Friday, May 27, 2016

Women and Sport; the Level Playing Field

The western world is descending into farce and in the past week we have seen two prime examples of sheer stupidity in 'women's ' sport. Even the ladies themselves - well, some of the saner ones - are guffawing along with the menfolk. In the Tavern no less than outside.

Why have women's sport at all, one may ask, being as anyone can call themselves female these days. Or male for that matter. Even when clearly they are not. At the stroke of a Presidential pen, and copied by the brainless politicians all over with pens and phones instead of brain cells, men can claim to be women and wander into the ladies' change-rooms and toilets, so why not onto the sportsfield too? 

Some people love to play and to watch football, for instance. Heck, even I have been seen sitting watching a ladies' game of footy or golf from time to time, although it has to be said that I can take only about ten minutes. I can only take ten minutes of a men's game of either too. That's equality for you.

I have no problem with women's sports. The ladies play well, against other ladies. They have fun; they exercise; they are skillful; they compete. And they demand equal pay ! Hah ! They compete Internationally and even in the Olympics. They want to be paid the same as men.  A 'Level Playing Field' they shout. They would, however, baulk at paying the same tax as men. 

We shall come to tax later.

But let's face it, they are just not in the same league as men. In play, pay or tax. It was only earlier in the year that the Matildas, our ladies' team was demanding 'Equal Pay' to the men's teams.

The Premier Oz women's footy team came unstuck this week. Hoist on their own petard, and they are spitting chips. 
Australian women's football team thumped 7-0 by Newcastle under-15 boys team
A former player is questioning how a 7-0 loss to an under-15 boys' team was allowed to happen.
Don't you just love that 'Allowed'? What did they want? Not 'Game-Fixing' shirley? 
The fifth-ranked women's side in the world and quarter finalists at the last three World Cups, the Matildas were beaten 7-0 by the under-15 outfit of A-League team the Newcastle Jets.
The scoreline of the match was confirmed by AAP sports reporter Vince Rugari.
"It's probably not good that the Matildas were beaten 7-0 last night by Newcastle Jets' under-15s," Rugari said on Twitter.
hahahahaha I should say it was 'probably' not good for their egos. 
Played in Parklea, Sydney on Wednesday, the match was a warm-up for the Australian team's two matches against their Kiwi counterparts early next month.
The Matildas and Football Ferns square off in Ballarat on June 4 and three days later play the curtain-raiser to the highly-anticipated Socceroos clash with Greece at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne.
Former Matildas player Joey Peters responded to news of the 7-0 loss by questioning efforts of the team's management to protect the team's "brand integrity" in holding such a fixture.
"Just thought Matildas brand might be a little more protected than being exposed in that manner," Peters said.
Hey, its a level playing field. Isn't that what you asked for.?  But no. The ladies have to 'be protected'. The mind boggles and we all chortled in the P&B.  

We laud the girls playing boys' sports and make such a fuss. The ladies all claim, "we can do whatever the men can, and better.

No you cannot, dearie.
Yes, those ladies can really footle the ball, and look quite fetching while doing their stuff, but even young boys can kick harder and run faster, for longer. And that is what wins the games. It isn't all about showboating skills and neat bums in short shorts, even when showing off in high heels.

Then we had the fiasco of the Muirfield Golf Club being hauled over hot coals for daring to remain a Male Menbership only club. They were told by some wassers that they could not hold an International 'Open' match because ladies were not members.

'Taki' gave a clear outine. 
It’s a place where tradition rules. This isn’t surprising. The Honourable Company dates from 1744, when it was known as “The Gentlemen Golfers” and played on a five-hole course on Leith Links.
It drew up the first rules of golf, and more than a century passed before it handed over responsibility for the rules to the Royal and Ancient at St. Andrews, which, by the way, itself consented to admit lady members only some three years ago.
Men built the club. For men. It is several centuries old. It has generations of Tradition, and because of the furore from the lady-kow-towing mob they discussed the matter over a few pints and drams of single malt and voted, democratically, to remain as established. That brought all the lady journos out smearing red lipstick all over their faces.

Misogynists !!! Women haters !! 

