Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Answering Prayers

Late news below (at the end)

People have been praying since time before time, but these days it is a dangerous and expensive business, but only for Christians. The 'Authorities' in Oz seem to be taking their instructions from Saudi Arabia, via all points leftward.

It strikes me that the impost of fines for praying in the street is a new way of collecting taxes and I know just the sort of folk who could lead our Government out of debt.

Ah, but, these are the wrong prayers: or is that the right ones? They can block the streets with impunity. The cops just stand guard so that no-one interferes.

But if you are a little old lady and want to stand in peace and say a Rosary, they will give you an on-the-spot fine of $750.  Just think how much the gummunt could collect from this lot. I can see at least $50,000 worth there, enough to pay a garbage man for a year.

But the little old lady is in the frame instead. Matthew Biddle was in to tell.
EIGHT Canberra Catholics, including a priest of the Archdiocese, received an official police warning on April 15 for allegedly breaching the exclusion zone around the ACT Health Centre in Civic.
The group, which has held weekly pro-life prayer vigils outside the facility for more than 17 years, was gathered outside PJ O’Reilly’s Irish Pub on West Row when police asked them to move elsewhere.
Seventy-five-year-old Kerry Mellor decided not to move from the location, and was consequently fined $750.
The Health (Patient Privacy) Amendment Act 2015 Bill, introduced in the ACT Legislative Assembly by Greens Minister Shane Rattenbury and passed on October 29, established the exclusion zones, which came into effect on March 22.
The Bill prohibits behaviour that attempts to stop a person from entering the building, as well as “a protest, by any means… in relation to the provision of abortions” in the facility.
Mr Mellor, who has been attending the prayer vigils for the past 12 years, told Catholic Voice he was convinced the police had made a mistake.
“We do not believe that we are protesting,” he said. “We are praying, which is directed exclusively to almighty God and his Blessed Mother. It’s not a protest, it’s a petition that God will act to change the hearts and minds of people.

So, a seventy five year old lady is a huge threat to public order and must be fined $750. The muslims can block the entire street and nary a cent is raised.

Victoria has followed suit. The ACT now Victoria. Tasmania has a lot to answer for being the first Godless mob off the block and off their blocks.

Marcus L'Estrange was fuming, nursing his pint. He has been there.
The Bubble Zone 
(around abortuaries)
At the beginning of 2015, the Victorian ALP Government rightly removed the Coalition's "move on" laws from the statute book. Rightly so, as the laws were intended really to prevent unions protesting. The laws were seen as an unfair restriction on free speech, with Attorney General, Martin Pakula, proclaiming that: 

"Victoria doesn't need Bjelke-Petersen-style laws designed to silence dissent and outlaw peaceful protests." 
He was not the only one to think and say that.
At year's end, a total back flip by Victorian Labor with its MPs denied a free vote and totally under the thumb of Emily's List. Why not a conscience vote? After all the issue, like 2008, was about abortion on demand and not about a mother’s health.
Emily's List is of course, the Feminazi inroad to subvert rational politics.  Wimmin, you see, look after and speak for all women, whether they like it or not.

The Orwellian entitled bill, The Public Health (Safe Access) Amendment Bill, creates 150-meter zones around facilities that provide abortions on demand (abortions for non-medical reasons), making it unlawful to engage in acts within the zones that may 'cause anxiety' or distress to mothers and others entering or leaving the premises. It came into effect in May. 

The Victorian Parliament has made offers of charity (e.g. finance), criminal acts and voted effectively to try and end the ability of pro-lifers to offer help to mothers entering / leaving abortuaries. 
Proponents of the bill presented false charges against The Helpers of God's Precious Infants (a group that prays and offers help outside abortuaries), claiming they harass and intimidate women. 
In reality The Helpers pray for the mothers and babies, while one or two experienced life advocates offer help to the mothers entering the premises, speaking quietly and compassionately to interested mothers. 
The principal venue in Melbourne where the alleged harassment is supposed to happen is the Fertility Control Clinic (FCC) in Wellington Parade, East Melbourne. The Helpers have been there for 23 years. Since 1972 over 300,000 young Australians, or 20 plus per day, have had their lives cruelly terminated at this abortuary alone. Clearly a massacre of stunning proportions. 

Over the years, I have been there many times, and have never witnessed any harassment or intimidation. If such behaviour occurred (and the people making the charges allege it has been the norm for over 23 years), there would have been many court convictions. 
In fact there have been none. Repeat none.

Not only this, the clinic has refused many suggestions to install CCTV equipment to capture any activity. But no, they haven't. Why not? Simply put, there is no adverse activity to capture.

