Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Do we Really Love Children?

There is an entire industry predicated on the mantra "In the Best interests of the Children".  Who could argue against such a reasonable consideration. We all love our children, don't we. Don't we?

Many in the Tavern would disagree. The words are fine but the actions, laws, practices and exhortations of the movers and shakers in Hilary's Village belie them and the Tavern's customers cannot help but notice. It is very clear that our general society does NOT love children

That mantra above for example was first penned, some claim,  by one A. Hitler of  Mein Kampf authorship fame who gave some thought to the propensity of parents especially to care for their children's interests.  He saw it as a key for controlling the population.

The claimed quote goes. "If you tell people that it is 'in the best interests of the children', they will accept any restriction of their liberties." I have not read that tract so I cannot confirm it, and it has been questioned more times than I care to tell, but by the Lord Harry you can see it in practice in the Family Court any day of the week.

The 'Powers that Be' certainly seem to interfere with the one source of Love for children that we all would hope to see supported. Parents. 

Mum and Dad. 

Mum and dad. Not Dad and dad: not mum and mum. 

It is deliberate interference. The Family Court may indeed be the most ostensively hypocritical organisation we can see (even if we cannot report upon its specific dealings) but it is not alone in its underlying lies and cant.

There are several distinct societal ropes being pulled to bring the traditional family - the ONLY safe place for chidren to get all the Love they need - down.

So I stood pulling pints while a customer Kevin Kukla itemised some of the ways our society shows its true colours. To open his discussion another chap pointed out an 'activist' well known to many, and whose very clear words need to be heard.

“Gay marriage is a lie,” announced gay activist Masha Gessen in a panel discussion last year at the Sydney Writers’ Festival. “Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there.”  [Applause.] “It’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist.”

You can always rely on the lefty Sydney Writers' Festival to throw up.

