Saturday, May 30, 2015

Whispers from the Crypt #3

Rumblings and warnings. Signs.

What ‘Gay Marriage’ actually brings.
This week, many in the West were basking in the afterglow of Ireland’s big Yes to gay marriage. It was seen as an unequivocal triumph for progress, for equality, for liberty. 
And yet, if you scratch the nice, live-and-let-live surface of the new post-referendum Ireland, something nastier can be glimpsed. Take the response to the one constituency - Roscommon-South Leitrim - that voted No. 

Far from being tolerated, far from having their views respected, the citizens of Roscommon have been demonised, labelled ‘hate-filled bigots’ and dismissed as ‘old’ and ‘unenlightened’. 
There’s nothing accidental about this response. 
The intolerance of dissent, the conform-or-else impulse, is essential to gay-marriage campaigns across the West.

Brendan O’Neill


Spiked On-Line 

Drink deep of Grace and avoid the poisoned cup.


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