Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Trump: Hope & Change

What a day here in the Tavern. TV on, and all the Australian media presenters and commentators crowing about the demise of 'Trump' with grins of anticipation on their faces, only to be  'progressively' replaced with hardening lips and wails of 'how can this be'? 

How? Because  that's Progress for you. Because the American people sought and saw Hope for some Fundemental Change. Hahaha. Isn't that what the lefty TV presenters wanted some years back? Well, it may be on its way very soon.

How very disappointed they all were. It isn't as if the election was in Oz, for crying out loud.  I think I saw an ABC person on the brink of tears.

Change is an odd thing. It can be for the better or for the worse. Under Obama things have become 'progressively' worse year by year. The Obama years have seen the Constitution - that magnificent political document and product of 800 years of refinement and love of freedom - rubbished, calumnised and corrupted.

Trump is a response to that and to the deliberate fracturing of society by the Alinski-inspired Obama and his crew of what in other days would be called Traitors. He who dared to alter the Law with the 'stroke of a pen.

Hope and Change, he promised. A Fundemental Transformation of America. Well he had eight years and the Spirit of the American People was not extinguished.

To follow him was to be the most evil woman since Lucretia Borgia. Hillary Clinton.  That was the 'Plan'.  What is so distressing is that so many people wanted her in the White House: some simply because she had particular genitals. They cared not that she is corrupt.

Not that those same people were consistent. Many decry gender altogether. Trump could call himself a woman and they would be miffed but hoist on their own petard. She and her husband and daughter were looking forward to lining their pockets with American taxpayer's hard-earned money after a decade of stripping hundreds of millions from foreign Governments and home & abroad Organisations.  Her 'Clinton Foundation' is a running sore.

And of course, she being the Champion of the killing of 1.2 Million American babies in the womb 
every year.

The Princess of Lies and 'worthy' consort of Satan is ever there is to be one.

Pray for that evil woman's Soul.

Now America can see a flawed man but basically sound - hopefully - and a comparatively wholesome family in the White House.
There was much ribald chatter in the US Room. I had to add a note of soberness. Trump is a businessman (The business of America is business) and negotiator; and his statements of intent are simply his opening gambits. Do not expect too much. Be thankful that the evil Hillary has been defeated.

But I was reminded by Maryse:
Trump is much more than a businessman. His policies on the Supreme Court and on defending the unborn child take him way beyond economics. Hillary vowed to extend the killing. Forget everything else. It will fall into place, as long as Trump is not assassinated by a loony leftie or a Muslim.
A drink for that lady.

A Trump Presidency should not an occasion for revenge, and some caution may need to be applied.

As a furriner I am in no position to 'advise' Mr Trump but I can 'hope' for some clear signs of 'Fundemental Change'. After all, the lefties sought that themselves. so...going with some of the comments from the darker corners of the bars, we had suggestions flowing: 

1) Obama, his staff and all senior members of his administration should be immediately arrested and stand trial for treason. Lefty 'guilty until you prove yourself innocent' rules should apply.

2)The Clintons should be arrested and stand trial for treason and corruptionand their Foundation should immediately be frozen.

3) Saudi rules should immediately apply to all muslims .... all mosques must close.... no public expression of Islam should be allowed. That's simply 'fair', shirley ? All muslims should be obliged to convert to Christianity or be deported or pay a 50% tax. (no, no killing).

4) the Mexican border should have a one-way door and all those lefties who want to go to Canada will be assisted in going to Mexico, in solidarity with all the nice folk in Canada who do not want to be sullied.

5) An enornous hose, perhaps powered by several major rivers, should be sent through all Federal Departments. Only decent folk would be issued with life-vests.

6) President Obama has 2 months left in office. Trump should immediately announce that any Law, 'Executive' action, Act or agreement - especially foreign agreements, will be recinded and rejected on January 10th. All criminals who have been given a 'pardon' despite their guilt in the past 12 months shuld be immediately deported.

Not that I could agree with all, mind you.

But Trump could do well to consider them and apply current Law and perhaps some extra ones too.

Australia should also be very cautious about any 'agreements' emanating from the White House in the next few months while Obama continues his last wrecking opportunities.

It will be of great interest to the Tavern's customers just how the next few years will pan out. All I can offer is that America has been pulled back from the brink of losing its Soul.

It has tested my Supplier's Patience.
The stink has not only spread around the world but reached up to Heaven itself.

Perhaps Trump has been sent. Perhaps to save: perhaps to inflict punishment.

Watch that space.



  1. I stayed up late to watch the election results last night. The whole event could be marked by a single word: Surprise. I don't think many on the left, and quite a few on the right, expected Trump would win. But win he did.

    By Iron John

    1. May spitting broken teeth today. Broken by gnashing.

  2. So it remains to be seen, under pressure, what he'll fold on and what he'll stand on. Time will tell.

    1. Yes, we will watch and see. Obama has provided many lessons in how to be a King in a Republic. He got away with it. Perhaps The Donald can use a pen and a phone too.

      By the way, did you notice his hair? Looks like he has been told to wash the orange away.

  3. Ahhh - the wringing of hands, the tears of frustration, the gnashing of teeth and the stamping of feet. Those nasty, evil horrible older white men who have polished up the glass ceiling to thwart the ascendency of whinging women. Welcome Cromwell.
    Peter H.

    1. Now we wait and watch. The burning question is whether or not all those who threatened to leave the USA if The Donald won, actually do leave. Many of them seem to lerve Mexicans, but how many will go south? (Not this far south though).


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