Friday, June 5, 2015

Want to go to Jail? It's EASY.

Few want to. Not one person in the Tavern raised a hand to the question. And it was not one asked by an advert that has caused a small squall in the harbour in Hillary's Village. But the question just has to be a sub-text, shirley?

In a society where even a 'look' can be considered assault and having a young woman wait for 45 minutes while a chap finds his car can result in his arrest on Rape charges, one has to wonder just where the cosmetics industry keeps its collective brain.

And just what do you have to do to stay out of jail?

Avoid Jail Bait and totally disregard the message in this advert for a start !!
Yeah, sure, lady.
You think we are as stupid as you are?
Students from a Melbourne girls school have started a campaign against an Australian cosmetics company over an ad campaign they say indirectly supports sexual assault against women.
Indeed, a kiss, even when demanded, can be considered sexual assault. Against women, of course. Not against men. Even a kick to the goolies is not considered sexual assault if a woman does it to a man.  That would be considered 'humour'.

Alexandria Mourelatos, a 19-year-old former student at Fintona Girls' School in Balwyn, and current students started a petition asking Klara Cosmetics to take down a lipstick ad that features the tagline 'Just kiss me don't ask'.
Ms Mourelatos said the company's 'abhorrent' tag lines – which also include 'Be passionate and leave no evidence' – promoted beauty in an irresponsible way.
'The ads essentially tell impressionable young girls (10-12) that you're only attractive if someone can't help but launch at you and kiss you without consent,' she said in her post.
Hmmmm. Just impressionable young girls of 10-12? So, girls of 18 are not going to be impressed? How about a 25 year old female teacher of 10-12 year old boys?  Will she get the message?
'It encourages them to define female attractiveness in the most vulgar way possible.
Have you ever asked yourself just what 'attractiveness' there is in painting your face to give a false impression? One can (and all too often many do) take 'enhancement' too far.
A spokeswoman for the school said the campaign was being led by the school co-captain Smita who had encouraged all staff and students to sign the petition - which has received more than 13,000 signatures.
Klara Cosmetics marketing director Daniel Jacob said the ad was nine months old and the company did not aim to target teenage girls with its marketing. 'Our target audience ranges from 21 to 45 year old women who are 
independent, bold and want to make something of themselves.
He does not spell out just what that something is, but I can suggest a term. 

Jail Bait. 
Mr Jacob said the ad was intended to promote the brand's 'kiss proof' lipstick.
He said the ad was nine months old and the company did not aim to target teenage girls with its marketing.
'Saying it's a new ad is quite misleading, it's a false declaration, and [teenage girls] are not our target market at all,' Mr Jacob told Daily Mail Australia.
'Our target audience ranges from 21 to 45 year old women who are independent, bold and want to make something of themselves.
I see. Of course. Young teen girls are not to look.  

I notice too that it is to be a 'criminal offence' to procure sex by false pretences.

 Only for men of course.
Procurement of woman by false pretences
(1)It is an offence for a person to procure a woman, by false pretences or false representations, to have unlawful sexual intercourse in any part of the world.

That's  'Patriarchy' for you.

Women 'procure' sex by whatever means she wishes including pretending to be far more physically attractive than she is in 'reality'. There is no criminal sanction. Even little girls are taught the 'art' of cosmetics from an early age.

But even forbidding teenage girls to look at an advert or take in its message of 'how to be a grown-up modern, bold, independant woman who wants to make something of herself by inviting a man to spend a few years in jail block 5 with the other rapists', is not enough.

Young girls do need to be told from time to time that being a modern, bold, independant woman means arranging your own taxi home and not calumnising a man all the way to a jail cell.

Presumably the mother of Comfort Yinusa didn't pass on this gem of advice and she didn't get to see an advert about it. Perhaps there should be such adverts.
A London Underground worker is facing jail for accusing an accountant she met at a nightclub of rape after he left her waiting for a lift home outside McDonald's for 45 minutes.
Hah! Facing jail? Not a chance. 