Janet Bloomfield had a few words to say to them, in her very blunt and often forceful way. She does not call herself Judgybitch for nothing. Janet is a 'no holding back' sort of lady with a mouth like a trucker and she has read most historical and current feminist theory. No, she doesn't need a dictionary. 

She was banned from Twitter for creating the hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism, which continues to flourish without her presence. 

She has an MBA and a rewarding career as a wife to her husband of 15 years and a mother to their three children. She uses her spare time to bake cookies, blog at and she cares passionately about the well-being of women and girls and men and boys around the world.

And here she is in the Tavern with a pint at hand. I have er... ahem.... amended a few words.
Why are feminist women so (Tr)**king pathetic?
Let’s start this post with an enthusiastic round of applause for  Muirfield golf course, which has decided to respond to a pack of whining, c*nty shrews demanding admittance with a nice hearty ‘tr*ck you, this a male safe space’. 
Naturally, the feminist media has pitched a hissy fit over this act of sexism, countering with …  even more sexism.
Le sigh. Look at the headline:
Women. Boys. This is why the men don’t want to play with girls. Because you act like tr*cking toddlers. Let me give you the tl;dr here: the reason women-only spaces exist is to get away from male harassment.
That is what the femitards say.  This is Mistressbate's  excuse for a rationale.
"Many women-only spaces exist for one reason: to avoid male harassment. Most male-only spaces also exist for one reason: male privilege. Or, to put it more simply, both male-only and female-only spaces have developed as a direct result of male privilege."
It’s not because women enjoy the company of other women. Not because they enjoy feminized spaces that reflect their own preferences. Not because they enjoy the feeling that they are special simply because they’re women. 
No, no, no. It’s all because male harassment.
Laura Bates recounts a man she feels was checking out her ass in the pool inappropriately, and instead of confronting this man or engaging the staff to address the issue, she whined and decided her enjoyment had ‘been reduced’. My guess is Laura is too tr*cking lazy to hit the gym every day, and finds it easier to sulk about men ogling her. Quite frankly, I don’t even believe her. ‘He looked at my ass’ sounds an awful lot like ‘I’m hitting the wall hard, but I’m still so hot, men harass me’. File that under ‘shit that didn’t happen’.
You’re tr*cking pathetic, Laura.
Now, just an aside: If Janet's earthy language offends your eye here, she too is a modern woman. And I did warn about the 'truckers'. She could do with a public warning about 'ass' too. The word is Arse.
And the women who recounted the ‘harassment’ they faced at the gym are equally, bafflingly, just as pathetic. You were patronizingly asked to leave the free weights section? The correct response is ‘before you get out of my way, jackass, hand me those 35 lb dumbells for my overhead presses.’ Shut up. Pressing 70 lbs overhead is way beyond what most women can do. It’s hard!
Someone looked at your tits while you were hauling weighted battleropes? Are you wearing tits up and out VSX gym gear? Yes?
Shut the tr*ck up. If you are putting your breasts on display at the gym, you don’t get to pick which men check them out, just as the guys in Under Armor don’t get to pick which women check out their *ahem* assets. Grow the tr*ck up.
Laura whines that women will alter their behaviors and routines to avoid this all pervasive sexual harassment from men, but unless you live in a suburb with lots of new Muslim male refugees, I call bullshit. 
Why is it always middle aged, bitchy looking women who complain about never-ending sexual harassment from men? 
Where are these men? Where do the men who can’t seem to get through their day without openly lusting over women with waning (if not eradicated) fertility reside? 
I’m getting to that age. I’m in a mixed sex gym 5 days a week, and so far, nothing. Not one ass slap.   
I’d like my share of harassment! What am I doing wrong?
Let’s be honest here: women demanding access to Muirhead is really women demanding access to men’s informal power networks. 
It’s an underhanded way of accessing male resources, without contributing one goddamn thing to building those resources. 
Women can’t be arsed {Hooray. She heard me} to go and build their own networks, because trying to build a professional networked that can be leveraged with other women is almost impossible. 
No one will tear a professional women down faster than other women. 
An informal women’s network would consist of backstabbing, spreading slut rumors, undermining other women’s confidence, passive-aggressively calling other women ugly and stupid, mate-poaching and just generally competing to see who can be the biggest c*nt.
That’s what women tend to do.
There’s a reason all-male spaces have endured for hundreds and hundreds of years. They’re functional.
Women want to access men’s resources and networks, but why should men allow the toxicity of femininity into the spaces they have crafted precisely to avoid that kind of poisonous game playing? 
Male spaces are places where men can go to support one another in ways they simply cannot do in the presence of most women. 
Women like Laura Bates imagine that all-male spaces are places were men go to teach each other the finer points of rape, wife-beating and how to demean women,... 
which tells us a whole lot more about Laura’s ugly little mind than the men she describes.
Laura considers men violent, sex-crazed, consumed with hatred and envy, insecure, brutish and prone to every injustice one can possibly conceive of. If you leave men alone in groups, they formalize and solidify this evil, and then use it to oppress everyone around them.
Except it’s not true, is it? 
Men don’t do that. 
Women do.
Witness modern feminism, led by women like Laura Bates. #KillAllMen, rape culture obsessed, oppressed by attractive women in bikinis, free-speech hating fascists. 
They are everything they accuse men of being. And now that men are starting to reach the limits of what they will tolerate from these perpetually aggrieved children, the tantrums are escalating.
Stand firm, lads.
Do not admit these shrieky harpies to your clubs. If you need some bodies to stand guard at the perimeter, call on the growing number of women who hate these feminist bitches as much as you do.
I’ll guard your safe space.
From the outside.
Where I belong.
Lots of love,
Well earned pints were there for her throughout the evening and while we looked at some stuff that Mike Buchanan brought to the tables. Yes, it is that 'Tax' I spoke of.

