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Supermodels: Super pay.

The ladies who complain about the cost of their clothes might be encouraged to know just how much they contribute to the reduction in the gender pay gap. Not that the pay gap figures ever take supermodel pay into the calculations, dealing as it does in 'averages' as far as women are concerned while rolling in every male CEO on a $million a year.
Gisele. $30.5 Million.

OK, I am reminded that many ordinary ladies clothes are made in sweat shops in Bangladesh, as are quite a lot of chaps strides and shreddies. And those clothes are not generally strutted around on catwalks. But there are many slim-to-downright skinny gals on those catwalks 'earning' $squillions simply for wearing some clothes for five minutes at a time.

Ladies shreddies are also made in Bangladeshi sweat shops and they do get the catwalk treatment before being marked up from $1.50 to $150. These Supermodels impart much value it seems.

It is enough to make the average wage earning chap groan. In Oz that is, according to the ABS,  for 2016 >>> Full-time adult average weekly ordinary time earnings $ 1533.10. That is  Au$79721 per annum. 

To get into the bottom rungs of the top 20 of Supermodel per annum 'earnings' in 2016, where the worst that can happen is a zip break or the latte is too cool, the average chap, working in an office or on a roof or down a sewer or on a fishing boat or down a mine will have to work 62.7 years.

Bit of a pay gap there.

A supermodel is a highly paid fashion model who usually has a worldwide reputation and often a background in haute couture and commercial modeling. The term supermodel became prominent in the popular culture of the 1980s. 
Adriana $10 million

Supermodels usually work for prominent fashion designers and clothing brands. They may have multimillion-dollar contracts, endorsements, and campaigns. Supermodels have branded themselves as household names and worldwide recognition is associated with their modeling careers. They have been on the covers of magazines such as French, British, American, and Italian Vogue. Claudia Schiffer stated, "In order to become a supermodel one must be on all the covers all over the world at the same time so that people can recognise the girls."

Yep, that's the measure of worth. 

An early use of the term supermodel appeared in 1891 in an interview with artist Henry Stacy Marks for The Strand Magazine, in which Marks told journalist Harry How, "A good many models are addicted to drink, and, after sitting a while, will suddenly go to sleep.

By the Lord Harry he could have been describing a politician.
Karlie $10,000,000

Adriana Lima is one of the "New Supers" and the longest-running Victoria's Secret Angel. Emerging in the late 1990s, Gisele Bündchen became the first in a wave of Brazilian models to gain popularity in the industry and with the public. With numerous covers of Vogue under her belt, including an issue that dubbed her the "Return of the Sexy Model," Bündchen was credited with ending the "heroin chic" era of models. 

Following in her footsteps by signing contracts with Victoria's Secret, fellow Brazilians Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio rose to prominence; however, this "new trinity" were unable to cross over into the world of TV, movies and talk shows as easily as their predecessors due to their foreign accents and, apart from Gisele, were often confined to Swimsuit magazines instead of high fashion titles.

Several seasons later, they were followed by Eastern Europeans barely into their teens, pale, and "bordering on anorexic. 
Miranda  $6 Million pa.

They were too young to become movie stars or date celebrities; too skeletal to bag Victoria's Secret contracts; and a lack of English didn't bode well for a broad media career". 

It is a shame that being so uneducated and pale they could only aspire to the lower reaches of the pay scale, almost down to the level of The Clinton child who left school and into a $900,000 first job. 

The opportunities for superstardom were waning in the modeling world, and models like Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks took to television with reality shows like Project Runway & Germany's Next Topmodel and America's Next Top Model, respectively, to not only remain relevant but establish themselves as media moguls.

A new generation of models dubbed the "Instagirls" such as Gigi Hadid - >>$9 Million pa -  Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Irina Shayk, Kendall Jenner, have all developed their own unique model-personalities through social media, simply by their number of followers on sites such as Instagram. 

