Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Good Golly, its cultural appropriation

Those that exercise 'power' for the public good - the courts and legislatures, the 'administrations' and such - seem to be quite mad.  Anyone can complain, it seems, over trivia, and they are taken very seriously by such 'powers' who seem to enjoy the fees and costs that flow.

An ongoing matter is before the 'Tribunal' at the moment regarding several white boys at a Sydney University who stumbled into a computer room that was 'reserved for aboriginal use only'. A self-nominated aboriginal woman took offence - or should I say the small blackfella part of her blood which was heavily uncoloured by much whitefella blood took offence - and so far the lads have incurred several hundred thousand dollars in costs. I cannot say more, of course as it is before the psuedo-Beak. One hopes sanity prevails but I may be hoping in vain. 

No-one has mentioned yet the cultural appropriation of computer technology by aboriginals.

Meanwhile the relevant section of the obsure "Act for the denying of Free Speech by White, Australian Males', known here as 'section 18C' continues to be argued about and derided by the sane and defended by the insane. Designed to 'protect' diverse minorities - you know the sort: coloured folk, muslims, LGBQRST's et al- and sundry nutters from any hint of criticism or comment which might (or might not) 'hurt their feelings',  it has been a weapon deployed by the easily disgruntled against the mildest and fairest of comment. Tit-for-tat time was awaited since its inception.

And so it has come about that a Senator has responded with the only kind of parody- punishment available to all.... complain to a Tribunal. The biter, bit. 

Australian Libertarian Senator files racism complaint because he was called an 'angry white male' 
Leftists frequently refer to "white males" in various contexts, apparently quite unaware that they are being racially discriminatory
Senator David Leyonhjelm has lodged a complaint under the Racial Discrimination Act for comments made about him by a journalist.

The Liberal Democrat senator, from New South Wales, submitted the complaint last week after a Fairfax media article was published referring to him as a 'boorish and gormless as a result of being an angry white male', reported the Daily Telegraph.

It is reportedly the first complaint of its kind for the Australian Human Rights Commission (HRC) under section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.
By 'first of its kind' they mean a white chap is complaining. What a change! 

Under this section, it states it is unlawful to commit an act which would reasonably offend or insult someone because of their race, colour, national or ¬ethnic origin.
In his complaint to the HRC Senator Leyonhjelm said his colour was one of the reasons the comments were made.
'Other characteristics referred to in the article include being a boorish supercilious know-all with the empathy of a Besser-Block, hate speech apologist, wacky, a self-promoting misanthrope and a practitioner of infantile reasoning,' he said.
'The comments are reasonably likely in all the circumstances to offend or insult some white males.' 
Indeed. We white males, especially knackered old ones who are not quite dead yet, do find it offensive, but we usually simply refuse to take offence. Well the Senator is setting a new course. Hahaha. I must pour him a long drink.

He is in a far more significant position to do that than say the young (white) fellow who was accosted recently by a yound (black) chappess at a Uni somewhere for daring to have dreadlocks. She was offended, on behalf of all black people.
Presumably it did not occur to either of them that Rastas are themslves nutters of the Jamaican persuasion and nothing to do with the lady's ancestry; that the Rastas thought the Emperor of Ethiopia was a God; that he himself - the Emperor - didn't have dreadlocks but was in fact had a fairly normal haircut for the western times; and that she was physically abusing him. She really needed her bottom spanked.

But we live in strange times when simply wearing boot polish on your face is a disgrace and a jailable offence but almost anything else is OK. Except Indian feathers. Or Japanese Kimonos. or....... the list is getting longer by the day.

It is now difficult for a child to even emulate his footy hero without some raving loonies trying to ruin him.

Nic Naitanui spoke out after a mother sent her child to a parade in blackface
[Black footballer] Nic Naitanui has spoken out after a Perth mother’s Facebook post of her son dressed like the AFL star sparked widespread outrage.

Taking to social media, Naitanui wrote that the kid was “merely attempting to emulate his hero”, saying it “hurts my heart. Especially when that hero is me!”

