Friday, May 12, 2017

Not All Muslim Women are Like That

People can be so easily taken in, especially by a pretty face. And while not all women are like the nasty, foul-mouthed, man-hating feminists like say, Clementine Ford, it is very difficult to tell one from another. It takes a bit of time and getting to know them : sorting the nasty from the nice.  'T'was ever thus. And even that process is fraught with deception.

One would imagine that in the hiring process with all the checks and due diligences it would be easier to discern the good from the bad, and especially if the ones doing the hiring were Government Officials. They, at least, have every modern sources of information at their fingertips. And especially if the person is going to have buckets of taxpayer's cash at their disposal.

But it just ain't so. Imagination is so often far from reality.

There are many red faces about today. Again, that is imagination. Those that should be blushing with shame know not shame at all.

Without putting too fine a point on the issue we heard of from Michael Evans this evening, people of the Islamic persuasion are encouraged by their diabolical overlord to deceive we poor infidels in order to undermine us.  So let him tell us about Emam, whose photo he showed around so we might recognise her if we bumped into her in the street and her face-mask floated off.

Of course it starts with the all-too usual tale of woe that tugs at the heartstrings. 
How Eman Sharobeem hoodwinked everyone 
from Mike Baird to broadcaster SBS

It's the redemption story that everyone wanted to believe: a teenager forced into an arranged marriage to her first cousin, widowed at 29 with two young sons, having endured years in a violent marriage.

She emigrates from Egypt, gaining not one but two PhDs, rising to become chief executive of government funded health services that care for new migrants and earns a long list of community honours – including as a finalist for an honour from her adopted country on its national day.
Dr Eman Sharobeem migrated to Australia more than 30 years ago. Since then she has earned two PhDs and campaigned against issues such as forced marriage and family violence.
Immigrants, women and health: A Trifecta.

Of course. A Family Violence 'campaigner' has a seat at the top tables of Ministers, if they are female. Not male of course.  Any woman who wants to get on the tax-funded gravy train needs to be on the side of the anti-male Family Violence bizzo, 'Wimmin's Health" (especially the almighty Breast cancer) and perhaps Immigrants 'Rights' too.  Forced marriage? Heck who cares about that really. Marriage is going down the gurgler unless it is for homosexuals and 9 year olds.

But with an announcement this week that ICAC will hold public hearings into former Australian of the Year finalist Eman Sharobeem, following an investigation by Fairfax Media that revealed an asset freeze by the powerful NSW Crime Commission, the charade has come crashing down – allegations of misuse of credit cards, false invoices, spending on personal items, using public money to renovate a property she owned.
Poor Clammie, never reached such heights of public funding

On top of the alleged fraud ICAC is investigating is the outright deceit, also revealed by Fairfax Media, that Sharobeem paraded fake academic and professional qualifications.

Now a string of high-profile organisations and governments have egg on their faces – state and federal, Liberal and Labor, that appointed her to trophy boards
organisations such as SBS that gave her a high-profile job; 
and the Australian of the Year Foundation that not only waved her through to the final round of its awards but appointed her to their advisory council.

What's more, they all called her "Dr Sharobeem" – despite there being no proof of the degrees and evidence revealed by Fairfax Media that she was not a psychologist.

The high point of the charade came in late 2014, when then NSW Premier, Mike Baird, stood beside an Australian of the Year finalist, handing her a commendation from her adopted country, smiling for the cameras.
NSW Premier demonstrates how Inclusive and Tolerant he is. Photo Op with Fako

It begs the question – 
who did due diligence on Eman Sharobeem? 
Who checked anything about her?

As her star rose around 2012-14 it doesn't appear to have been the media who focused on the story of her forced marriage as a child and escape from a violent marriage and her claims of academic achievement in Australia.
Fairfax Media understands workers at the Non-English Speaking Housing organisation (also run by Sharobeem) raised concerns about financial mismanagement around 2015. And it was the auditor of the Immigrant Women's Health Service accounts Nathan Boyd who rang alarm bells when he qualified his opinion on the organisation's 2015 accounts, saying the CEO owed at least $100,000 in wrongly claimed reimbursements, as revealed by Fairfax Media.

So how did Sharobeem seemingly hoodwink everyone?
Muslim Media Power Couple. Mal's mates

No doubt she took lessons from others who have climbed so high up the fruit tree.  There are 'official' elements in Oz that laud and promote the most obvious charlatans and anti-Australian characters, especially if they are muslim. 