Feminists are forever going on about the 'Pay Gap'. It isn't just lady Tennis players demanding equal pay while they play 3 sets to men's 5. But when did a feminist ever raise the issue of the Tax gap?
2013/14 – the income tax gender gap increased AGAIN… to £75,400,000,000
Men’s human rights are assaulted by the actions and inactions of the state in many areas, as we outlined in our 2015 general election manifesto. This happens despite men paying the majority of income tax collected in the country. Income tax is the largest single source of government revenues.
In August 2014 we published a piece revealing that in 2010/11, men paid £108 billion in income tax, women only £43.6 billion – 71.2% and 28.8% respectively. 
An income tax gender gap of £64.4 billion.
In June 2015 we published a piece revealing that men paid 72% of the income tax collected in the UK, and women 28%, in 2011/12 and 2012/13. Men paid £68 billion more income tax than women in 2011/12, £69 billion more in 2012/13.
I’ve just checked the latest official data available, which cover the tax year 2013/14. 
– 17.4 million men paid £120 billion, an average of £6,896 each
– 13.0 million women paid £44.6 billion, an average of £3,430, 
a little under half that paid by male taxpayers
So the income tax burden faced by men increased in both absolute and relative terms in 2013/14. Men paid £75.4 billion more income tax than women, and their proportion of the total income tax contributions rose from 72.0% to 72.9%.
The government’s policy direction of driving women into more paid employment, which leads to a great deal of unhappiness among women and children, poorer outcomes for children, and higher unemployment among men has been a failure even in terms of income tax generation. 
And year after year, the income tax gender gap increases.
In the space of just three years – from 2010/11 to 2013/14 – the gender tax gap increased from £64.4 billion to £75.4 billion, an increase of 17.1%.
Mike could have pointed out - except that he was being put to good use handing pints around with his figures -  that the largest expenditures were on 'Welfare' which is paid predominantly to women, many being single mothers; on Health, the budget of which is spent predominantly on woman as they are using GPs at five times the rate that men do and even have specialist hospitals just for 'women; and on Education where over 75% of the 'personnel' budget - far and away the largest budget item - is spent on women teachers.

Men pay: women benefit.

And they still want a Level Playing Field.

Maybe we should give Presidente Obarmy and his (p)sychophantic fellow-travelling politicians a big hand and all we chaps claim we are women. We might get some better bang for our tax bucks and win far more sporting contests.

Drink up.


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