Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Old Knight Rides Out

I had a short break from serving fine ales behind the Tavern bars today. From time to time a chap has to sally forth and lend a hand elsewhere. Even Old Knights. A King, 'sooth. And so I did this morning.

My friend Graham had come down from Queensland at the behest of the Queen (via her incompetent and vainglorious administration in Tasmoania) to face charges of daring to object to the butchering of babies.

Graham has been arrested several times and has spent time in jails in Oz for his quiet, respectful but clear protests. Indeed, I have witnessed several of those protests, standing on street corners like any other ragamuffin with him. 

And by myself too, in my weekly saying of the Rosary outside the abortuary every Tuesday (after a good lunch). And here he was in Court again today.

I have yet to be taken to Court. It was interesting to see the 'Prosecution' lady standing up and offering no evidence whatsoever that he had done anything wrong at all. 

The Magistrate lady (whatever happened to the glass ceiling?) dismissed the ludicrous charges and awarded costs to Graham.

Well done that Gal.

So the taxpayer is told to cough up a the cost of an airfare. That's it.  Graham didn't 'do time', this time. The police harrassment is overlooked. The ludicrousness of the anti-free-speech laws remains un-commented. The babies continue to be butchered.

We faced the media afterwards. And it was good to see two TV cameras and reporters taking an interest. Then we went for a cuppa. Our fine friend Kathy was with us and managed to take a snap - a very rare one - of the Knackered Old Knight without his apron and towel. Or black armour (with the Kingly gold and silver bits).

Special Forces. God's Troopers.
Graham's beard needs a bit of time.

Graham is an heroic figure. His family is fully behind his actions and he has been arrested more times than some people have had a glass of fine Grace in the Tavern. 

Here is a short interview with Graham just two years ago before he was whisked off to spend 200+ days in jail. He was arrested and taken away by police Wednesday May 2. 2012 for refusing to pay accumulated fines of $8,000 for past charges related to his non-violent pro-life activities at abortion clinics. In this 5 minute video report LifeSiteNews shows Graham and his family at home and interview with him about his actions and imminent arrest just moments away. The arrest is also shown in the video.

Now, I ask you, in all humility, just how many of us are willing to undertake such action to prevent a life being taken?

As the saying goes, 'It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings', and I for one wait patiently for a fat or a thin lady, or a gentleman of any proportion to join me in my silent vigil.

Pray the Rosary to the Holy Mother in your own time and place though.

Now, I am back in the Tavern. What'll you have?



  1. Such excellent news merits more than a mere bitter. I think I'll have a wee dram of Speyside single malt if I may....

    1. I will gladly pur from a blessed bottle and join you, m'dear. :)

  2. Some of us talk about it and some go out and do it.

    1. The courage of a young chap in his fifties, eh. Hahaha.

  3. A brave man, whilst in the tavern this evening we should raise our glasses to Graham.

    1. Indeed we will. I will tell more in the following post, as it did not end there. Tomorrow is another day. The law has been shaken, and we continue to stir.

  4. Brave Sir Knights, both. Christian gentlemen and warriors for the unborn. But I continue to ask myself, "Where are the others? Where are the priests? Where are the pastors?"

    1. Yes, and yes again. The reticence of the Clerics is not un-noticed. An ArchBishop or two, a few priests and the odd Pastor simply praying their various ways, silently, together, right outside this abortuary, would get a mobile camera van, ten minutes of TV news (instead of twenty seconds) a bus-load of coppers lead by the Police Commissioner and a fine crowd of hecklers re-enacting the mob that 'weleased Wodger'.


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