Thursday, May 25, 2017

First Lady

No one 'elects'  the wife of a President. Nor even of a Prime Minister. But they do seem to attract attention. Very often though they are quite worthy in their own right of being seen and heard. It does help if they exhibit qualities that can be admired, especially when they show aspects that are in and of themselves 'good'.  Insofar as we are made, naturally, as men and women, it is best when the First Lady is a lady and is clearly feminine. 

America especially, as it is the default 'Premier' nation at the moment, gives a lot of media attention to its First Lady (ok, much is mealy-mouthed, 'Liberal' cant and nastiness) and it is clear that much can be made of the contrast between the current lass, Melania Trump, and her predecessor, the frumpy Michelle Obama.

Despite the clear attractiveness of the multi-lingual (and multicultural) Mrs Trump, she has the additional attraction of humility and devotion which befits such elevation. Melania Trump looks up to the Virgin Mary - the Ultimate First Lady, Mother of God and Queen of Heaven.

She is a Catholic woman and met the Pope recently. She deported herself well.  She dressed like a Catholic Lady attending a High Mass. Even up to a Mantilla. Nice touch.

It has been many years since a Catholic held court in the White House. The last ones were the Kennedys.  The First Lady then, too, had a firmly feminine air about her. The media back then drooled over her. Not so much today.  Kennedy was a left of centre chap while Trump is centre with a lean to the right.

This visit to the Vatican was one stop on a long 'first overseas trip' taken by the Trump regime. The Saudi Arabia  reception was in the news with Melania defying the expected kow-towing that the Obama regime displayed. She did not cover her head. For the Pope, yes: for the King of the House of Saud, no.

The Trumps went to Israel and to the wailing wall too. There they deported themselves deferentially.

Mrs Trump is full of surprises. She wrote to the Pope before the 'State Visit' to the Vatican, asking if it would be ok to visit a hospital while she was over in Italy.

On Wednesday, First Lady Melania Trump surprised several kids at Bambino Gesu hospital in Rome with the “gift of tongue.”

When with the children, she spoke Italian.  

OK, many a 'celebrity' or high-ranking person has visited kiddies in hospital, but for an American First Lady to talk to the children in a 'foreign' language - their language - is almost unprecedented. 

But she speaks many languages. More than the ghetto-rap-speak of Mrs Obama. 

According to Trump’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham, the First Lady spoke to these children directly in their native language — Italian.

“She went in the children’s [intensive care unit], which was very emotional,” Grisham said.
No other First Lady in American history has travelled abroad and used a secondary language to speak to locals — this is a first.

“She spoke to them in Italian, she signed bandages and she took lots of selfies,” Grisham added.

Now, as an Englishman and an Australian, I usually take little interest in the goings-on elsewhere, especially things  American. Hah! As if. As a Tavern Keeper, people are always talking in the bars and telling me things. 

Mrs Trump, I am told,  speaks several other languages besides English and her native Slovenian. It’s been reported that she also speaks German, French, Italian and Serbo-Croatian. 

Not just a pretty face.

There seems to be only scant American media coverage of the Trump expidition to foreign climes.  The Lefist media do not seem to want to report even common humanity from their non-socialist President, let alone take full advantage of having a splendidly feminine First Lady. 
Especially a President that respects Christianity instead of bowing to Islam. 

I can only (thankfully) wonder what a pig's ear of the job that Mrs Clinton's 'First Gentleman' would have made of the job. (That is no gentleman: that is a cad).

America -part of it - looked forward to the first female President. But they had been upstaged by the British who now has its second female PM. The first of course was Maggie Thatcher. And who can forget her easily forgettable and in the background 'first chap', Denis.

He was a chap's chap. In the old school manner of course, although he did have his moments.
He seems to have made an impression on the last President, Obama, but Denis could afford to fool around while Obama could do little else.

Melania, has little in the way of competition or indeed anyone to emulate. There have been some quite feminine foreign first ladies, of course, in Europe. Not that they were appreciated by past incumbents of the office.
I don't think Michelle Obama cared much for the French anyway.

But enough of that. Let me leave you with some images while I go an pull a few pints.