One has to imagine just what a model personality is about. Narcissism, perhaps?

This revolution has caused popular women who gained fame specifically through these sites, such as Alexis Ren, Amanda Steele and Cameron Dallas to be discovered by modeling agents as well.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley $9 Mil 

In today's modeling industry, designers often feature models in campaigns who have a large social media following such as Italian model and actress Monica Bellucci, who gained worldwide recognition whether through films or fashion appearance.

In addition, the most popular index for model updates and ranking, have declared a new breed of Supers. 

This include models Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss, Natalia Vodianova, Doutzen Kroes, Joan Smalls, Adriana Lima, Karen Elson, Lara Stone, Miranda Kerr, Liu Wen, Jourdan Dunn, Daria Werbowy, Kate Upton, Liya Kebede, Christy Teegan,and Natasha Poly as the New Supers in the fashion industry.

The mind boggles. Well a chap's mind does.  It is hardly surprising that so many small girls want to be models when they grow up.

That is when they choose that above being a pop star and warbling porno lyrics. That seems to pay extraordinarily well too. Far more than construction or fishing.

2016 pay. Top Ten. 
Cara Delevingne $8.5 Mil 

1. Gisele Bündchen ($30,500,000)
2. Adriana Lima ($10,500,000)
3. Karlie Kloss ($10,000,000)
4. Kendall Jenner ($10,000,000
5. Gigi Hadid ($9,000,000)
6. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ($9,000,000)
7. Cara Delevingne ($8,500,000)
8. Candice Swanepoel ($7,000,000)
9. Liu Wen ($7,000,000)

10. Miranda Kerr ($6,000,000)

Keep going down to the 100 level and they are down to small bikkies of a bare  $2 million or, grief, even less !!

And they say there is a patriarchy that oppresses women.

Drink up.

Be thankful you don't have to slave away like these ladies.

If I were less kindly I might agree with the voice in the corner which suggested that these ladies were devoid of any useful, contributory skills and very likey a drain on society. But ..... I am kind.

A fine customer, Sean, carrying his pint close to his chest, approached the bar to tell me:

One supermodel who should be welcome at the Tavern for her intelligence, grace and upstanding virtue is Kathy Ireland.
Kathleen Marie "Kathy" Ireland (born March 20, 1963) is an American model and actress, turned author and entrepreneur. Ireland was a supermodel in the 1980s and 1990s, best known for appearing in 13 consecutive Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues. In 1993 she founded a brand marketing company, "kathy ireland Worldwide" (kiWW), which has made her one of the wealthiest former models in the world.
As a result of her career as a businesswoman, she had made a $420 million personal fortune by 2015 (Forbes). In 2012, $2 billion worth of products bearing her company's brand were sold.
She has remained involved with various charities and non-profit organizations dedicated to global women's rights and justice, education, emergency response and training for children, disease research and management, and HIV/AIDS.
I first heard of her because of her staunch pro-life views!

Bring her in Sean. I shall give her a pint.

It is so tough wearing clothes. But someone has to do it.


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  1. spoiled losers model clothing that nobody can afford, made by people who aren't free, for people who (by chance were born into comfort, money and attention) rather discuss pop culture soundbites and whatever vague liberal cause of the week than have a critical thought about anything.

    who are these people and why would anyone even know their names?

    a tragic comedy is still a comedy. like when they start getting behind liberal causes the jewish left make trendy, and for a brief moment they actually think they are apart of something and have a voice that is respected.
    I.E. the keystone pipeline where thousands of inherent pieces of jet trash reality tv stars/models/designers ect. ect. (whatever they call themselves to make up for the fact they do and will never do anything, they are just famous for being famous)
    decide they are suddenly an activist and a expert in the industry above and beyond the millions of men who work in oil, men who make their apathetic, putrid comfort possible.

    walking down the runway in paris. should be called a raceway.
    a race to see who can be the most useless piece of shit this year.




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