The SBS gives them front page. The Government gives them OUR money. The Media 'celebrate' them and hands them 'Awards'.
Sharobeem ran the IWHS based in Fairfield for 11 years until 2015. Government funding was cut at the end of that year with a governance investigation acknowledged by the health department as the centre was about to close in June 2016.
Yassim laughing all the way to the bank

It was around this time broadcaster SBS hired Sharobeem to be its community engagement manager. It's understood SBS went through a regular recruitment process to hire her. 
A press release hailing her appointment in April 2016 used the honorific Dr in the opening sentence. 
Almost every achievement SBS heralded is now under question: 
"Eman is a Member of the Settlement Services Advisory Council, 
Justice Multicultural Advisory Council, 
State Library CALD Advisory Board 
and an Advisory Board Member of Multicultural NSW. 
In 2014, Eman was honoured as an Australia Day Ambassador and became a finalist for The Australian of The Year Award. 
In 2013, she was a finalist in the Premier's Woman of the Year Award and was selected as one of 100 Most Influential Women in 2015 by The Australian Financial Review."
The mind boggles.  Thank goodness not all muslim women are 'like that'.  Shame however that we can all rely on our govenment and media officials to be all 'like that'. Stupid, gullible, complicit. That is when they are not being deliberately traitorous with taxpayers' monies and doingtheir very best to change our society to be 'inclusive' and 'tolerant' of mendacious decievers, dissemblers and Liars.
Perhaps the most revealing tale surrounding background checks can be gleaned from Social Services Minister Christian Porter appointing her to the Settlement Services Advisory Council. 
When Fairfax Media inquired last month about the circumstances surrounding her appointment, a department spokeswoman said the department performed "due diligence", including on a "resume from Dr Eman Sharobeem identifying her educational background, including the attainment of a PhD in psychology, family and community and a PhD in management in organisational leadership".
That is to say, they took her resume, her CV, which she had written, as evidence of her standing. Hello !! 
But having confirmed details from the CV she submitted claiming to have two PhDs, (they didn't say HOW they 'confirmed') the spokeswoman suddenly claimed it would be a breach of privacy to disclose further information from the same CV when asked which institutions she claimed to have attended.
Fairfax Media was able to challenge her claim to be a psychologist in one phone call – to the Australian Health Professional Regulatory Agency. A search of their database revealed nobody named Eman Sharobeem was currently registered or had been removed as a psychologist. 
It's illegal to practise as a psychologist if unqualified.

Our politicians also wanted to believe. 
In 2014, the Upper House of the NSW Parliament moved a motion of congratulations to Sharobeem, listing in full glory what it understood to be her achievements. It makes for tough reading.

She is lauded for her professional roles and the subsequent awards she achieved.

The parliamentary motion mentions "Dr" Sharobeem's "greatest contributions in Australia" being her involvement in the Immigrant Women's Health Service.
Our elected officials praised her for working with volunteer and part time workers at the health service – the same one she is now alleged to have defrauded, claiming bogus expenses and spending government money on a house she owned.
Parliament members moved to wish "Dr Eman Sharobeem all the very best in her future endeavours".
In truth, ICAC wants to know if she robbed us blind.
The story that we all wanted to be true was, in fact, something else: it was too good to be true.
Any attempts to hold her to account, will, of course attract accusations of 'Islamaphobia'. Just as feminists, in fact any women in medium to high places who are caught our will shout 'Misogyny'. 

Of course there are women who would not dream of making bizarre false accusation while robbing you blind, but not all are like that.

Have a drink.

You need one.

I know I do.



  1. IMO, attractiveness in and of itself is not related to either good or bad character or the soul.

    The problem is, the remnant beliefs leftover from Victorian times (Jane Eyre describes this best) that pretty people - male and female - meant a pretty soul and plain people had ugly ones.

    At first, Jane subscribes to the theory that actually the opposite is true.

    However, Jane disproves her own theory at the orphanage when she meets her best friend, Helen, who was the most physically beautiful girl she'd ever seen - inside and out. (In fact, she's Jane's "Christ figure" in the book.)

    Yes, there are people take advantage of those remnant beliefs going both ways - unattractive and attractive people, working towards their own self-interest regardless.

    However, I prefer to focus on the fact that I know beautiful soul who in both groups :)

    I actually knew beautiful girls who other women were very cruel, too, always assuming they were stuck up, shallow, manipulative, devious and that they could have any man and any friend they wanted, but were actually beautiful souls who were very lonely. Men often couldn't see past their appearance despite a beautiful soul. I also knew some beautiful women who really were very stuckup and shallow, manipulative and devious lol.

    I can't even percentage that out because to be honest with you, most Americans are stuckup and shallow anyway lol.

    I also knew physically unattractive girls who were fun people of depth, best friend types with beautiful souls and ones whom people just assumed were because of they were unattractive or overweight.

    As for me, I always felt like a Jane Eyre growing up and still do. I was considered a very ugly child and not very attractive in high school. Though I had a small brush with fame at age 12, it wasn't because of my appearance lol. People were extraordinarily cruel about it though, thus, I admit I'm a bit more sensitive to criticism on appearance because of it.

