Thursday, November 10, 2016

And the Loser is........

Updated - to let a lady speak up.
The hoopla is over, for the moment, and the Victor is declared. Many a pint was poured and a few drops spilled, as per Tradition, as a libation to the Gods of old. The Triumphant Trump willtake his place in History.

The Roman Caesar on his triumphant parade through the streets and throng was reminded by a slave in his chariot:

Remember, Caesar, Thou art but Mortal.

I really hope that people do not go overboard on The Donald the way many did with Obama. He is not the Great White Hope. He is not the Saviour. He needs a slave next to him whispering in his ear "You are a mortal man". 

Perhaps the slave can carry a megaphone to make sure we all know that too.

You can be sure that such a message, and far worse, will be shouted from the rooftops and into your living rooms by the real losers of this election. 

The Media.

Over the past decade or so, the clamour of the media has been loud and long with a siren song for socialism and all its attendant stupidities. Barely an hour of TV or a column of newsprint has missed an opportunity to shove 'modernism', socialism, feminism and all the slurs and disparagements they throw at ordinary people. down our throats.

We are, it seems, bigots, homophobes, misogynists, unreconstructed neanderthals, 'god-botherers', intolerant yokels, unfit to present a game-show or front a breakfast TV fest. And did those 'better-than-us' media hacks get their noses put out of joint, bloddied and bruised by the vox populi.

The US election result ought not to be a wholesale gloating by we plebs. We, too, need someone to whisper in our ears:

 Remember, you are to be a Saint:
 You are as yet a sinner.

We need to look to our own behaviour and pray for the wicked folk who would have us slaves to their ideologies. They have suffered a blow  that will take some time to work through, so expect much howling and gnashing of teeth. And blame of course. It is all our fault.

Brendan O'Neill explained. Well, OK, he went to town on them all:
The sneering response to Trump’s victory reveals exactly why he won

If you want to know why Trump won, just look at the response to his winning. The lofty contempt for ‘low information’ Americans. The barely concealed disgust for the rednecks and cretins of ‘flyover’ America who are apparently racist and misogynistic and homophobic. The haughty sneering at the vulgar, moneyed American political system and how it has allowed a wealthy candidate to poison the little people’s mushy, malleable minds. 
The suggestion that American women, more than 40 per cent of whom are thought to have voted for Trump, suffer from internalised misogyny: that is, they don’t know their own minds, the poor dears. The hysterical, borderline apocalyptic claims that the world is now infernally screwed because ‘our candidate’, the good, pure person, didn’t get in.
It is astonishing that so many still voted for Hillary Clinton. The Media has been busy for months fighting fires from the revelations of her misdeeds, corruptions, sheer wickednesses. Their whitewash words poured out, excusing her and blaming the victims. All typical Gramsi-ites, deliberately deceiving.

This response to Trump’s victory reveals why Trump was victorious. Because those who do politics these days — the political establishment, the media, the academy, the celeb set — are so contemptuous of ordinary people, so hateful of the herd, so convinced that the mass of society cannot be trusted to make political decisions, and now those ordinary people have given their response to such top-down sneering and prejudice.

Oh, the irony of observers denouncing Middle America as a seething hotbed of hatred even as they hatefully libel it a dumb and ugly mob. 
Having turned America’s ‘left behind’ into the butt of every clever East Coast joke, and the target of every handwringing newspaper article about America’s dark heart and its strange, Bible-toting inhabitants, the political and cultural establishment can’t now be surprised that so many of those people have turned around and said… well, it begins with F and ends with U.

