Monday, June 22, 2015

How we progressed.

We need, from time to time, to have a lesson. We ignore most that come along until they bite us on the arse like an angry dog.

We have progressed far as a species, but the 'drive' that we had early on is still alive and well. If we can find it.

Take this young fellow who dropped by for a pint before going back to his new home. 

He did not do it to impress. He did not do it for praise. He was simply 'undistracted'. He did what is within any man to do.

This sort of chap took us out of the caves. His sort has made a modern world where we are sheltered from the storms. Civilisation. We have had the benefit of men like this for thousands, tens of thousands of years.

But, have we really progressed ?

We do most everything at the beck and call of others. We make the world, but do we do a good job? Have we done a good job? 

Look around.

What are we doing? 

We often think of Greece as being the cradle of civilisation.  They constructed some phenomenal buildings. They started 'democracy' there. And philosophy. They also had to survive in a harsh world and only the fittest were permitted to survive. They inspected babies at birth and even the slightest hint of weakness resulted in death. Exposure on the mountain.

Now we do not even wait for an inspection. The future strong are condemned with the weak, at whim. Democraticly, of course. At the beck and call of others.

Are we doing a good job?

What Hell are YOU building. 

My thanks to Emily for that last one.

Drink Grace.



  1. We may have progressed in a technological way but the way we use the technology shows that the human species is regressing. The advance of technology should move and uplift the human race into a better place, but it does not seem to be used to that effect. The technology is more often used for negative things such as war and abortion.

    The human race has lost it's way home...

    1. Indeed. The Way home has been specified, mapped and published. But still we prefer to gawp out of the window and guffaw as we drive past the warning signs and hurtle toward the abyss.


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