And with the First First Lady, the quiet Jewish girl. (As portrayed, so beautifully.)
Everyone's First Lady


  1. Not disagreeing with you about Melania's demeanor, I don't know enough about her because in fact, she's almost invisible. And I have no idea of her true language ability nor her true piety other than what press tells us and what she displayed yesterday.

    However, heads up - erm - did you know she's also the first 1st lady to be photographed nude with another woman in GQ magazine? :)

    Not judging, if that's what she wants to do with her body in freedom of expression, that's her 1st amendment right - she doesn't need our approval and we don't have to like it.

    Point being, not knowing her personally and not having much information about her at all, I'm not sure we have enough info to base judgment on her character or piety just yet, based on a few pictures where she knew she was being photographed and good PR.

    However, I do have to disagree with you about Michelle Obama's "ghetto rap" speak.

    Michelle was born and raised in a middle-class suburb, went to Princeton and has a law degree - she is extremely articulate. However, she does like to laugh and joke around more than some first ladies.

    Perhaps not living here and only getting snippets of our news, you wouldn't know that :)

    Speaking of inarticulate ghetto-rap speak, for that we have Donald Trump :)

    One thing I must strongly disagree on is that Trump is center-right. Actually, nobody knows what he really is, one of his former good friends, Howard Stern, said they had man conversations and he's "pro-Abortion" but he sold himself on far-right fringe/alt-right politics. Stern said he told him to back out of the run because he feared it would affect his mental health, he just wants to be admired and adored and he's not gonna get that this way.

    This is why I don't like to comment on your posts about Australian politics. I don't live within the culture nor am I exposed to your political figures every day, nor do I have all of the information I may need from all perspectives to form an opinion :)

    1. You raise some interesting points. So Melania had some photo indiscretion in her younger days, eh? Not quite as deep into depravity as Obama's mum but I doubt you'd want to go there. Do not look to closely at my own youthful sins. And Stern has a view on the Donald that you are prepared to accept. But not other people's views. Hmmmmm Trump is centre-right from where I stand one day and oddly placed on another day. I shall give you the benefit on that one....and all politicians tell pork pies. Michelle, whenever I have heard her speak was barely articulate. Perhaps you caught her at a good moment and I at a bad one. So....? Perhaps my standards of English are different from yours. And....? Middle-class suburb, eh. Hahahaha. Cut above Melania's upbringing. That's OK then. Clear guranteee of language ability. Does she, then, speak 15 languages fluently? People are complex. They change and grow, or change and decline. It remains to be seen. None of us have all the information that we would like about anything.

  2. My apologies, the photos of Melania Knauss (Trump) from GQ in 2000 were bad enough, but it was actually photos from the now defunct French magazine "Max Magazine" by Alé de Basseville that featured Melania in lesbian poses which included S&M. Not sharing those links here, but they're easily found on Google search

    1. Do you have the date and transcript of her Confession too?

    2. I don't usually go looking for S&M and lesbian photos. I wonder what 'back-story' was behind them? I am very aware of the machinations which lead young women into depravity and also the efforts taken to pull them up from it. I have known (professionally) a few girls who were into that sort of thing.

    3. Forgive my slightly impatient/irritated tone - I'm at my quota today with ill-informed political opinions in general, especially from people that don't live in my country. Actually, I'm not sure I need to apologize for that, but I will for not having the patience I should today.

      I didn't "go looking" for S&M and lesbian pictures either, dear. Again, big news here in America? Ya know, the country I actually live in ;) I'm not responsible for what most Australian Conservative news isn't telling you.

      Regardless, my point was there wasn't enough info to judge Melania's piety nor her character based on staged photos and what people write about her, when she rarely speaks herself :)

      As for the date and time and transcript of her confession - well you see, apparently that's where you and I differ - I only present things as fact I can substantiate. If it's opinion, speculation or belief based on staged pictures and only reading one political side's perception, I say so.

      I can't substantiate her confession and don't care to speculate - because I already said I'm above not judging herchoice how to exercise her 1st amendment right to express herself. And again, my point was if we are using "day in the life" photos to judge people's character we don't know from Adam, one could just as easily use another "day" :)

      One thing I will say about Melania that she has what Donald lacks - class, basic human decency, patience, compassion, emotional stability and self-control

      And we know that because she does not blurt out incoherent, paranoid and baseless Twitter rants at 4 a.m. and other Tourette's type emotional outbursts.