The respectable set’s allergy to Trump is fundamentally an allergy to the idea of democracy itself. 
To them, Trump’s rise confirms the folly of asking the ignorant, the everyday, the non-subscribers to the New York Times, to decide on important political matters. They’re explicit about this now. 
In the run-up to election day, big-name commentators wondered out loud if democracy is all it’s cracked up to be. Trump’s ascendancy showed we need better checks and balances on ‘the passions of the mob’, said Andrew Sullivan. We should ‘cool and restrain [these] temporary populist passions’, he said, and refuse to allow ‘feeling, emotion’ to override ‘reasoned deliberation’. The little folks only feel and wail, you see, and it’s down to the grown-ups in the system to think coolly on their behalf.
As if 'feeling' and 'emotion' haven't already become the modus of the Left.
Elsewhere, a writer for the New York Times asked Americans to consider installing a monarchy, which could rise above the ‘toxic partisanship’ of party politics — that is, above open, swirling, demos-stuffed political debate. In a new book called ‘Against Democracy’ — says it all — Georgetown philosopher Jason Brennan argues for an epistocracy, an ‘aristocracy of the wise’, who might decide political matters for those of us who are ‘low information’ (ie. stupid). 
This echoes the anti-democratic turn of liberals in the 2000s, when it was argued that daft, Bush-backing Americans increasingly made decisions, ‘not with their linear, logical left brain, but with their lizard, more emotional right brain’, in Arianna Huffington’s words.
Once again, the era of Feminism with its canards that 'logic is patriarchal', suddenly gets reversed! Because it suits them to denigrate with whetever contradictions there may be completely disregarded.
Such vile contempt for the political, democratic capacities of the ordinary person has been in great evidence following Trump’s win — across Twitter and in apocalypse-tinged instant responses — and it is likely to intensify. 
Anti-Trump will morph more explicitly into anti-democracy.

If this all sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the same kind of pleb-fearing horror that greeted the Brexit result four months ago. ‘Why elections are bad for democracy’, a headline in the Guardian said. The people are deluded and it is the task of those with ‘reason and expertise’ to ‘un-delude’ them, said a writer for Foreign Policy. ‘What if democracy doesn’t work? What if it never has and never will?’, wondered a pained George Monbiot. 
Boom. That’s it. The secret and not-so-secret cry of the elites and the experts and the observers over both Brexit and Trump is precisely that: ‘What if democracy doesn’t work?’ It’s not so much Trump they fear as the system that allowed him to get to the White House: that pesky, ridiculous system where we must ask ordinary people — shudder — what they think should happen in the nation.

The anti-Brexit anti-democrats claimed they were merely opposed to using rough, simplistic referendums to decide on huge matters. That kind of democracy is too direct, they said. Yet now they’re raging over the election of Trump via a far more complicated, tempered democratic system. 
That’s because — and I know this is strong, but I’m sure it’s correct — 
it is democracy itself that they hate. 
Not referendums, not Ukip’s blather, not only direct democracy, but democracy as an idea. Against democracy — so many of them are now. It is the engagement of the throng in political life that they fear. 
It is the people — ordinary, working, non-PhD-holding people — whom they dread and disdain.
Yes, but somehow, they may have a point. Those ordinary people also voted for Hillary and they are already rioting in the streets, crying on You Tube and Facebook and cursing wherever they can. 

The 'ordinary' people are more easily swayed by Media mendacities than even by lunatic Professors in Universities. At least those swayed by feminist professors and the plethora of 'Studies' lecturers are young people with the cradle marks still on their backsides. 

No such caveats can be handed to the media people though. They are all growed up.
It is what got Trump to the White House — the right of all adults, even the dumb ones, to decide about politics — that gives them sleepless nights

This nasty, reactionary turn against democracy by so many of the well-educated both explains the victory of Trump, which neatly doubles up as a slap in the face of the establishment, and confirms why democracy is more important today than it has ever been. 
Because it really would be folly, madness in fact, to let an elite that so little understands ordinary people, and in fact loathes them, to run society unilaterally. 
Now that would be dangerous, more dangerous than Trump.
Food for thought. I must go and inspect the kitchens.

Have a pint of something fine and Good.


Meanwhile hear what Hannah Bleau, who calls herself 'Red Dawn' had to say. And boy did she have a go ! She was letting loose at the Chicks on the Right table.

