Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Preventative Medicine.

These days preventative medicine is best illustrated by the farce that occurred in the UK recently. The Doctors went to the streets to 'protest', preventing their patients from medicine. What they were 'protesting' beggars belief.

Back in my younger days preventaive medicine was a good lie down after a cup of herb tea, then someone discovered Asprin. Now one can take two of the little pills and wait until the morning. But it has spiralled downward from there.

Can anyone protest against modern medicinal practitoners these days? Only if you are a woman and then only if she takes her life in her hands. Other women will attempt to do something nasty to her, as happened to a lady - Kathy Gyngell - who was in need of a few swift halves last night.

Seems a lot of non-English faces in the crowd.
Save 'Our'  NHS indeed!

My personal physician is a typical GP. Typical for these modern times. Divorced woman, three children under six, and putting in  a hard day's work two days a week between 9.30 and 3.30. She is actually quite a nice woman. I like her. On our first meeting I made it clear that she was to be my 'advisor' but that I would be the one making the decisions. She was happy with that as it absolved her from responsibility. That, it seems, is what modern western female doctors want. Amongst many other 'demands'. Some of those additional demands boggle the mind.

The talk in the UK Room became quite heated.....
The self-righteousness of our militant women doctors is striking
Back in February, I had the temerity to argue that the roots of the doctors' strike lay in the feminisation of the profession: that women doctors' demands for part-time work had created a ‘rights before responsibility’ culture in the National Health Service. 
This feminised cadre of junior doctors parading the streets on strike last month, taking ‘selfies’, virtue signalling hashtag placards thrust forward, displayed a narcissism and sense of entitlement that sat ill with their profession’s calling and duty of care.
All hell broke out – on the comment stream and in the Twittersphere. I’d hit a raw nerve.
Am I surprised? Not a bit. And neither was  Robert who supped his pint saying that if a man had said what Kathy had written, he wouldn't be writing any more columns, ever! He would be with Tim Hunt in Japan, if still alive.
From young anaesthetists who believed society’s gratitude to them should know no bounds, to aggressive ‘troll’ doctors with their barely veiled threats about my own health care should I need it, it was all flung at ‘despicable’ me. It would never have occurred to me that doctors spent so much of their time on social media.
Not that I was the only one to get it in the neck for suggesting that feminisation is to blame for the current crisis. Junior doctors in their thousands vented their outrage at Dominic Lawson’s Sunday Times column on the subject.
They cannot now be unaware that sympathy for their proposed strike escalation (a two day stoppage this week followed by an all-out daytime strike with no emergency cover on April 26-27) is running out as unease grows that... 
the principle of ‘do no harm’ has yielded to ‘do no more overtime’. 
As Adam Boulton noted also inThe Sunday Times: ‘Duty and responsibility as motivations for action have been replaced by what is forced out of individuals by the assertion of conflicting rights’.
He didn’t choose to spell out what these were. But the feminists' gender parity agenda is never far away. 
I am not talking about equal pay for equal work. I am talking about their demand for special treatment for less work – if you happen to be one of the women who graces the NHS with her part-time and uncommitted presence.
Yes, that’s exactly what part-time junior doctor Dr Rachel Clarke, representing the BMA’s militant case, demanded on Saturday morning’s Today programme.
Unless she were paid the same as her full-time working male colleagues for her part-time hours it would count as an act of discrimination. 
Who does she think she is? A female Tennis Player ?? 
From this spurious moral high ground she shamelessly insisted on an entitlement to the same pay and progression throughout her career as her full-time working colleagues – since, in her inverted logic, 80 per cent of part-time doctors were women and they therefore must have gender parity. 
Because this is modern Britain, she added in a final reductio ad absurdum.
That her logic would condemn the NHS to becoming a totally part-time working service of women bothered her not one jot.
Far from counting her blessings – for her already flexible short hours, for keeping her hand in at work while bringing up children, and a regular pay cheque – she was intransigent about what modern Britain owed her. And her feminist colleagues are not about to take any prisoners either.
Criticise their ideology at your peril and they’ll demand a ‘safe space’ from offence – and from reality – by accusing you of discrimination and threatening worse.
 Mike Buchanan spoke up from the back...
"Has anyone else noticed that most of the leaders of the various medical Royal Colleges these days are feminists? They don't even pretend to have the slightest concern about patients, whether male or female. Their prime concern is clearly female doctors."
Paul Jackson called out too... "and while we're at it we shouldn't ignore the other elephant in the room and that is the fact that women are also the heaviest users of NHS resources and are far more likely than men to seek medical attention for trivial ailments. "

