Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Let's You and Him Fight.

Last month I reported on some of my own activities beyond the Tavern, concerning friends in strife. Since then another friend has run into bother of a similar sort and she asked me to give my thoughts.  I was happy to oblige, of course. 

What was that bother, that strife? The same abortion issue. My friend Kathy has been arrested for simply wanting to help women. It is not called that by the 'authorities' of course. It is called 'Intimidation'.  Or 'Harassment'. I say, NO. It is about love, respect and Life itself.

Pregnant women who are under strain need help. They need that person who is willing to step up and offer a helping hand. It is often women standing praying and handing leaflets out, and offering an empathetic and comforting shoulder. Men can too, and do. The Police are set upon them ! Half of the babies and all of the expectant mothers are women. The babies are killed and the mothers suffer, often for years after. Feminists care not. The greens care not. Lefties in general care not.

They are dysfunctional.

Here is what I wrote for Kathy.  You can find it, stripped down - without illustrations -  at: 
and it includes parts I have said here before.

So, onward.

Let’s You and Him Fight

There is a ‘game’ played by dysfunctional people and described by psychiatrist Dr Eric Berne in his capital little book, “The Games People Play”. People often disagree with one another. A protagonist with an ax to grind and a lack of moral, civil or mental sufficiency, sets her or his victim up against external overwhelming forces.

They may disagree with the victim and have no cogent or legitimate argument so they call in the police with their ‘authority’ and a gun on their hips, and the Courts that have the full panoply of process and procedure, backed by Laws made by the complainant’s friends.

The Laws, the legislators, the police become complicit in gross acts of indecency and bring that Law and authority and panoply into disrespect when they do not punish such dysfunctional protagonists.

And they are complicit.

Chapter 5 Section 109. of the Constitution of Australia.

Inconsistency of laws
When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.

Section 116 of the Constitution of Australia 
Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

Section 116 precludes the Commonwealth of Australia (i.e., the federal parliament) from making laws for establishing any religion, imposing any religious observance, or prohibiting the free exercise of any religion.

In the Village that it takes to raise a child, we continue on our way in similar fashion to the Muslims, offering innocents as martyrs to Satan. In Oz alone 100,000 innocents every year. 100,000 babies in the womb, murdered. Every year.

It is the Village mentality that is destroying the sanctity of life, the family, marriage, indeed, Virtue. We need to take a stand.

Yes, yes, I am an old Knight and Tavern Keeper and I should have my old heart filled with sympathy for the mothers whose lifestyle would be cramped by disposable nappies. And I AM sympathetic to them and acknowledge the demands of parenthood. I am a parent myself.

But frankly the very life, let alone lifestyle of the babies is more important. They have a higher and more pressing priority. Life.

And that took me out of the tavern the other week, twice.

First to my weekly vigil outside the abortuary in Hobart where I say a Rosary. This is an exercise of my religious freedom of expression as mentioned in Section 116 of our Constitution. I say the Rosary not only for the souls of those babies, but for Christ to ease the sufferings of the mothers who will suffer for years after their abortions;
and for the fathers who are denied a voice in the matter and yet are denounced; and for the women who ‘nurse’ in that charnal house, holding the hands of the women they invade and abuse, and cart away the pieces of the little human beings that were, up ’til then where they should naturally and rightly be; and for the doctor who flies in from Melbourne to kill babies, with the aid and protection of our Government’s wicked laws that punish any objection.

The second outing took me to the Court where my friends were arraigned in charges of being horrible people and breaking the law. These were martyrs , albeit not assassinated or murdered. Yet.

Graham Preston and Ray and little Penny are my friends. I say ‘little’ as she is very tiny middle-aged woman and almost blind. They were arrested last year and their ‘case’ has dragged through the court costing them much money – and the taxpayer too.

The ‘complainant’ that secured the arrest of these malcontents who want to draw attention to the awful Law of the Land and to God’s Liberating Law, lied under oath in the court and broke the same law herself by recording the conversation she had with Graham.

That Law is the mendaciously named ‘Reproductive Health Act’ which ensures the invasion of a mother’s reproductive organs and the killing of babies, protected from any voice raised in caution, or assistance for the mother and baby. Or indeed, praying for them. It also prohibits any recording within 150 metres of the building wherein babies are slaughtered.

The complainant lied. Perjury; playing ‘Let’s you and him fight’; perverting the course of justice.

The Magistrate, unfortunately, cared not a jot. Such is the justice in our Courts for anyone who dares seek justice for the innocent. It just isn’t.

You can see from the picture below that Graham’s signs were insulting, demeaning and Intimidating. Indeed, the Prosecutor described the picture of a healthy baby in the womb – similar to ones you will find any medical textbook on the subject – as “GRAPHIC !!”.
Graham's 'Insulting', 'Intimidating', demeaning' signs as he 'harasses' people driving past
Shock, horror.

Of course it is graphic. Photographic. Of something natural and good.