    Though by college some said I was pretty, here in America, I'm considered "cute" at best compared to others and some find me downright uglty. In fact, here in Kentucky, I'm considered sort of plain. It's all about blonds with big boobs here, mostly :)

    I don't have the "banging body" and because of my nose and jawline, many say I look like a witch or manly. And without makeup, I assure you, I'm quite hideous.

    And though I've dated some wonderful men, there were 2 for whom I was never pretty enough. I expect we've all had "those" types, men and women once or twice.

    But the one I have now tells me I'm beautiful. I still look at him with disbelief and ask him if he started drinking lol. Because it's so foreign to me, seriously.

    At 48, I've learned to accept that this is the way I look, good or bad. I have my pretty days and day I want to put a bag over my head and wear a gunny sack lol. (Those are most days, actually, ask Mark lol)

    But in the end, though I like to look pretty for Mark, being pretty outside is not what I value most.

    I wonder sometimes if we are we we value most - and I value the soul. I'm not saying I have a great soul, but I do value the soul and work on it :)

    A man doesn't have to be handsome or rich for me to connect with him, but I DO have to have a connection with him - and being able to connect as a soul level is imperative for me - a beautiful soul is a must :)

    1. The lady in question was not a very nice person. Rotten soul. Still, I have see worse. Pretty face? Not even.

    2. I guess I was referring to the first paragraph, sorry, should've clarified that :)

    3. Hahaha. Yes, I did get that. There was quite a bit more to the post but if you tried to comment on that part it would take 15 pages I hope to see you get around to is soon. Hahaha (Just joking m'dear. Your comment was fine)

    4. Hahaha! Hee, now THAT is some truth! I have a blog for such things, which they read when they want a nap lol xoxo thanks for the giggle :)

    5. By the way, Chrystal, you have a Facebook post that starts ....""Sharing my response to some British male friends debating the character of pretty vs ugly girls..."" What follows is a comment above. But I wasn't talking about pretty vs ugly, but of discerning good from bad. And in particular a particular woman who lies and embezzles. The only reference to 'pretty' came in the intro sentence which was almost soley to attract attention. ...."" People can be so easily taken in, especially by a pretty face"" The rest had nothing to do with looks and ugly never got a look in. The main focus was on the ease in which people want to believe and the lengths they refuse to go in due diligence to avoid being conned.

      I am your friend and I still retain some Britishness (actually, English) but am now an Australian.

    6. Ah, yes, that's my FB post. Would you like to friend me on FB, Amfortas? ;)

      Actually I was referring to a 2 discussions on another blog, actually, Amfortas (not your comments, the posts themselves). The first is about women with pretty faces getting their way and the second is about women being out for money.

      My reply is now for both discussions :)

    7. PS - I didn't comment there because what'd be the point? lol.

      You can friend me on FB, A, it's OK lol. Not sure about others, but we get along. Mostly. Avoiding politics lol

    8. Btw, I did read the entire post the first time I was here. and I find what she did morally reprehensible. I'm going to try to keep this as short as I can because I do like to be a bit verbose (ya don't say!) but I think anyone passing themselves off to be something they are not, male or female, Muslim or Christian, makes a mockery of both our Democratic and justice systema and disturbs my very soul.

      However, you must understand that this week I was distracted by another charlatan who is actually leading my entire country right now and possibly getting away with true treason - which I find just as morally reprehensible if not more so.

      Therefore, just as you say people turned a blind eye to this Muslim woman - BECAUSE she's a Muslim woman - it is my opinion other people are turning a blind to Trump's infractions because he is a white "Christian" male.

      No one should be above suspicion for subverting democracy or our justice system simply because of their gender or religion. Because the moment we start blanket-generalizing either way is the moment an opportunist will swoop in and take advantage of it. Thank you for allowing my thoughts here :)

  2. PS - Actually the same is true with my female friends, they must have a beautiful soul. For instance, on FB, I'm not about quantity, I'm about quality. I don't really care about giving the appearance that I have 900 friends, I care that I have 56 good ones I can laugh or cry with :)

  3. "It begs the question – who did due diligence on Eman Sharobeem? Who checked anything about her?"

    In one. The so-called "moderates" are often not so, they aid and abet, even by voting and a certain number are even violent. The question is, of course, which ones?

    1. It is clear that no diligence was exercised by any of the myriad decision makers that have appointed this charlatan to all manner of positions. It is an appalling situation and she would not be the first or only one to benefit from taxpayer coerced funding largesse. The system is corrupt and matches the moral standing of most of those in 'high' places.

      Yes, she is one of the 'moderate' muslims. They take and take. Lies are their stock in trade. It is not as though they do not signal clearly. Their ethos is written by their diabolical originator and there for all to see.


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