Monday, August 15, 2016

What Does Wales Sound Like?

Ahh, yes. Good question. Choirs, gutteral tongue or a high-pitched wailing you can hear 50 leagues away underwater? 

Nope, neither. Its the sound of Freedom, as we say.

Take some hills and valleys, the promise of a sunny day with the fog lifting, and some bad boys out to 'get'em'. That duggaduggadugga ain't gunfire but shutters.

Just lie back in your chair with a fine Ale, and watch them go by.

They are in the 'Mach Loop' low-flying area (LFA).

About those tight turns around mountains and cliffs: those who prefer the sea for their jollies also like to see high-speed turns.  

 That should impress a few whales.



  1. That looks like it would be incredibly exciting to fly through that area. Beautiful scenery passing by rapidly and pulling Gs in the turns. It doesn't get much better than that.

    1. At 20 you just want to DO it and do it. At 30 you want to do it perfectly. At 70 you just want to be strapped to the back seat. :)

  2. This brings back happy memories of my childhood visits to Wales :-)

    The most memorable was the damn busters moment over the Elan Valley. Low flying over the dam, light traveling faster than sound. The sudden roar...

    My dad had his back to the spectacle and the sudden roar from behind him caused him to jump just at the moment he was pouring hot soup into a cup!!

    1. A very long time ago I used to sit at the end of the runway at Valley, launching Gnats to the LFA. Off duty I would sit, kitted up, in the crew room waiting for an Instructor to take pity on me and shove me into the front seat. Hahahaha. Great days. :)


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