Sunday, May 17, 2015

Start your own Country

What a wheeze. Many of my Tavern customers are disenchanted enough with the current state of the world that they would leap at the chance to have their own country, free from the politicians that plague us all.

Now it seems some enterprising Polish folk have done just that.

Mind you, there are already a few flaws in their plans as we shall see. 
‘Kingdom of Enclava’: 
The tiny 100sq m country 5000 people want to become a citizen of
I do hope they get a better grasp of English Grammar. 

And perhaps build some very tall buildings.
A TINY strip of disputed land between Slovenia and Croatia has been declared a new state by a group of Poles — and 5000 people have already applied to be citizens. It even has a currency.
Just weeks after a Czech politician created his own country, a group of Poles have declared a new state — the “Kingdom of Enclava”, on the border between Slovenia and Croatia.
During a recent visit to Slovenia, Piotr Wawrzynkiewicz and his friends learnt from locals that there was an unclaimed strip of land near the Slovenian town of Metlika, some 50 kilometres (30 miles) west of Croatia’s capital Zagreb.
Following the breakup of former Yugoslavia in 1991, seven new states emerged in the region with many border disputes that left some territories as terrae nullius, or no-man’s land.
This geographical discrepancy enabled the creation in late April of Enclava on a tiny 100 sqm (1,070 square feet) stretch of infertile land.
Run under the motto “Citizens of the World”, the idea behind Enclava is “to create a place, where everyone, regardless of skin colour, religion or nationality, will be able to express their opinions, study for free, and earn money without worrying about taxes”, co-founder Piotr told AFP.
 Do you see how easy this new Official Emblem can be adapted to the Crescent? 
News of the aspiring micronation spread online and more than 5,000 people have so far applied for citizenship, he said.
Meanwhile, around 800 new Enclava nationals voted in the Kingdom’s first virtual democratic election last week.
“We accepted candidatures from all over the world. Anyone could stand for election as long as they are or were not a member of an extremist group, convicted of a criminal offence or currently being prosecuted,” Piotr said.
Enclava has adopted the cryptocurrency Dogecoin and recognises five official languages, including Chinese.
It is also in the process of drafting a constitution and preparing electronic identity papers.
But for now the kingdom exists only as an “online state”, found at
Slovenia’s foreign ministry was not available for comment regarding Enclava.
“At the moment, no governmental entity has recognised (our) claim — this is a common issue for all new micronations,” said Piotr.
In early April, Czech national Vit Jedlicka created the Free Republic of Liberland on a small parcel by the Danube river between Croatia and Serbia.

It is not difficult to see the problems that are about to be visited upon these tiny plots. 

ISIS is bound to get around to them, perhaps after a year or two of working their way westwards. Or perhaps their fifth columnists in any of the European countries going east for a bit of mayhem-making will get there first.

Then there are the Chinese. I am sure they can cram quite a bit of military hardware and toy factories onto 100 sq metres. 

As for 'democracy'....... Lord help them.



  1. "It is not difficult to see the problems that are about to be visited upon these tiny plots. "
    Beginning with um, well, an astonishing lack of "grown up" political science and economics.
    That crown in the flag is um...WHY exactly? UN laurels? really?

    1. Perhaps there are no Heraldic Knights among the 5000 so far.

      As for 'grown-up' economists. Such as.....? And 'Political Science'. Is there such a thing? Crowns are very European and they are Poles. The Greeks had Laurels a long time before the EU. I cannot see the EU being interested anyway as the population is so small that there are not enough of them to fill all the mandatory 'equal opportunity', 'inclusion', 'diversity' and other such positions that are needed for EU membership. :)

  2. A nice idea but we all know where it will end up eventually...

    I should look for that remote island retreat I often fantacised about... friends more than welcome ;-)


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