Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Whispers from the Crypt. # 4

I asked the earth; and it answered, “I am not He;” and whatsoever are therein made the same confession. 
I asked the sea and the deeps, and the creeping things that lived, and they replied, “We are not thy God, seek higher than we.” … 
I asked the heavens, the sun, moon, and stars: “Neither,” say they, “are we the God whom thou seekest.” 
And I answered unto all these things which stand about the door of my flesh, “Ye have told me concerning my God, that ye are not He; tell me something about Him.” And with a loud voice they exclaimed, “He made us.” … 
I asked the vast bulk of the earth of my God, and it answered me, “I am not He, but He made me.” 
 (St Augustine).

My vigil today, outside the Hobart Abortuary was less a lone one.

I prayed beforehand at the Church of St Joseph for some company. 

Some 'back-up'. Please.

As I walked slowly saying the Rosary four Bishops came by. I called to them: "Fathers, do you know where you stand?"

They stopped and let me explain that they were at Ground Zero - the killing field where martyrs were  made. I told them it was illegal for them to pray at that spot or anywhere within 150 metres, but Catholics MUST make a stand.

They said a Hail Mary with me.

A police car was parked just feet away.



  1. You were delivered a special gift to uplift your spirit and help you in your mission to save souls :-)

    So lovely :-)

    1. It was a great uplift for me. And.... it seems I can expect a Bishop to say Mass at our Traditional Latin Mass church this Sunday (tomorrow). :)


Ne meias in stragulo aut pueros circummittam.

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