Methinks the lady Docs are injecting themselves in the foot.
Witness an outraged email I received last week from one female junior doctor. So horrified was she by my article (it damaged female professionals and the workforce as a whole, you should know) that she said I must submit to her challenging my views in a public forum – or else.
Should I not have ‘the fortitude to do so’ and if she ‘did not receive an adequate answer’ she’d publicly shame me – and the Conservative Party she mistakenly believes me to represent (no sir!) – about our ‘backwards views on gender’. She’d also seek legal advice on my being ‘in breach of discrimination legislation’.

Quaking I was not. As my colleague Laura said: “Wow - what a brittle bunch they are! Someone does not like what you say, they say I am going to sue you.” So bring it on Doctor, we say.
While at TCW we can laugh (we are not about to be cowed) it is not so funny for others.
Take the the double bind the Royal College of Paediatrics finds itself in. It is deeply ironic that it is children’s services that are the most threatened by the NHS’s feminised work culture where staff shortages, due to the rise in part-time working doctors, now threaten the closure of specialist children’s surgeries and wards.
But does the compliant and emasculated Royal College dare say enough is enough – that training so many female doctors who refuse to work full time with children is no longer viable? 
No. Instead they put these tender ladies' ‘safe space’ rights before the safety of the children in need and in their care. Instead, they ask the government – that means the taxpayer – to plug this gap to continue to feed the inefficiencies and negative ethos of this self-entitled female work culture.
I was pouring another well-deserved drink for Kathy as she sat back on her chair when another voice piped up. .....
My Grandfather was a GP from the 30s through to the 70s, he would be turning in his grave to see what the medical 'profession' has become - a series of greedy self-interested narcissists who appear to get a kick out of ordering people around. He ran a GP practise with one other doctor, at any time either he or his partner were 'on call', day or night. 
Being called at inconvenient hours to attend a patient was a constant issue, but that was what he'd become a doctor for, to help people who needed assistance. It was a calling not a means to make money. And he provided that service for 40 years.
Modern so-called 'doctors' should be ashamed to even call themselves doctors when one looks at what level of lifetime commitment that meant in the past.
My lady Doc was away for 'maternity leave' a little while back and I was shuffled over to a chap doc in the large 'Practice'. Was the male doc better? He was a friendly fellow who 'advised' me that I should have a pipe shoved up my backside and down my throat - not the same pipe I hoped and not in that order - to see if anything was going wrong at either end. I declined as I felt quite OK. 'Just a bit of prevention', he claimed. 

He went ahead and booked it anyway. Despite my decision. Hello !

The hospital called a few weeks later saying they were all ready for me and as it would be an overnight stay, they had an 'emergency bed' all ready for me. I told them I did not want pipes shoved up and down my innards and 'no, thank you'. They reminded me, with a strong hint of reprimand, of the 'emergency bed' that they had 'negotiated' long and hard to get for me. 

Emotional blackmail. I reminded them that they were constantly complaining of not having eneough 'funding' for 'emergency' beds and here they were giving one to a non-emergency. I tried to be polite. They, in turn, were quite shirty.

Follow the money !



This will be my last report from the tavern for a few days. I am moving quarters over the next few days and will not be available. But do drop in for a pint as usual and catch up on past conversations, gripes, laughs and 'deep & meaningful' chatter. 


  1. "Has anyone else noticed that most of the leaders of the various medical Royal Colleges these days are feminists? They don't even pretend to have the slightest concern about patients, whether male or female. Their prime concern is clearly female doctors."

    There it is.

  2. Its Communism/Marxism. It infiltrates everywhere, Atheism, Computer games, Heavy metal music, Its always the same tactic.

    1. You may well be right but a little more substance to support that assertion might be useful. There's a pint in it for you.


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