a large extent it's a matter of fashion, and of confused and unhappy people being manipulated into adopting a lifestyle that will bring them nothing but misery and degradation.

    That's why homosexuals are so keen to be allowed to promote their lifestyle. They know they will gain more converts. If they gain more converts they can convince themselves (or they think they can convince themselves) that they don't really feel self-disgust.


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