Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dining Out

You may have noticed the lack of posts from the Tavern lately.  That is because I have been away. I did flag that a while ago. It was an opportunity to leave the restaurant behind - in good hands of course - and the bars, also in good hands, and off to sample the delights of my son's lady's fabulous cheffery. And one or two other fine dining experiences. 

So I took to the waves in a fine boat. The 'Spirit of Tasmania'. And I experienced the 'Heads' at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay. Again.

My fine friend James is familiar with the Bay and the Heads and wrote about them just a day or two back. 

He showed  a video of the sort of experience it can be !

The Spirit has been recently refurbished, including the restaurants. They have not improved. Not that they needed to for a Ferry. They were and are adequate. But by the Lord Harry they have you stuck aboard and can charge an arm and a leg for adequate. And they do.

There is a small disadvantage of owning a restaurant as part of a fine place in that one samples the food a tad too much, and the girth expands !  Well, one does have to monitor the quality. It was a good opportunity to eat more delicately as befits a gentleman rather than a Knight's overflowing table.

I travelled across the sea not soley for a change of menu though. I had to visit my armourer. A Knight's wielding of a sword so often results in broad shoulders and with the added girth I find that my armour is fit now only for a smaller man - that I was, but no longer. I will tell of my new armourer another time.

I will start at the end. My final night's dinner was a delight to top off the week. I was taken to an almost secretive place in the Dandenong Ranges, east of Melbourne. 

Woods Sherbrooke. It is in the village (OK, just outside) of Kallista and has a Japanese theme. But the food is broader than simply asian, and it is only open at the weekend. So I am told. It is expensive fine dining but well within the pocket of the well heeled or those who save up.

Here we see one of the only known photos of the Knackered old Knight with his Tasmanian suntan and beloved son ( in whom I am well pleased) in the fine company of the Lady Lydia and her mum Anjelica (I hope that is spelled correctly).
The Old Knight dines out.
The food was excellent, although I do have to say that Lydia can serve up food just as delicious and well presented. But, for her and my lad, I even wore a suit!!! (not a shirt with a damned collar though. Hahaha.)

Nevertheless, the service was superb, the atmosphere genteel and the food made with excellence. The chef is world famous in the hills.

Earlier in the week I had ventured south to Phillip Island, where motor bike racing goes on. Fortunately there was little of that when I was there or the splendid little town of Cowes would have been roaring to the sound of Biker steeds. As it was, it was quiet and much more suitable for holiday makers.

There I dined at Harry's on the Esplanade, right on the sea-front. 

Harry's has little pretension: it is quite an 'Aussie' place but comfortable enough, and it has the distinction of an upstairs balcony (open to the fine, clean and warm air) from where one can look out over the waters while one dines. 

So I did.

I had one of the finest hunks of locally bred lamb I can recall. Slow cooked, it melted in the mouth.  And some King-sized, juicy Asparagus from Koo Wee Rup ! Heaven, indeed. I must send for some for the Tavern.
Dining semi-alfresco with Rosary.

Watching the boats pass.
My overnight say in Cowes was too short but I had to hurry back through the buiding site that most everywhere south of Melbourne has become in order to have another dinner with my Good and admired friend Kathy, about whom you know some things already. She has stood with me in Hobart outside the abortion centre there and now does the same in Melbourne. She has been arrested and is taking her case to the High Court. I had much listening to do as her children played around me and she prepared a fine evening dinner for a team! 

I had a day before prayed with her and two of her fellow prayer-group chaps near the Croydon Baby-Killing place. The police have moved the group of stalwarts back and back further along the road time after time. They persist. 
A long way to go to Pray
Kathy is a courageous woman under great strain. I have nothing but admiration for this lady who shows what being a Catholic is about.  Pray for the babies, and the mothers. And for Kathy.

And yes, I did have snacks elsewhere too. It was a week, after all and I was fitting a lot in. The armourer, for instance, and my new Pilot lady-friend.  Did I mention I took to the skies as well? And the gentleman and his splendid accomodations wherein I stayed overnight in Cowes.

I shall tell of those soon.

Meanwhile, I have pints to pull.



  1. It sounds and looks like you have been having quite an adventure. No holiday is complete without fine dining experiences :-)

    That is a lovely picture of the four of you :-)

    1. Indeed, and a good snap too. There are more courses to come about my adventures. So, remain seated. :)

  2. A well-deserved break, no doubt. Your post has made me rethink my attire: judging by the picture, my camouflage gear isn't very effective! God bless, Amfortas.

    1. Your camo coat is quite outstanding, m'dear. :)


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