Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Government Hypocricy

This is the only Tavern in Tasmoania that allows gentlemen to smoke their pipes in the public bar. That is largely because the Tavern Keeper smokes a pipe, just like Hobbits and Catholic Gentlemen do and because I can happily tell the gummunt to sod off with their regulations.

I do not sell tobacco however but have to buy it elsewhere like anyone else. I bought some today.

Some time ago our public servants in Canberra, a public servant city on the Big Island to the north, and the lefty Gummunt of the day, decreed that smoking was bad for you and all tobacco products were to be in packages that were not to carry any advertising but that of which they, our servants, determined. They would write the labels.

It was Tanya Pilbersek, MP, who demanded this and pushed it through. A lefty, feminist of course and by definition a hypocrit.

The tin I purchaced today had her desired labels fore and aft. 

Smoking 'Harms' unborn babies, she says. Very likely right too. If you are a pregnant lady. Fortunately there are not many gentlemen pipe-smokers likely to get pregnant.

However her 'sista' leftie feminists in Tasmoania say that if you speak up for unborn babies within 150 metres of an abortuary where unborn babies are butchered, torn to bits, dismembered and spiked in their little heads, you will be fined and spend a year in jail.

Harming them is a no-no, but killing them is fine.

The society in Hilary's Village is lunatic.

It is enough to drive a chap to drink.



  1. Thankfully I have not noticed many lady pipe-smokers. Perhaps things are different in Ozzie land?

    If not, it is rather a daft advertising strategy...

    1. Nope. We do have some wierd hippy lady types around but none smoke pipes that I have ever seen.

  2. I am not sure that there is a contradiction between, on the one hand, a government advising people who want to have a healthy baby that smoking puts that desire at risk, and on the other, allowing people who wish to kill their unwanted unborn baby to do so. Of course this observation puts to one side all moral considerations.

    1. Look deeper Mark. The contradiction is 'plain packaged'. This 'unwanted' issue is for another day, as is what the gummunt 'allows'.

  3. Most leftists/feminists are full of contradictions.

    Keep up Gods work my friend:). There is a place waiting for you in the Heavens:). There may even be a special bayou there for me too;)

    1. One day, my dear, you and I shall sit at the edge and dangle our toes in a celestial bayou. But I fully expect first to have to endure a long, long and thorough washing in Purgatory before I smell good enough to sit with the Angels.

  4. The contradictions and stupidity are of course, obvious. It also occurs to me as I listen to bleating politicians regaling me with their righteous indignation and insisting that they are the only people who can fix the country's woes, that I didn't cause the (so-called) budget crisis, I didn't purchase submarines that don't work, I didn't create the concept of the "age of entitlement", I didn't fudge any of the figures, I haven't been looting the Treasury by misusing Parliamentary entitlements, I haven't been swanning off overseas to investigate prostitution in Scandinavia - I haven't done any of that. I haven't even "investigated" prostitution locally. None of these problems were caused by me - they were all caused by politicians - all of them desperate to perpetuate their access to power, money and associated perks - a system of power and plunder at any price and you and I are expected to pick up the cost so that the system from which the politicians so grandly profit can be perpetuated. You and I must do with less, a lot less, so that existing corruption and misuse of power and privilege can be made "more sustainable". I think it's high time these politicians were made responsible for their lies, their deceit and their spending and more particularly, their stupidity and woeful incompetence.
    May your pipe always be full!
    Peter H.

    1. Very well put and much head-nodding and appreciative murmers throughout the bars here. I see many motions of eyebrows and fingers asking me to pull you gratuitous pints for the rest of the evening. They are well earned.


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