Comfort Yinusa, 23, from Tilbury, Essex, became angry after the victim - who cannot be named - was late returning to give her a lift back to her hotel following a night out.
You won't get Comfort here.
When he finally arrived to pick her up from outside the fast food restaurant in Liverpool Street, central London, she stormed off and called her boyfriend Kenneth Umezie to pick her up instead.
The boyfriend needs some advice too, it seems. Take steps, young man. Frigging big ones as fast as your legs can go, away. 
On the drive home, she then told her partner that she had been raped by the accountant and sexually assaulted by his friend.  She later called 999 to report the alleged incidents and the two men were arrested and held in a cell for at least 14 hours before being released on bail.
It took five further weeks of investigations - including for forensic evidence, mobile phone data and CCTV footage to be studied - for Yinusa's allegations to be proved false.  However, she refused to admit her lies until just before the trial at the Old Bailey last month. 
Heather Stangoe, prosecuting, said: 'She left with him and his friend. She had been offered a lift home.  'All three went to McDonald's and they ordered some food and CCTV showed them there laughing at the tills.'
The accountant, who was carrying Yinusa's bag, left her with his friend while he went to collect his car - only to realise he could not remember where he had parked.
Yinusa told police that she was sexually assaulted by the friend while they waited outside McDonald's and the Lord Aberconway pub.
She claimed that when the accountant returned, he took off his trousers and raped her while his friend watched.
Miss Stangoe said: 'She said she did not know whether he was using a condom.'
Officers described her as 'coherent and calm' while she was making the allegation via the 999 call.
Her boyfriend, who she has since split from, told police that she called him and asked him to pick her up in the early hours of the morning.
Just a small pedantic point here. 'Who she has since split from' should have been written, 'from whom she has since split'.  It will leave the split infinitives to someone else. Remember this is modern journalism.
Miss Stangoe said: 'It seems there was a bit of an atmosphere when he arrived. CCTV shows them having a remonstration.
'He says that after about a minute of her being in the car she told him she had been raped.  'She told him she had made several attempts to contact the police but had been unsuccessful. She was with him when she made the call to 999.'
Yinusa was taken to the Haven centre – a specialist establishment for people who have been sexually assaulted - at 8.30am and surprised staff by falling asleep while waiting to be examined.
She also insisted that she did not want to be examined and instead wanted to go home.
The court also heard how when she was driven back to the scene, which had been cordoned off by police, she claimed she could not remember where exactly the attack happened.
Yinusa also failed to turn up for a police video interview and instead sent a text message to officers which said: 'I can't make it, please can I call you later, I'm sorry for wasting your time.'  She then called police on November 1, 2013 to say she did not want to go ahead with the complaint.
At a meeting three days later, Yinusa told police that the rape happened after they left McDonald's but did not know where. Two weeks later, she backtracked again and said she did not want to go ahead with the allegation.

Yinusa was finally arrested on December 2, 2013 and confronted with the CCTV and phone evidence proving she had lied. However, she made no comment during her police interview.
The following day, the victim and his friend were told they would not be charged, having spent five weeks on bail.  Miss Stangoe said that the incident 'had affected him very severely'.  
Both men had to provide intimate samples, surrender their clothing and undergo a medical examination. They were kept in custody for over 14 hours before being released on bail.
Two police officers and two paramedics were called to meet Yinusa after the 999 call and CCTV from 16 locations had to be trawled through by investigators.  Miss Stangoe said that the complaint wasted more than 100 hours of police time and the forensic investigations alone cost £3,216.
Yinusa's barrister Neville Rudston described her as 'desperate' and said: 'It is popularly seen as a monstrous act. The enormity of the consequences should have been clear. The reality is they weren't.  'It was an outburst of anger, albeit she had a great deal to be angry about, it's an outburst.
A great deal to be angry about ?? What? Waiting for someone else to fetch and carry for her??? 
'She says it and then she was stuck with it, she didn't have the robustness or strength to say 'no I take it back' and that's why it turned out as badly as it did.'
Please make a note of this when next you venture into the London Underground. Lying about why the train is late is not all their employees can do.

The Underground is a favourite spot for adverts too. Perhaps some of these could well do with display.

Meanwhile for the sane, the moral and the wannabe sane and moral, have a drink of something that goes your soul some good.

Teens can drink safely here too.



  1. Dark days indeed. If people think that such a wide definition of rape has anything to do with equality, then there is no way to reach them with reason.

    1. 'Reason' was never the feminist strong point. Who needs strength when emotional messages do all that is needed. It gets men jailed for just being men and encourages women to lie. "If it feels good, it is good".

  2. Won't make the slightest difference to them - they're damaged early now.


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