Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Really Tough Jobs

Tavern Keeping is not that hard. I quite like it. I am a hermit too. That's a tough job, but heck, someone has to do it.

But there are jobs which are really hard and impose on a chap.  I like to ponder them from time to time.

There is now't like seeing chaps work. Especially when you can sit out on the patio on a sharp, bright, clear day with a fine bevvie at hand.

Take the TV Presenter's job, for instance.

6 feet agl. If the prop missed there was always the wing !  I am reminded of the tragic pass in "Catch 22" where poor old Doc Daneka had to be declared dead even though he wasn't, all because the plane he was 'officially' on - so he could get  the flying pay to send home to his wife - flew low over a beach and cut a chap to bits and the pilot then decided to crash it to avoid a Court Martial.

Yep, life is tough.

But we move on.

Get a gaggle of them together. Pilots in old planes that is. Throw in some well planted trees in the window and.....

That's the Breitling boys for you. When you make and sell watches for a couple of grand a pop, you need something to spend the profits on. And who else is going to maintain heritage aircraft? They have a private Air Force complete with modern military jets. 

But before we get to the main event, let's look at a couple of Red Bull's best.  They say Red Bull gives you wings. I'm not sure about that but  Red Bull certainly has wings. It has its own Air Force too.  It will be a warm-up for the spectacle in a few minutes.

So, what else can be done that has never been done before? The ultimate challenge. Forget James Bond and his gyrocopter through the hangar. Let's see TWO  proper planes in formation through the hangar.

They will need a drink after that. 

Let us finish by taking a quick look at that Breitling mob in their modern jets.

As they say its a tough life flying those jets all over the world, entertaining people and seeing exotic places.

I will man the pumps.



  1. Planes come and go, super-duper fighters, graceful bombers but for sheer beauty, no one has yet surpassed the Supermarine Spitfire.


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