Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Knight on a Sea Horse.

I like to get away from the Tavern from time to time and 'get away from it all'. It is easy to do here, as a chap can mount his steed and be in the middle of nowhere in double-quick time.  And there are many really beautiful places to go, inland and along the coast.

We have lakes and bays and forests and beaches, mountains and valleys galore, all within half a day's ride. Or less.

Not that here is the only beautiful place in the world, nor do other knights stay with a traditional steed like mine.

Bob Murray for instance - an artist - has a steed for sea and air and also a home for the summer in an idyllic spot.

Bob is an old guy like me, but rather better heeled.

But let him show you.

I know a chap who would be in his element in a boat there.

Want to see more of his island?

And his work?

Grin and bear it.

Have a pint.



  1. On looking at those sculptures, my first thought was... I wonder what JD would think of those!!

    I was then reminded of a visit that I made to The Museum of Steel Sculpture near Ironbridge and felt a blog post coming on ;-)

    1. I resisted making a comment about Bob's art, but as you raise ths point, I did scratch my head. They are more like contraptions - until he explains them. Even then the rationales and meanings seem to fall short sometimes.

      Just how is so well off that he can afford a plane and his cabins from the proceeds of his artistic output is explained though. They are bought mainly by 'public' bodies around the world, using taxpayers money.

  2. There had to be a light aircraft in there somewhere, he he.

    1. It is a beauty. Plain and simple; does the job; robust and fit for a Knight of today. :)


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