Friday, November 18, 2016

40 South: A Place to Celebrate.

Folk in the UK and even some of the more knowledgeable in the USA think of Oz as being in the far South of the planet, and if any give any thought to Tasmania, hanging as it does off the southern ends of Oz, it is being about as far South as one can get. But to a chap like me, with aging bones and a long history, at this time of the year it is an excellent place to be to celebrate a Birthday.

I spent many years in the Northern hemisphere and was born into the cold  and darkening, shortening days of November. 

Down here it is sunny, the days are long, the evenings balmy and the cool drinks very welcome.

Just right for celebrating. So the Tavern was open to visitors all day and into the night to toast the Knackered Old Knight. 

Even in Oz on the Big Island, there is a view that Tasmania is a cold place. But then much of the mainland is desert and tropics. Most of the world just do not 'get it'.

Tasmania is 'South' about the same northern latitude degrees that hosts Madrid and Corfu, Lisbon and San Francisco. No-one complains about the cold there. 

So today I strolled the beach in mid 20's temperature while my friend James, who sent a splendid eCard, struggled in 10 degrees.  First greetings at 2.00 in the morning came from the Southern Gal. God Bless her. I had morning tea with the ladies. A Nun included. I recieved quite a few cards.  And presents. And phone calls. And emails.  My beloved son had to try several times to find me. The phone rang often with family groups singing birthday wishes and what a fine fellow I am. From places far away and near. 

I thank all who helped me remember my age !! 

I am blessed. My Supplier granted me a brain the size of a small planet and a heart so big that when I take a dip in the D'Entrecasteaux there are whales in Monterey Bay that hear the beat. He grants me peace of mind. He Loves me. In turn I love a very many of his nicer creations. People too.  I am working on the rest.

He gave me a Cross to bear too, like so many of us. 

I try to carry it with dignity and grace and hope that one day a very special and particular person calls to say "Happy Birthday, Daddy. I Love you".

Old Amfortas will be cured of the wound.



  1. I hope your day was a good one as you celebrate another year.

    1. Thank you. One reaches the age of astonishment.

  2. I am glad you had an enjoyable day in the sun with your friends near and far :-)

    I quite like the 3.5 degrees autumnal weather. The trees and the moon are quite spectacular in England at this time of year. Crisp frosty mornings are perfect for an early walk :-)

    But your beach sounds tempting too...


    1. As they say, 'Wish you were here". :) You would get some fabulous photos>


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