She came by late but was welcomed'
Open Letter To All Of The Whiny Safe Space Liberals Crying Over Our ‘Racist’ And ‘Sexist’ Country

The first half of last night was stressful. I could barely eat. Stupid Florida, always keeping us on the edge of our seats. I switched my networks around last night. I mostly relied on Fox News and Twitter. CNN wasn’t calling states as fast, and MSNBC is a last resort kind of thing. I vowed to stay away from that channel, UNLESS things started shaping up for Donald Trump.
Then the results started coming in. Flyover nation. North Carolina. Ohio. Florida? Wisconsin?!!! That’s when the wheels started falling off their wagon. That’s when I started thinking about Hillary Clinton’s defeat. I never really allowed myself to go there before. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but my country came through. We the People are not stupid.

We the People defeated MSM. We the People defeated the establishment. We the People saved the Supreme Court. We the People rejected the power-hungry, seahag criminal in a pantsuit.
After they announced Wisconsin, commentators started to change their tune. They looked visibly nervous. Eventually, Mockarena told me it was safe to flip to MSNBC, and it was hysterical. I thought Rachel Maddow’s face was going to fall off.  I flipped back to Fox News. Juan Williams practically peed himself. I watched the cheese slide off his crackers in real time. It was something.

I scrolled through social media. Liberals were melting down. They wrote stuff like, “I don’t know how we consistently underestimated the quiet endurance of racism in America.” They whined over “flagrant sexism.” 
I’m sick and tired of it. 
I’m sick and tired of these uninformed jackholes telling me that I’m racist, sexist, Islamophobic and homophobic. They have no basis for those claims. 
They’re consumed by their emotions.  Do they honestly believe Hillary Clinton lost solely because she’s a woman? It couldn’t possibly have anything with her being a pathological liar who’s spent her entire life pursuing political power? It had nothing to do with the fact that America’s not satisfied with her vision for America– an America with open borders, higher taxes and more bureaucratic scumbags in D.C. telling us how to run our lives?

We’re not racist. We’re not sexist. 
We want people to come into this country legally. That’s not racist. Progressive leadership in the big, urban cities hasn’t pulled the black community out of poverty. It’s worsened it. Liberalism has failed them. We acknowledge that. We want them to prosper. That’s not racist. And as for being sexist? 
All issues are women’s issues. I have no idea why liberals continue to separate them. Do they really believe we only care about vaginas, boobs and killing our offspring? Liberals assumed we (women) would vote for Hillary based on those reasons alone. 
THAT’S sexist, if you ask me. 
Women care about the economy. We care about national security. We care about the almost $20 trillion national debt. We care about the erosion of our freedoms. We care about the future of the Supreme Court. The list goes on and on and on.

I also saw some posts on how Trump’s victory signifies that America hates the LGBT community. NEWSFLASH: We elected a man who wants to keep dangerous anti-LGBT ideologues OUT OF OUR COUNTRY. Those people who want to throw them off rooftops? We don’t want them here. We want to protect the LGBT community. 
Oz's Own Foul-Mouthed Misandrist 
The fact that we stand for traditional family values and don’t want men in the women’s bathroom doesn’t take anything away from that. Not for one second.

We’re not racist or sexist. We’re freaking SICK AND TIRED of the political establishment crapping all over the Constitution and treading on our liberty. We’re sick of them refusing to uphold the rule of law. We’re sick of being told that this is as good as it gets. We want economic freedom. We want to keep more of our hard-earned money. We want healthcare premiums that AREN’T AS MUCH AS OUR MORTGAGES. We want people to enter our country LEGALLY. We believe in peace through strength.  Faith. Freedom. Family. 
We’re the most kick a** country that has ever existed. All you liberals whining over our “demise,” GET OVER YOURSELVES. You’re clueless. We were founded on the novel idea that we were endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. Rights than cannot be given or taken away by a governing authority. This was about individual liberty. We reject government force and coercion. Votes. Favors. Political power. That’s the cycle of every progressive politician. We’re done. We’re sick of it. 