Gay Marriage lies are just the latest in a line of policies that belie our love for children.  That attack started in earnest in the selfishness and abandon of the 1960's without any help from Hitler. It was an almost entirely 'westernised' Sexual Revolution' that gave a ready-made ball rolling.  So let's take a deeper look.
7 Ways the Sexual Revolution Victimized Children
Nothing has had (such) a profound effect on our society as the Sexual Revolution. This is no clearer than when analyzing ways in which the Sexual Revolution victimized children.
Below is a list of seven ways in which the Sexual Revolution, brought to you by the advent of the birth control pill, has ill-treated children.
I am not claiming this is an exhaustive list. I just hope this gets folks thinking.
1. Devaluing of Children as a Whole
The sexual revolution has brainwashed nearly two entire generations. Adults just do not value parenthood like in times past. We live in the dawn of the Post-Child phase. The movie, Children of Men, while allegorical, just may prophetic.
Once sex and its consequential children could be decoupled, “free love” ran rampant. Carnal pleasure took precedence over common sense. Now we are left with forty years’ worth of hatred for family life.
Granted, this is an assertion rather than an an 'evidenced' argument, but we see the evidence all around. 
2. Their Existence Serves as an Intrusion, Rather than as a Gift
Debate abortion long enough, and you are bound to run into this one. Progressives think autonomy is the only law worth upholding.  So long as no one infringes on another person’s will, then life can proceed, or so they say.
That's women's autonomy, of course. Men have no such and the whole of Hilary's Village makes sure that he pays for her sins. 
Thus, when a baby enters the picture, their entire world gets rocked.
They believed the lie that children would not come from sexual activity. A baby changes everything.
He is now in the way of their plans, of their “free love.” Thus, the child becomes despised.
And abortion business like 'Planned Parenthood' thrive. They show their love for children with saline solution, suction and knives. And the Village funds it. 
3. Children Function as Commodities for Adults’ Pleasures
It might seem like a paradox. As much as the Sexual Revolution taught its adherents to hate children, it welcomes in vitro fertilization.
With IVF the Culture of Death says that children exist to fulfill adults’ desires. Thus, an entire industry was created to literally breed children in laboratories.
Test-tube conceived children are often passed through surrogate mothers for large sums of money. Millions of babies have died through this barbaric process. Millions more are stored in freezers, having been discarded by their own parents. 
But this need not seem paradoxical at all. The Sexual Revolution says sex and babies need not go together. In fact, they engineered a way that the latter can come without the former even being necessary.
Which leads us to the next one…
4. Children are No Longer the Result of the Loving Embrace of a Husband and Wife
Anyone can look at the sexual act and see its meaning. Despite this, too many hide their head in the sand, pretending not to notice.
The sexual act can literally create a new human life where there was not a person there before.
To engage in that activity with someone screams the need to trust the other person. Come what may, your sexual partner will remain by your side.
This is why sexual activity, when thought through from a Natural Law perspective, must take place within a committed, married relationship between one man and one woman.
The Sexual Revolution has frustrated that entire paradigm. 
In its place, it has pushed a model of procreation that is haphazard. This has led to a lot of pregnancies outside of wedlock, divorce, and so forth.
The entire family structure has been ruined inside the Sexual Revolution worldview. Children are left to suffer the consequences of unstable home life.
5. Children’s Well-being Went from the Forefront to an Afterthought
The point of government is to create an environment serving the common good. This begins with protecting the most innocent or vulnerable within the group.
Thanks in part to the Sexual Revolution that understanding of the role of government has been thrown out the window. If the government would embrace traditional values that uphold family life, children would be able to better flourish than they do now.
Children do best when raised by a mother and a father.
This axiom is being challenged and the results are not pretty.
Divorce, which the Sexual Revolution has catapulted to astronomical rates, devastates many children, often with lifelong effects.
This old and tired Tavern Keeper kneels in the Crypt and confesses his sins, having been caught up in this crime against children and humanity. Would that I could have the forgiveness of the little girl I loved and still love. Many tears wash the floor. My son is generous and understanding. As we forgive, so shall we be forgiven.
Single-parent households are nearly the norm in this age. Children are thus deprived the opportunity to be raised by the second parent—most often the father. Many kids turn to crime, to drugs, and to other harmful activities.
Same-sex parenting is now on the rise, as well. Children raised in these households also face additional challenges to a healthy childhood. No child needs two moms or two dads. They need a mom and a dad. Period.
6. Children are Robbed of Their Innocence at a Young Age
The Sexual Revolution has, unfortunately, succeeded in sexualizing the entire culture. Sex is used to sell a tremendous amounts of products these days. Television commercials, magazine covers, and song lyrics are drenched in such filth.
This is the toxic milieu children are immersed in on a daily basis. It is not wonder the vast majority have their innocence robbed at a young age.
7. Children are Put to Death for the Sins of Their Parents
Lastly, a list like this cannot be complete without stating the most obvious way in which children are victimized by the Sexual Revolution.
Surgical abortion takes the lives of over 3,500 children a day in the USA alone. 
The abortion rate worldwide is sky-high.
As well, estimates of ten-times as many children have had their lives taken by abortifacient contraception.
This is a logical conclusion to the premise the Sexual Revolution has tried to get everyone to accept. Sexual activity need not—and daresay, cannot—lead to child birth.
In order to prevent sexual activity from producing children, pills, foams, jellies, patches, and latex must be added to the act. If those contraceptive methods fail and a baby still results, then surgical abortion serves as the backup plan to prevent birth.
Thus, children are put to death, because their parents care so little for them.
Did I leave out an obvious #8?
Have any thoughts on these ways in which the Sexual Revolution victimized children?
I look forward to hearing from you below.
It was all so attractive, wasn't it? And demanded.

Feminists bent on destruction were so very quickly and easily joined by women in their tens of thousands, then millions, in their demand that 'they could do what men do". That is, have 'free love'

They easily ignored that society had penalised any man who 'slept around'. He was a cad, a bounder, someone society rejected.  He was distrusted even by other men. He was prodded by a shot-gun to the altar. 

Free love? For men.? Hah! 

It was ALWAYS about the Womyn.

Not the children.

Not women.

Not men.

Not Families.

Not 'LOVE'. 

But women showed themselves so easily fooled by other women with a vicious, destructive agenda.

And men supported it too !!  Do not let them off the hook. For hooked they were like carp in a pond. 

They too revelled in the new society that took away the 'cad' and 'bounder' label, and that dreaded shot-gun wielded by a real father who loved his children, especially his daughter. Then they moaned when the labels and abuse were reapplied with a vengance and a 'I told you he was like that'. 

It was all about the womyn. 

And ourselves.

And who suffered?

Women have suffered.

Men have suffered.

And children most of all have suffered.

Children are NOT loved in
 Hilary's Village. 

"Suffer the little children". 

Not make them suffer.

Pray that they pray to Him who forgives us our sins.



  1. My name is Daddy, not respondent. Yes indeed. I've similar coming up later today.

    1. I shall come over and have a sqizz.

  2. God weeps for those children, I do too... Very powerful post my friend. "Your "second" daughter". :)

    1. God has a lot to weep about. He shares our suffering, and we share His. I am so grateful for having you in my life. :)


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