      Speaking of baseless outbursts, on 06/13/2016 via Twitter he said Hillary should "give money back to Saudi Arabia who makes women slaves and killed gays" but has done business with them for years himself and sung their praises as being "peace seekers" while there all week? To include engaging in some strange Saudia Arabian ritual that included putting his hands an orb that had Obama ever done, he would've found himself hanged upon his return to America.

      And the right is behaving as if that didn't just happen? The emperor is still wearing clothes? That's just not healthy, that degree of pretending and hypocrisy, I'm sorry, especially when we need a definitive decision on Muslim extremist terrorism. And the Russian thing - it's not like we're talking about lying about healthcare, deleted emails or bad intel on WMD in Iraq here - we're talking about possibly committing actual treason with a known dangerous leader from another country. Not even in the same ballpark, that's a whole new level of amoral politician.

      Lastly, as for Howard Stern, once again, if you were in America, you'd know - Howard Stern had proof, dear - clips from his show, some of which Hillary ended up using during the election. (Because in fact, Trump donated to the Clintons. He's changed parties several times based on his business interests.) He never addressed it, just kept deflecting onto Hillary's troubles.

      Can you really not see yourself how obsessed Trump is with his popularity? Crowd size and what every little person says about him? It's not like we needed Stern for that one, but he did say it just after Trump was elected and before it became obvious to the world he was that fragile-egoed of a narcissist and petty. But again, maybe you don't know - I guess it depends on how much you trust a single news source to report everything they should be :)

      I read both reputable lib and conservative press - The WSJ and The National Review for conservative, NPR and the WP for lib and Reuters & the beeb for international. Shame I have to piece them together for a full story, but it I truly want one, I have to.

    4. I think many Americans - almost a generalisation - are concerned with their popularity. Obsessed? Yes, some that too. I don't like in America, that is true, but those that do have widely differing opinions and perspectives. They see differently from me, and from you. One does not have to be there to listen and see. Oz is very much the same except quite a large majority here know far more about American goings-on than Americans know of Oz. You are not the only nation with powerful narcissists. Yes, I know of Stern. Of course.

      Now. sit quietly with a nice drink for a while. Be careful of spilling on the carpet.

    5. A typo."I don't like in America" should have said "I don't liVe in America"

  3. Thanks amfortas for such a beautiful and accurate summation of our First Lady.

    She held herself with class all the way.

    Michelle was a 'ghetto' princess, I agree. She only got connections when Jesse Jackson had her live at his house, and hooked the two up.

    She got her big jobs at the university when Obama became Senator. And many who have read her college thesis cannot even comprehend it, it was so bad. Notice they have sealed all their college and school records.

    Whatever Melania did in her past, should not taint what she is doing now. If that's the case, then Obama's past of selling drugs, doing drugs, and hanging out with communists should be talked about a lot more.

    And by the way, it's also all over and well known that Obama hung out at the gay houses in Chicago. There is no doubt that not gay.

    What did Obama do first? Hang out at Marlon Brando's house with all buddies for a month.

    And yes, don't forget Obama's sheer total destruction of our economy and health care system.

    And by the way: President Trump speaks...common sense.

    But people have been listening to politicians great pontifications and lies for so long, they don't recognize it.

    All the rest are talking loud, and saying nothing.

    Less is more.

    Keep it simple.

    America voted for him. Thank god there are still some people in America who get it.

    Okay, I'll shut up now.

    By the way...LOVE the pictures!

    1. Thank you my dear. Graciously said. Although there are different views as you may see above. Personally, I can take quite a bit of The Donald despite his critics' points and especially after the sheer mendacity and dissembling of the last president.

      As you live in America, are American and very well informed on so many political and cultural matters I shall leave you with your compatriot Chrystal to sit together and share drinks and tales.