But here, far worse it seems than the nightly ‘graphic’ depictions of bombs and bodies in the street, on our TV screens. It frightened, intimidated, insulted.
This is what Graham had to say as I pulled him a refreshing pint afterward.

""Well the verdict has been given and the three of us were found guilty.

The magistrate (Catherine Rheinburger) came in and simply said that she had put her reasons for the verdict in writing (23pages) and referred us to the last page which concluded with “For all the above reasons I am satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt of all the charges against Mr Preston and Mr and Mrs Stallard.”

Then there was some discussion about sentencing. My record of convictions was produced and as well as the other actual convictions I have it also had [sic] the last time I was in court, claiming I was hit with $750 costs when in fact we won that case! The magistrate sort of believed that was an error and it probably didn’t matter much as there were plenty of other convictions to look at.
Ray and Penny had no police record. She went out for about 20 minutes and on return said that Ray and Penny would each have a 12 month good behaviour bond but no conviction recorded.

For myself I received a $3000 fine to be paid within 28 days!

The short time period doesn’t matter much though as on principle I don’t intend to pay as I do not believe we have acted wrongly. The magistrate did not say anything about what jail time there would be for not paying.

Hopefully this will now go on to appeal in the High Court and if we win there the fine will not need to be paid anyway. Christopher (the Lawyer acing partly Pro-Bono) has taken away the decision to examine it closely but we are keen to go on with the appeal. This means unfortunately that we need to try to raise some more funds to help cover further legal costs. If anyone has some bright ideas as to how to do that we would like to hear them as the crowdfunding effort did not raise a great deal.

Apart from nearly freezing this morning I did not have any particular problems when I was on the streets. I will be back out there tomorrow for a couple of hours before heading back to Brisbane. There were quite a few media there today and I did an interview after the verdict was given.

Thanks again for your support and hopefully we can help people see how important it is that we win this free speech case.""

The maximum fine in Tasmania, by the way, is $9750 and a year in jail, and Graham has already spent over 800 days and nights in jail over the past few years for his belief in Life and Freedom of religious expression.
I watched the journalists interview Graham and mostly they were polite, except for one. The ABC sent their award-winning Court and Crime reporter. She scowled. She had sat in the court scowling too. No chance of an impartial report from her, thought I, and this was confirmed a few minutes later when I spoke to her.
She brushed aside my questions as to whether she would be reporting about the main prosecution witness lying on oath. No word on that has appeared. I asked her what she thought of the charges over all and she was scathing.

I asked if she was going to report the Prosecutors’ description of a photograph as ‘graphic’. Hah! No chance. I pointed out that the photograph was of a healthy baby in the womb. Her response astounded….

“It is as intimidating as holding up a picture of Hitler outside a place where Jews congregate.”

The mind reels at such bias, but what do we expect in our taxpayer-funded media.

Independent? Impartial? Intent on maliciously ‘reporting’ in the worst possible light.

The Act passed into Tasmanian Law to great cheers. It has become a ‘model’ for other States to copy and ‘enhance’. Victoria and the ACT have followed.There is plenty of scope for being a martyr these days. Innocents will suffer.

Kathy Clubb has been arrested in Victoria and now faces the Magistrate. I have little doubt that the Court will do as the Tasmanian Court did. In the ACT an ex-Brigadier, a gallant man who served his country, did as I do. He said his Rosary. Silently. Discreetly.

He was arrested for bowing his head as he silently thought the name ‘Jesus’.

That is how the Policeman with his gun knew Molloy was ‘protesting’ intimidating, harassing and demeaning poor soon-to-be-ex-mothers.

$750 fine.

The lawyers are going to have to get the guts and strength of the people they are representing. The Constitution is clear. In Hobart it was mentioned only briefly. It needs to be shouted out.
An 'Intimidating' Weapon ? 
You can be arrested.
The States play the same dysfunctional game. They know that the laws they pass conflict with the Constitution, but they make YOU take a case to Court – at your huge expense of course.

One or two people saying the Rosary outside an Abortuary may well be recognised by our Heavenly Advocate, Our Lady, but the public are not going to wake up and the draconian anti-Christian Laws will continue to be rolled out across Australia until a much larger group of people all stand and say the Rosary.

50 should bring the TV news crews to the Court.

100 would bring International TV News crews.

Take courage.





  1. A fiery issue, and I admire the moral courage of your protestors who unlike some in the USA are not using force or genuine intimidation. Matters have come to the point where moral suasion is deemed assault.

    1. I am sure they tahnk you for your supportive words, sir. The issue of 'real' intimidation and harassment is a all too often raised but very very rare in practice. Yes there have been some instances of notoriety by clearly non-christian people (who might have perported to be) and they are and have been rightly condemned by Christian people everywhere. That condemnation rarely ever gets reported. 'Protest' of the calm, quiet, kind and help-offering sort, the prayerful practices occurs every day in hundreds of places, such as with me and Kathy and Graham and so on. These never get reported as they are, but get distorted and calumnised. We are well down the Road to Perdition.


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