Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Esther's House

I went out to dinner the other evening. Most unusual for this old man but it was for a good cause, and it gave me just the opportunity to wear the new regalia. I made mention a while ago about visiting my armourer on my overseas trip as age brings a change in size. Well he also does a fine line in finery other than simply steel and hinges. And I was rather taken by an off- white linen jacket - the sort one might have seen worn by James Bond in Havana, or was that Terry Thomas? 

I did have need for something soft to go under the chain mail underpants, and having acquired just the manly thing, the jacket seemed a good idea too. So I wore both !

I don't do dinners usually. Unofficial or Official. An era past, they were common, and the Black Tie was just the thing for The Governor's House parties but a Hermit Tavern Keeper does not need such anymore.

But there are other houses.  Like Esther's. It was a large dinner.

150 pro-babies, pro-woman, anti-abortionists gathered next door to the Hobart abortuary, well within the 150 mtr ‘bubble zone’ in defiance of the infamous Law passed by the Tasmanian Parliament (under Labour and Green control at the time).

I listened to the speakers and shared the fine company of so many good people. And in doing so raise a lot of money for a fine lady, Gaylene James who is going well beyond the usual calls of Christian Duty, providing assistance and Love to those who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy.

Esther’s House Pregnancy & Early Parenting Support Service is a Tasmanian State-wide Service operating from an outreach position. Professional volunteers assist women who are struggling with a challenging, unplanned and/or crisis pregnancy and/or into early parenting. They go to the client – supporting them emotionally and physically in their own home.

“At Esther’s House we want to be the help to new and extending mums that many of us needed ourselves during our own experiences of challenging pregnancies.”

Esther’s House is in the business of moving obstacles to ensure women can make independent, confident and fully informed choices regarding their reproductive health... ultimately, we want to see women facing an un-planned or crisis pregnancy empowered to embrace any situation fearlessly.

Gaylene said:

Project Esther was formed in November 2013 in response to the passing of the Tasmanian Reproductive Health Act. In our early days we didn’t have a name or a focus, we just knew we wanted to make a difference – do “something.” Something to shed light on the detrimental affects of abortion and offer alternatives – real alternatives.
I remember waking up one November morning with the words “Esther’s Choice” on my heart. Over the next few days I read through The Book of Esther. And wow, I was just in awe at how many parallels I could draw between Esther’s story and my thoughts regarding this issue. Esther’s Choice was a choice that both Kathy and I had subconsciously, already made – to help God to save His people.
Kathy, there is the same Kathy with whom I dined last month in Melbourne and prayed with her outside the Croydon abortuary. 

Esther chose to yield her life to God’s purposes, and God used her in a mighty way to deliver the whole Jewish population from a death sentence. Similarly, we believe that Project Esther is inspired by God and that He is using us to accomplish His will to change hearts and save HIS babies.
Our ultimate goal is like that of Esther, who wrote an edict that was entered in official records (Esther 9:29 – 32). We want to see and are believing for the writing of a new law that will overturn the current Tasmanian Reproductive Health Bill and pass a bill that recognizes “Life” from the moment of Conception!
You can find out more about Gay and her efforts  here....

There are people for who one can give the respect they earn and deserve.  Gay qualifies. 

She is a Warrior. 

I was pleased to see members of my own Traditional Latin Mass group mixing in harmony with christians from all denominations.

Our Government in Tasmania actively hounds people who try so hard to provide love and assistance to mothers thinking of killing their babies.  Gay and others - and I - work nevertheless, for them.

Oh, and my armourer? 

Outfitter to Knights and the Larger Gentleman.

Speak with Mr Chris Ferns and mention that I sent you. He will fit you up well.



  1. Ah, wondered what the connecting factor was.

  2. 'Dinners' are always best when with friends, even better when the reason for 'dining' (with friends old and new) is to support and 'rally' for a good cause :-)


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