The original post, made on commentator Constance Hall’s public Facebook page, shows the West Australian mother’s young son dressed as Naitanui — his favourite footy player.
The problem? She painted his skin with head-to-toe brown paint.
The post prompted widespread outrage.
Last night, Adam Briggs, an Indigenous rapper, comedian and actor, slammed the woman in a Facebook post about blackface.
He described it as an “obviously reckless, racist thing to do”, said he “thought it was a set up”, and went on to invalidate a series of common arguments that support blackface.
“She seems to have disappeared now, gone to ground, I hope she stays there for the sake of her son.
Hey, Briggs, while you are trying to get in on the 'being offended bandwagon' and not rapping and comedianing around making folks groan, why not hunt the little fan down and give him a good kicking, eh? Big man.

A safety hint for small boys (white ones anyway). Don't dress up as Superman or you will have some wannabe person claiming to be from Krypton, taking offence and bursting through your bedroom wall.

It isn't just Oz or the USA that is afflicted. The UK too has its terrible tales. Take this for an example.

Folk festival bans Morris dancers from appearing in blackface after complaints the 500-year-old tradition is racist 
Shrewsbury Folk Festival bosses said people wearing full black face paint would not be booked from next year - although dancers claim it has no racial links and branded it 'PC nonsense'.
This weekend's event will be the last time the popular festival will book Morris dancers using dark make-up.

Community group Fairness, Respect, Equality Shropshire (FRESH) said the ban showed sensitivity 'to a changed social climate'.
Ahh, the Zozchial Kimate rears its dark cloud. A fresh drop of hail falls on the dancers.

But Morris dancers say there were 'no racial connotations' and they had 'never wanted to upset people.'
Festival director Sandra Surtees said they found themselves 'caught between two sides' of the argument.
She added: 'The use of full face black make up is an age old tradition, particularly within Border Morris.

'The Morris movement has always evolved over time and some sides have take their own decisions to move away from using full face black make up to other forms of colour and disguise.
The tradition is known as 'Border Morris' and sees performers wearing a full-face of black makeup in order to disguise themselves, has no racial connotations.
'The festival has never wished to cause offence to any person and as such, from 2017, we will no longer book sides that use full face black make up.
But the decision has sparked public outrage from Morris dancers and Shropshire residents.
Jon Roads said: 'It's terrible that PC nonsense is being used to repress our traditional customs in this way.  'These ancient traditions are at risk of dying out completely. Just disgusting.'
Adrian Pitt added: 'I am disappointed that the organisers are not prepared to tolerate my traditional disguise, which has nothing to do with mimicry of any racial group and doesn't even look like any particular racial group, the evidence of which goes back centuries.' 
And so it goes, on and on. What we need of course is a coloured person to spike the guns of the always offended. Preferably a woman, of course. Sensible and nice. And elderly. I can't see Germaine Greer putting on a black face for the job, but....  maybe this lady can talk some sense that will be heard.

And on cue...... 

Grandmother sells Gollywogs - and dresses up as one - for charity in bid to 'reclaim black heritage'
Charlotte Nightingale sells controversial toy at fairs and school fetes
Mother-of-three says she finds idea that the dolls are offensive 'nonsense'
All of the profit raised by the dolls goes to charity projects in West Africa

The mother-of-three, who dresses up as a Golly when she sells them, said she had received a widely positive reaction from members of the public and does understand why they have been banned.
Yep, Golly is banned, by golly. 

She said: 'Three or four years ago I became aware that Gollies were banned because they were offending black people, but that was news to me.

'I'm black. I'm from Ghana and I didn't know this was the case - I thought this is nonsense.
'I could not make sense why a doll which was a children's toy, or a rag doll, is now offensive to black people - and for that reason I chose to use it as a mascot.
'Golly is still loved by millions of people of all shades.'
Well said granny Charlotte. So, what can an aging Knight-cum-Tavern Keeper add?

 Have a deep drink.



  1. Naitanui has done an ACL and will be out for a year.

  2. I think I will identify as an Australian indigenous person. We have about 700,000 of them and the Federal Budget (2012-13) allocated $30.3 billion to assist them - about $43,000 for each and every one of them. They represent 3% of our population. They won't notice one more bleached, well educated, highly productive person joining there ranks - will they? I don't mind if they criticise my colour!
    Peter H.

    1. A hour lazing on the beach along the Bay would give enough of a tan that you would pass unnoticed except by Centrelink, which would roll out the carpet for you. :) Have a pint to put some colour to your cheeks.


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