Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Most Rare Opportunity

We often get aircraft flying over the Tavern, peering down through the forest canopy trying to glimps our turrets. Hah ! We are invisible to the unGraced eye. But of course there are fine men - and women - heroes up there who see us easily. We even get aerobatic teams. Some of my customers wish they could be up there enjoying the thrills too.

And our friends at 'Vulcan to the Sky', the folk who keep the spirit of the Vulcan aircraft alive and well are offering just that experience to a dozen lucky souls very soon.

It is not usual for the Tavern to spend its time 'advertising' but here we make an exception, especially for our UK imbibers. You know how it is: someone comes in and politely asks if they can put up a poster on the noticeboard.  If it is decent, we agree to it. THIS is just fantastic.
There is only one aerobatics team that is also registered as an airline. That means that very few people will ever experience the incredible excitement of an aerobatics display from the passenger seat of a specially-constructed, high-performance aerobatics aircraft, flying in tight formation with world-class display pilots. 
That’s the astonishing, once in a lifetime thrill that we are offering to help raise money to care for XH558.
Through our contacts with The Blades, a world-class aerobatics team piloted by former Red Arrows, we have arranged for six groups of two people to each join them for a VIP day at their beautiful airfield headquarters, where you will also race a Formula 1 simulator and learn to hover a helicopter.
You will receive first class hospitality throughout the day including breakfast, a freshly-prepared 3-course lunch, and champagne and canap├ęs. All of this is overseen by our amazing and attentive hostesses. It is truly an unforgettable event.
A total of 6 lots are available and will be offered to the top six bidders
This experience carries a reserve of £1,000 for two places.
Terms and conditions: The “day” (Thursday 26th May) will take place at the home of The Blades at Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire. The experience is for 2 people and cannot be sold on again. 
Participants must normally be at least 12 years old, under 6ft 6” tall and weigh less than 20 stone. Any medical ailments must be declared on a medical questionnaire prior to flying. Highest bids will be those as seen by the deadline and correspondence will only be entered with named bidders. Proof of identity will be asked for on the day, so transfer or resale is not permitted.
To make your bid in support of Vulcan XH558 
Consider your maximum bid for 2 places over the reserve of £1,000 and send an email with the subject line ‘Once in a Lifetime Bid’ to.....
 .....leaving four important pieces of information.  
Your bid in £s
Your name.
Your address.
A daytime contact number.
All bids will remain anonymous and the Vulcan to the Sky Trust will contact the highest bidder/s after the closing date of this auction which is midnight on Saturday 30th April.Payments will be requested within 7 days of notification of a successful bid, so by 7th May.
That is quite a package for 1000 squids and upwards..

It would make a great birthday present. !! 

Sometimes a little money can buy a lot of experience. A lot of money, a lot more ! 

Drink up, but remember, 12 hours between bottle and throttle.


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