Sunday, August 28, 2016

You Have a Say

Hillary's Village demands that you shut up. Many of its denizens, under and over rocks, demand that they and only they have a say. If you try, dare, chance your lip or even politely request to have a say they will call you a bigot, anti-women, islamophobic and a host of other denigrating names. They will use the laws to shut you up, fine you or even jail you for saying what you want to say if it differs from what they have to say.

Our politicians feed these nay-sayers with taxpayers' money to stop taxpayers having a say. Pay but don't say, they say.

This fellow came by and stood in the Pin & Balloon Bar to have a say.

He said it well.

You ought to, too



  1. Silence is deadly, not golden! I'm intrigued to observe how desperately those who want to popularise their own perversion and force others to accept such as "normal" demand our silence, deny us the plebiscite, so that I can save money! I see something wrong with that!
    Peter H.

    1. The 2% try hard to silence the 98% and our gutless politicians do not want to allow anyone else to object. The 2% lie like there is no tomorrow. They have no shame or sense of proportion. They do not care.


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