    2. I had heard some of those rumors, but do you happen to have the sources for any any of the above about Obama? I've heard a few of them but I've never actually seen proof. I went looking for the ones I heard about, at the time, but never found anything substantial, so if you have them they'd be much appreciated. Because as I said, it's very important to me to separate opinion/speculation from actual fact :) What we want to believe is true doesn't make it truth and fact - either about Obama negatively or Melania positively :)

      As far as our economy, the stock market crashed in October 2008 - 1 month before Obama was elected. I remember economists predicting we wouldn't feel it until 2009 and whomever became president would get blamed and that's exactly what happened. The same would've happened with Romney.

      In fact, had it not been for Obama and a bipartisan Congress with Dodd-Frank and other legislation (that Trump just rolled back using EO), we'd still be in it.

      Sorry, but I was a lot better off financially and had healthcare for the first time in 10 years by the end of Obama's presidency. Though I paid double taxes for everyone else because I'm self employed, I could not afford health insurance for myself until Obama.

      However, it's not all about me and I'll agree with you on Obamacare being a mess, particularly for the middle class, but it was instituted after the economy fall and I hardly think taking away healthcare entirely or making it more expensive for the poor in middle class and giving tax breaks to the wealthy with it is "what jesus would do."

      In fact, I was all for Republicans doing what they said they were going to do - taking the financial burden of Obamacare off the middle class (and people like me who are self-employed and pay double taxes already).

      Not to mention, I just had a recert on my student loans from returning to school in 2005. My loan payment increased another $375 a month and though my husband just had a stroke in February and we both took time off work, there are no forebearances for medical issues anymore, no forbearances for anything anymore under Trump administration.

      As far as Michelle Obama, did you happen to catch her series on educating women around the world? It was excellent. Otherwise, I'm sure she was not married to Obama when she got into Princeton.

      Otherwise, can't pretend along Trump is a gentleman instead of Atlantic City thug who is at least questionable when it comes to his Russia dealings at the very least, I'm sorry. In fact, you may feel differently in the coming months too. We shall see.

      Blessed Memorial Day to you,

    3. PS My apologies, McCain, then Romney :) The prior administrations tax breaks and other poor policies instituted by a congress comprised of both Democrats and Republicans - plus poor housing lending practices, both private and govt assisted - crashed our economy - not Obama :) And other than the wealthiest 1% upset that they didn't have the same tax breaks that broke us to begin with, the fact is, from the upper middle class down, we were all better off financially by the time he left - that is not opinion, that's a fact in terms of unemployment, job growth, credit and loan payments, income levels - pick any aspect from any source you like :)

    4. OH just one last thing - I did read where Obama used drugs in his youth - from his own lips. He admitted it and his regret. That was in his past and that's a public confession. Crickets from Melania and Trump on confessions or regret :)

      I've never seen anything reliable about selling them so definitely would be interested to see that source if available :)

      Because I think we can all agree fake news is a problem - and we're not going to solve that problem by conflating opinion and fact based on what we already want to believe about people, so if I have missed the facts on that, slap on my own wrist :)

  4. That shot of Moosha and Carla is classic.

    1. :) Indeed. And it is not the only black look she has given to people.

  5. This was a good one dear friend:). Our First Lady does conduct herself with class. As far as her youth goes, I suppose we are all guilty of doing and saying things we shouldn't have. I can't really speak for her soul (or anyone else's). I have been impressed with how she has handled herself so far. Unfortunately, women who act in a more feminine manner are not really appreciated as much in my country..... That's very sad if you ask me.

    The southern girl;)

    1. Good to see you back. :) Don't go running through the bars - the customers will all come to you.

      Yes she has handled herself well and I am quietly expecting her to make a mark on the Presidency in a feminine manner. Appreciated in time.

    2. It is lovely to see your lady of grace, recovering enough from her recent traumas to be able to share a comment in your bar.

      I too am impressed (but not surprised) with the way Meliana conducts herself. She is Slovenian and was born into a communist state.

    3. Hello CherryPie:),

      It is good to be back:)

      The Southern Girl

  6. "The sheer pace of the decline has been recorded by Damian Thompson in this magazine: church pews are emptying at the rate of 10,000 people per week."

    If a church will not remain true to its precepts, it will decline and fall.

    1. Right, but wrong conversation :)

      Far too many people play footy. They are amateurs. They aren't 'professionals' and their game is more for self-satisafaction which is easily obtained and then tired of. Serious prayers require serious prayers. Being a Christian is too hard for many.


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