Another part of Ronald Reagan’s 1964 speech, “A Time For Choosing,” comes to mind.
“Public servants say, always with the best of intentions, “What greater service we could render if only we had a little more money and a little more power.” But the truth is that outside of its legitimate function, government does nothing as well or as economically as the private sector.”
“Yet any time you and I question the schemes of the do-gooders, we’re denounced as being opposed to their humanitarian goals. It seems impossible to legitimately debate their solutions with the assumption that all of us share the desire to help the less fortunate. They tell us we’re always ‘against,’ never ‘for’ anything.”
But we are. We’re for economic prosperity. Individual responsibility. Fiscal responsibility. Less government. More freedom. We’re sick of the liberal do-gooders shoving their BS agenda down our throats and calling us bigots when we reject their horrid ideas. We’re sick of them scoffing at the principles of liberty.
Donald Trump is America’s middle finger to the media, Hollywood elites, progressive ideologues and everyone else in the world who hates our guts.
I’m drinking the tears of our political enemies in a mug today and loving every minute of it. We defeated them. We have one more chance to prove that our ideas work. We’re right. We always have been.
Well said, m'dear. Have a cocktail of your choice. Ot perhaps a pint for a lady of muscle. 

By the way, did anyone notice that The Donald has washed the orange out of his hair ? Grey suits him.



  1. bravo.

    as a perpetual "fly-over , redneck , southern racist , loser , uneducated misogynist " myself. I do agree , trump is not the answer , he is just the start , the face of OUR biting back. to me , he is too moderate , but he will do for now , as it is about us not him..

    mister Farage , trump , Le pen in france and any others starting to flex their muscles , they are just the start , it is up to hated working class to keep turning this ship around.

    remember , though more people now live in inner cities than in rural areas , that also means WE surround THEM.

    they are mere projectile diarrhea splattered on a vast white table cloth.
    while we are so message we become a background.

    1. ""We surround them"". I love that ! Hahahaha. A true Knight.

    2. Im not going to say this was not a “Racist” election because for the most part it in fact has turned out that way. The US Democratic Party has been cashing in on “Race” for at least 50 years. What we have seen here is working class white America is tired of paying the bill for upper crust academic morons and their primate experiment at the bottom.

      Basically you might say humanity is a kind of sandwich, with worthless, arrogant, and more than anything nonproductive primates at the top, and worthless helpless and ignorant nonproductive primates at the bottom.

      The simple fact of history seems to bare out that most of the productivity comes from the educated middle class, who are generally men. Just to name a few of those men would be the Wright Brothers, Tesla, and Einstein. Both those at the top and bottom are dead weight
      The US the business class of which Trump is a part, is beginning to recognize that and they seem to be determined to DO something about it.

      I do not for a minute think Trump ran for president for any cushy sickly sweet altruistic motive that is so often spouted by liberals. Trump after all is a business man and cannot afford to live in the world of children. I think his motives are pretty clear cut. 1) As a real estate investor he stands to make a lot of money by rebuilding Americas infrastructure which has been neglected by every president since Eisenhower. 2) We all know leftist moralist and they have a history of confiscating wealth for some garbage they call the “Common Good”. 3) He has kids and a family anyone can see the western world going down the toilet, and his kids and everyones kids will be inheriting that toilet.

      Yeah A little over half of Americans made the right choice this time, and those that don’t like it can book a ticket on the first flight out.

    3. Much of the ground-breaking productivity, I grant you, seems to result from that which is facilitated by excess labour. But most productivity is prosaic and mundane and done by farmers. And housewives. and labourers.

      There will be many words (even in the Tavern) about Trump and his motives. We shall wait and hear them. Meanwhile, from what we do know about him and his track record, he seems to be a nice chap with eccentricities.


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