Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sheep Want Rights too

Tasmoania is a small place: a very small Island about the size of Ireland, and like Ireland it has a quite large number of nutters and moaners for the size of the population. We have a lot of sheep too. What happens in Ireland though most often lags behind the rest of the greater British Isles. Not so in the Hillary's Village that is Tasmoania. 

While Oz itself may lag a bit behind some other westernised nations, we here seem to lead the way for the large Island to the north. Think of a big, slow moving river with eddies and rocks that the flow swirls around. Some waters seem to flow backwards. You might even find sheep carcasses in there. That is our world today. Confused and infected.

Father Z dropped by with a tale just as our 'Upper' House legislators announced their considered lunacy. Monty Python struggles to keep up.

We start with Tasmania's approach to Same Sex Marriage.  Oz itself is still thinking (hah!) about a plebicite on the matter, but the moaners and carpet gnawers in the sinful city of Hobart have pre-empted that.  I have my own opinions, of course, on sex and marriage; sex being ubiquitous and fairly evenly distributed between men and women and with enough interesting variations in activities to assure the safety of sheep; and Marriage being a Sacrament. Both suffer from misuse from the Left hand.  Men and women come together nicely, (if you will excuse the pun) for society's benefit and in God's good Grace through both.
Men and men do not: women and women do not. 

Richard Baines supped on his pint and told us the latest:
Gay marriage: Tasmanian Upper House gives in-principle support in 8-5 vote
Tasmania's Upper House has backed a motion giving in-principle support for same-sex marriage.
It comes four years after the Legislative Council narrowly voted down a Labor bill to support it.
The motion put forward by independent Tony Mulder was supported eight votes to five.
Two things to note: One: the number of people who get to make new laws here is ridiculously small. 
Sheep herder Mulder
Two: The left's strategy is to time and time again bring forward bills that have been knocked back time and time again.  Around and around go the same sheep. They act like EU Commissioners. A Bill is rejected but that is only because the legislators need working on a bit more. Around we go again.
Mr Mulder told the House it was an important bill given the promised national plebiscite.
"It's in the context of the plebiscite that this House should show some leadership, not only on this issue but on how is should be debated," he said.
He said, following the sheeple. I have no doubt there are those who have their eye on sheep too, for beastiality cannot be far behind. 
"It is my intention with this debate to demonstrate that the matter should, and can, be dealt with tolerantly, with empathy, and with respect."
Not that he and his ilk tolerate oppositional views. They do not respect Marriage at all. They so change the words, meaning and intent of their form of 'marriage' as to be disrespectful of the normal people of the State.
Mr Mulder was critical of both gay and conservative lobby groups for attacking one another over the issue.
"Why do we have to treat this most personal of issues as if it was a threat to society? Or a threat to our way of life?"
Er.... because it is? 
Among other supporters was Government leader in the Upper House, Vanessa Goodwin.
But Apsley independent MLC Tania Rattray told Parliament she had not changed her opposition to same-sex marriage and did not believe there was strong support for it among her constituents in the north east.
"My electorate is fairly conservative, I think that's fair to say, and it's spread out and it has a much older demographic," she said.
"I feel that my electorate must have a different view than others and I can only in this situation reflect their views."
The same-sex mob moan because they are 'Oppressed' you see. Even in Tasmoania where they can get free entry to MONA. And when those same-sex 'lervers' do get their way, what happens?  The moaning goes on and on. Here's where Fr. John Zuhlsdorf came in with what could be seen as funny, if you are generous. 
I saw a story at Stream about a lesbian couple who are suing New Jersey, which is oppressing them.  Get this…
Erin and Marianne Krupa, a lesbian couple struggling to get pregnant due to infertility,[first of all… a “couple” getting pregnant is goofy, but a couple of women?] are suing the commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, reports The New York Times. 
The couple’s lawsuit alleges the healthcare mandate is discriminating against their sexual orientation.  [They want to have the fertility treatments paid for by someone else.]
Erin, the one who is going to carry the child, was determined to be infertile after a doctor diagnosed her with benign cysts on her uterus and Stage 3 endometriosis. 
Er.... this is not the couple in the article.
The couple’s healthcare provider, Horizon Blue Cross Shield, said that it would not provide coverage for Erin’s fertility treatments. They referred to a state insurance mandate that said that most women under 35 have to prove they are infertile by having unprotected sex for two years. 
 The State of NJ is oppressing them!
The couple, along with two other women, are suing the commissioner because they say the mandate is discriminating against them.
In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim that because the Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges [abomination] that the 14th Amendment guaranteed same-sex couples the right to marry, [wait for it…] it also protects their right to reproduce.  
 They have a RIGHT!
In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs ask for damages associated with having to pay for their own fertility treatments.
Of course. Follow the money. Not only a bank-balance boost to them - saves having to work for it - but a means of paying the Lawyers. 
Obergefell v. Hodges, ladies and gentlemen… and other or … both.  The gift that keeps on giving.
You cannot make this stuff up. I stand pulling pints and it all flows past.

Not that it is new. 

OK, that bit might be made-up, and it might not be new, but heck....

Drink up


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