We have learnt that there is a 'Safe Street' camera on the light pole on the opposite, MCG side, of the road from the FCC and these images are available to the Victoria Police. Last year The Helpers were denounced in the media by the Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle. He said that we were "vile" and "gaming the system", insinuating that we would only behave ourselves when Council Officers came down to check on us. Seems he could have checked his camera and shown our claimed misbehaviour to the news. Why didn't he?
In the parliamentary debates, The Helpers were maligned, being accused of behaviour they never indulge in, and without any evidence being produced to support the charges.
Comment from the police is that our actions over the past two decades have been carried out lawfully when it was acknowledged that the disputes between the abortion business and The Helpers has bubbled on for many years without requiring Police intervention. So we know that this new law has come about because those who support and profit from abortion have not been able to find us guilty and now need to move the gold posts. 
This legislation was based on a heap of lies and driven by the profitable Fertility Control Clinic. Abortion kills preborn babies in a very cruel and painful way. The UN Rights of the Child states, "The child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth." Why are many MPs, the abortuaries and the bulk of the media opposed to the UN Rights of the Child? 
The FCC abortuary case in The Supreme Court last year against The Melbourne City Council for alleged failure to 'deal with us', failed spectactually. The Judge virtually found it was a case of 'no case to answer’.
A old man too has been fingered by the police. With that nice lady from the Sex Party turning her back on justice, kindness and care.

Police have questioned an elderly man who flouted new laws aimed at stopping protesters from harassing women outside abortion clinics.
Not that he was harrassing women you understand.  Fiona doesn't look harrassed to me.
The man was spoken to by two police officers after reports he was praying outside the Fertility Control Clinic in East Melbourne about 4pm.
Meanwhile the women continue to go to the abortion places, the Abortuaries, and continue to suffer, but now without a final kind person whith whom to talk. They will suffer for a very long time. Stacy Massey told us in clear and emotional terms.
CNN: Special report features hundreds of women who regret their abortions

To coincide with the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade earlier this year, CNN asked its readers two questions: 
Have you had an abortion? 
How do you feel about it now?

CNN had a whopping 539 iReports filed in response. 
Hundreds of stories poured in, as women shared their choices, their reasons, their grief, and rarely, their satisfaction. One thing was made abundantly clear by CNN’s efforts: women regret their abortions. And they need to talk about them.

Women named their stories out of a deep sense of heartache:

Until we meet again
Soul-deep ache
Self-medicating did not heal my pain
What I had destroyed was not just tissue
Abortion is a forever punishment for women
I never got over it
 The pain of abortion stays with women for a lifetime. 
If only women would read such stories – hundreds of them – before making a choice for abortion. If only women did not have to look back in pain, regretting an unchangeable choice.
If only, instead, they could look ahead to a bright future without death because they know the facts, know the heartache, and know the grief without having to experience them first hand.
These are the stories we must share. These are the stories we must shout from the rooftops. These are the stories that tell the truth. As one woman titled her article, “Because abortion affects everything!”
Friends drive each other to the clinic and then never speak about it again. This ‘surgery’ literally changes a person’s life forever… and we are suddenly mute! …
My name is Stacy Massey and I am the President and Founding Partner of Abortion Recovery InterNational (ARIN), an international association of peer, professional and pastoral counselors helping families work through the emotional, psychological and spiritual pain of abortion.
We receive over 100 requests PER DAY from individuals and families looking for after abortion help. Over 250,000 hurting people have contacted us just in the last 5 years.
One simple, quick and legal abortion can impact 40-50 people in a lifetime.  Abortion effects everyone! …
The death of my own two children to abortion prompted me to “do something” to help others.  Abortion trauma does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, where you live, the color of your skin or which gender you claim. The pain of abortion is everywhere.
 A mother’s child – dead or alive – is never far from her thoughts. 
Over and over, in CNN’s iReports, women expressed pain that only a mother could understand. Some shared horrific stories of forced abortions; others shared their long journeys to forgiveness; many told of grief that has never left them. Tricia wrote:
"Abortion is sold as a woman’s right. A solution to unwanted pregnancy. A quick procedure that once over, never has to be thought about again. I chose abortion at 18 years old. Now, 37 years later, I certainly have not forgotten. 
We are told that a woman has the right to control her own body as if abortion is a means of control. Once chosen, abortion creates its own affects. The physical, emotional, and psychological effects are beyond our control. Abortion does what it is designed to do….Kill and destroy; abrubtly halt an ongoing process… the process of LIFE. No woman is ever freed by abortion. …

Abortion is NOT for women it is AGAINST us."

No statement could be more true.
I need to pull a few pints. 

Our prayers ARE answered but not in ways some like. 

Grace, served in the Tavern and supplied by Himself, the Great Supplier of Everything, is what we mortals who have Free Will need.  It is the answer He gives. He is not going to point a Big Finger from the sky and 'make everything right' let alone kick legislators off their seats and break policemen's pencils.  He gives us the Grace of strength to bear witness, to stand and pray for the babies and the mothers and all those involved who 'know not what they do'.

So, drink. If you feel the need to Pray then go to your nearest 'Forbidden Zone' and pray in defiance.

It is Tuesday. That is where I was today. Outside the abortuary in Hobart.

Oh, and if you come across a mob of Muslims in the street, wailing and prostrating, give them something to wail about. Kick an arse or two.

Late news.

A politician in Victoria stood up in Parliament today.... Rachel Carling-Jenkins.

Today at Question Time, I asked why this elderly man was moved on by police for quietly praying, when the statements made in parliament were clear that quiet prayer, holding a prayer book or reading the Bible were not seen as committing an offence. The question has been taken on notice for the Minister for Police, from whom I will receive a detailed response, and I also hope to receive a copy of Victoria Police’s operational guidelines on this law, along with an assurance that they match the intent of the bill as conveyed previously within parliament.
Good woman. 



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