Friday, April 1, 2016

Fire ! FIRE !!

The Tavern Keeper is in a grumpy frame of mind today. Every year it's the same story. Except this year it was worse. One can only claim to be fortunate that this year very few properties were burned to the ground and no-one died. But the devastation to our 'wilderness' was horrific.

I am not talking of the effects of my mood but of Bushfire.

Yes, Tasmania has bushfires every year. And every year we are taken by surprise.  This pristine, green, wilderness State has been placed at huge risk by 'Greenies'.

Much of the State is locked up by 'World Heritage' 'legislation'. Unelected nobodies from Botswana and Thailand and failed States from Timbuktoo to Samarkand tell us what we can and cannot do with our own land, but do they spend their taxes on protecting it? Not a hope of a polythene dog in Hell.

And why do these nobodies in far away places that ruin their own lands have any say at all in Tasmania?

Because the Bloody Greens have bullied and lied and threatened and damaged in order to hand OUR lands into UN hands.

And one does have to spread the blame more widely and closer to home. Successive State and Federal Governments have not only allowed it and  capitulated to it but also abandoned responsibility for it.

Robert Lee was in the Oz room downing pints trying to put out the burning rage.
Bob Brown’s disastrous bushfire legacy destroys vast World Heritage areas and tourism in Tasmania
The Greens should be proud of these burnt landscapes in Lake Mackenzie World Heritage areas that will never recover from January wildfires
Decades of detritus accumulated under the forest canopy forming two metre thick beds of tinder have caused utter devastation across large areas of once pristine forest in Tasmania.
Uncontrollable wildfires in January wiped out 38,000 acres of forest ecosystems in the Central Plateau that once attracted many thousands of bushwalkers and tourists every year.
The State Government has not yet revealed the magnitude of other devastated areas in World Heritage and forestry.
Unique alpine flora including pencil pines, king billy pines and cushion plants, some more than 1,000 years old have been lost forever.
Wilderness photographer and bushwalker Dan Broun has returned from the Central Plateau. He told the ABC he walked four hours into the bushfire affected areas just after the fires.
“The scene is complete and utter devastation. There is kilometres of burnt ground, everything is dead,” he said.
He said small pockets of areas protected by rock escaped the fire.
“I also witnessed devastated wildlife; burnt wallabies, dead wombats and the like,” said Mr Broun.
Fire ecologist David Bowman said the fires burning in Tasmania were a sign of climate change.
There have been annual fires since the dawn of friggin' history. But no, to that dork 'fire ecologist' it is all about the sacred Greeny Climate Change.

The fires that burned and burned and burned, unchecked for weeks on end were not put out.  Why?

Because there are no roads or even sound enough tracks for fire vehicles. Why? Because the Greenies protest, violently, whenever anyone even suggests building a road. We had to drop fire crews in by helicopter. And the helicopters are few.  
However the so-called experts prefer to ignore the decades of dried matter that has built up on the forest floor, due to a lack of hazard reduction burn offs.
Until the late 1800’s, the Aborigines burnt these areas from time to time in a dry season creating a suitable environment for animals and understorey regrowth, preventing any sizeable fuel load from covering the forest floor.
Ah, yes, the Aboriginals. Their favourire way of trapping and driving animals was to burn the forest. Hello ! Eventually the only trees left needed fire to re-seed. ! That's Darwiniamism for you. So we have a landscape of trees that generate clouds of volatile oil vapours that explode on sunny days! 

That's why we have huge bushfires. Its our Aboriginal 'heritage.' As for dealing with them......
The former leader of the Greens, Tasmanian Bob Brown can be directly blamed for this conflagration because the Greens campaigned long and hard to halt all sustainable forestry harvesting, have all sensible land managers kicked out and to lock up vast forests much to the detriment of the ecology.
Yes, Brown has much to answer for but so have many others in 'authority'.

Stopping the properly managed logging of trees and driving true bushmasters away has left entire regions vulnerable. No-one has given due thought to the inevitable outcome, despite it coming along every damned year. 

No logger's road: no fire access. No clearance of undergrowth. Fire.

And the 'process' is the same every year. A fire breaks out. It cannot be dealt with in good time. Calls are made to get helicopters and agricultural planes that can be adapted as fire-planes. By the time they arrive, the fires have destroyed $50 million. 

This year even they didn't help. Too little: too late.

And has our State Government done anything about that? 

That wilderness will not be replaced. It will be an eysore for many years while different flora will invade. 

Where is the 'world heritage' support? Where is the U.N. open coffers to provide several fully operational, full-time, fire-bombing aircraft? 

Where is the Oz Taxpayes' money? 

If it were 'privately' owned wilderness, it would carry Insurance and protection.

We have large lakes. We 'could' have large aircraft based upon them, beside them, on constant readiness. We could have a State export industry of expertise. 

Rob had plenty of drinks bought.


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