Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Good 'Social Justice Warrior'

One may ask if there is such a thing as a good SJW, and I have to say 'yes there are some around'. And further, one walked into the Tavern, quite unexpectedly this evening.

Hobart is an out-of-the-way sort of place: pretty well the furthest south one can go anywhere before hitting Antarctica. It is a place where aging pop stars occasionally visit, wringing the last buck from their fading faux-glory. But now we can quite rightfully claim to have a Saint on the way up as a visitor.

And it was especially pleasing to me to shake the hand of a woman for whom my admiration has grown over the past decade or more. I had known she was about to come to Oz but never expected her to come to Hilary's Village on the Derwent. I have waited a very long time to meet her personally.

Jennifer Roeback Morse.
Yes, I’m in Australia! My son and I traveled Down Under to be part of the Marriage Alliance educational campaign. The Australians are going to have a vote on the marriage issue later this summer. 
Australia is the largest English-speaking country that still recognizes marriage as a child-centered, gender-based social institution. We aim to help them to keep it that way! 
Nick and I did get to do a bit of sightseeing today. We drove off to Dallas on Wednesday May 11. We boarded an Airbus A380 at 10:15 PM. We spent the next 17 hours on the plane, and actually got quite a bit of sleep. By the time we landed in Sydney, it was nearly 7 AM on Friday, May 13!  
We were rested enough to get going! We saw some of the iconic sights of Sydney, including the Opera House, the Harbor Bridge and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Saw some very cool birds we've never seen before! 
Tomorrow, we'll get started. I’ll be speaking at churches, visiting people at barbecues, going to meetings in private homes, and giving media interviews. Please keep us in your prayers!
Then amid her busy schedule, here she comes, unannounced, into the Tavern, to be greeted with a standing ovation from all in the Oz Bar and the U.S.Room.

Jennifer is a Social Justice Warrior. Not the sort that usually makes the Noise and the News. Like, for instance, this poor woman, below.

Jennifer  fights not for the 'Juztitz' or the 'Zozchial' that we hear so much about, but for the real social and the real justice. She speaks for Tradition; Catholic tradition, Christian tradition; the Tradition that has been given and guided and grown and which has built western civilisation, particulalry the Anglophile; and makes very clear just why that tradition is valuable.  It is grounded in Natural Law, God's own law, written into our hearts; the Law that the more noticable SJWs clamour to overthrow.

And what a warrior she is. She is fearless and Intelligent  She goes boldly into the Universities of America - those hotbeds of Marxist depravity where sense is driven out of young people and 'progressive' muck shovelled in - and she speaks directly to young women (and young men) with messages that they are unused to hearing, and which from others is all too often shouted down. She speaks in terms that they readily understand from their own experience and observation.

Jennifer understands well the tactics of the Left. She girds herself with knowledge of their methods and teaches how to combat them. She encouraged us all 'To the Fight' making clear that like the 'retreat fron Dunkirk' we must gather our forces again, plan and work hard, and 'Take back the Territory' of the Soul.

So many wanted to shake her hand, talk to her, simply sit and listen to a seasoned warrior that I had to keep busy filling glasses.

But she did scatter around some materials for us to read at our leisure and you can too by visiting her HQ, 
the Ruth Institiute.

She spoke of the fight we are engaged in right now, which has just seen our Archbishop, Julian Porteus scoring a minor victory over his detractors. He was taken to a 'Tribunal' over his stating of the Catholic stance on Marriage, by a transgender 'person' who has now 'withdrawn' the complaint. It is a victory only by default though. Further onslaughts are expected.

Jennifer warned that any victory by the forces arrayed against us will be taken as a sign that we are weak. We have already seen what a victory on their part looks like.

The Abortion issue was lost in Tasmania and the flood gates opened into other States. Tasmania's draconian punishments for speaking out in 'buffer zones', have sparked similar legislations, and fines in the ACT and Victoria.

Dr Morse was very clear that whetever 'gains' the enemy makes will not be the end of it. Their demands and damage will just continue until our way of life and the very philosophical basis of it will sink under mud.

It was almost 'pleasant' to hear her mention the source of this evil. Most will not utter it.  Many just shilly-shally around it. But....Truth is always a pleasure for good people to hear. 
The source, she says,
 is Satanic.

She has been fighting for a long time and St Michael is on her side. And all this work over many years from a woman who is an 'ordinary Catholic'.  She is not a Theologian or a Nun, but a mum (birth daughter and adopted son) with an academic background as an economist (PhD). 

It is from such material as this that Saints are made.

A lesson and a model for us all.

I joined the crowd in raising a glass to a Warrior.



  1. What a privilege for you to hear her speak :-)

    I don't normally read newspapers due to their biased and nonfactual news reporting. However, yesterday I was flicking through my Mum's Sunday Mail and this one of two articles that caught my attention. The article was more accurate in reporting than usual...

    It is time for the members of that Trade Union to withdraw their subscriptions from an organisation which is not representing their views.

  2. Fine person but will anyone out there doing these things stop and listen?


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