Friday, April 20, 2018

Teachers: The Red Cent Rules.

There are older teachers around today that are as depressed about modern education as many of the Tavern's customers. Most ordinary punters, both dads and mums consumed with work, send their kids to what passes for schools, whether they like it or not, to have their little chaps and chapesses spend more time with a (very possibly) uneducated moron than they do with themselves. It is a bleak picture. Older folk remember many of their early years' teachers with affection and gratitude, but few kids today will have such pleasant memories.

The big cities have schools of a wide variety of dismal and deceptive  'performance indicators', but to find a school with 'sound', mature, adults in charge of the shebang or the classroom needs an armed posse. The more 'rural' areas may be on a better footing. There are good teachers and bad, but Gresham's Law affects more than simply the vast amount of 'government' money poured into the system, along with curriculum directives, as some sort of curative.

Mark Evans had something to get off his chest

Teaching the History of Nothing
Many who emerge with a Bachelor of Arts degree rightly earn and confirm the poor reputation that degree now confers. They come out knowing nothing, and many plunge black into the schools, this time as teachers, to pass on nothing. It is a depressing sort of carousel.

How we teach history
“We are not concerned about the narrative of events, or the retelling of history,” I have heard so many times I have lost count, “we are interested in skills.”
Thus, history teaching is not about content—a dirty word among the ACARA curriculum gurus—but is instead about skills. What good is knowledge to students? Who cares if they can recount the events of 1066, or the fall of the Roman Republic, or the Pacific Campaign? What relevance will it have to their daily lives, to their future role in the workforce? 

But skills: now, there’s a word we can get behind. Everybody likes skills. What could be of better utility?
We have become, even among our educated classes, a post-learning society. Ostensibly, the internet has been the vehicle of this shift in consciousness; with information on anything easily obtained, we have no need to carry it about in our own skulls any longer. Of course, information is not the same as knowledge, and without knowledge, wisdom is difficult to obtain. 

Sending unformed young minds to the internet for knowledge is like sending them to a sewer for fresh water. 

I am no longer startled by the abject lack of general knowledge among everybody under the age of fifty. Once, we might have said they knew a lot about a little, or a little about a lot; now it seems they know very little about very little. 

ACARA’s unwieldly response to this shift is to turn learning history into the learning of abstract skills, transferable everywhere—the best response to the interconnected world. It is, in essence, to swallow more of the same poison. The antidote is rigour, but rigour won’t be found in the utilitarian and progressive model of teaching.
He had a great deal more to say after setting the dismal scene on this dismal profession. (follow the link, for more)

Part of that 'progressive model' of teaching involves driving men from the classrooms in case they fall into their supposed and mal-anticipated base, patriarchal instincts and sexually abuse the children, and stuffing the staff rolls with young women who 'know their rights'. But very little else. 

The Education departments in Oz are fiefdoms run by Marxist-feminist lackies who do not find it difficult to herd all the catty girls who pass as teachers. Those moronic drones are quite comfortable with 'teaching' the most outrageous, anti-scientific, marxist, gender-drivel in order to turn small boys and girls into small girls and boys at best and intersexed, confused and dismayed 'trans', gay, lesbian, polyamoritic clones of the most rabid voices in our worst Universities, at worst. 

The worst is winning.

The mind and soul wreckers use 'bullying' as a foil to fool. Their aim is nothing to do with reforming badly behaved children, but how to make them even more badly behaved, confused and guilty teens and adults. They say so themselves. 

The filth mongers like Mz Roz Ward know full well that the materials they devise  will be implemented by wishy-washy, morally bereft young female teachers, who will themselves be tittilated and recommend the prescribed 'internet sources'. Too few of those young women will say 'NO', nor even 'what part of NO don't you understand?'. They are in the sisterhood, like it or not.

Voices get raised when the drivel comes back to the parents in homework assignments. Then the parents start to grumble: the politicians and ex-pollies stand up, some like Mark Latham to condemn - after the horse has bolted - and some to defend their incompetence and spending profligance.

The kiddies do not have to delve into the internet to be poisoned, but directed thereto they are anyway. To homosexual sites. To LGBT-perversion sites which are so pornographic that even a hardened cop fresh from marching in the gay Mardi Gras would blush.

The influence of sound lady teachers wanes. But some still speak out fearlessly to an audience that refuses to listen any more.  

The dumbing-down of the intellectual potential of our children is going on hand in hand with dumbing-down their moral potential.

It not only mum and dad barely see their kids compared to teachers, but that the whole of the decaying society portrayed on TV gets more attention than either. Our kids have little chance.

All the 'sound' older teachers are almost spent now. Treasure them while you may. 

Drink to them and weep for your kids.

And Stand Up to the wreckers.



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  2. Great delivery. Solid arguments. Keep up the good work.

  3. The problem is that the vast majority of parents just don't care. They either can't see the problem, or they don't see it as a problem. Or possibly they're too scared to protest - they don't care enough to risk social disapproval by taking a stand.

    But mostly they just don't care. The fatal weakness of our civilisation is individualism. We don't see ourselves as members of a society with responsibilities and duties towards that society. We're just individuals and therefore selfishness seems like the most sensible choice. Nobody stands up to the teachers or the education departments or the politicians because that might entail some inconvenience or some work, or even some slight risk, and why bother doing that for the sake of society if you don’t believe in society?

    1. You are right about the majority, but 'twas ever thus. It is up to the minority with IQs above room temperature to turn their heat on the schools, and the Principals and the teachers. Make it Personal.

      It is the schools and their staffs who implement the rubbishing of curriculum. They should be named. Their addresses could get passed around. Their homes could be picketted. They could be held accountable by angry parents.

      We in Oz do not have the local school board meetings like they do in the USA. But even there they are too polite.

      And is it 'society' that we do not care about? Individualism would point to protecting our own at individual level. Our kids.

    2. You are right about the majority, but 'twas ever thus.

      It's true that most people have always been lazy and apathetic but the worrying thing today is that the non-apathetic minority seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

      And is it 'society' that we do not care about? Individualism would point to protecting our own at individual level. Our kids.

      You'd think so. But the evidence suggests that most parents really don't care at all about their own kids.

      Or, a perhaps more sinister explanation, most parents are happy to see their children indoctrinated into political obedience and celebration of degeneracy because that's the best way for them to get ahead.

    3. It is the schools and their staffs who implement the rubbishing of curriculum. They should be named. Their addresses could get passed around. Their homes could be picketed. They could be held accountable by angry parents.

      It all comes down to a point I'm always pushing - conservatives always lose because they fight as individuals. SJWs win because they hunt in packs.

      Your suggestions would work if a significant number of parents adopted those tactics but in practice no more than a tiny handful would actually do anything, and that tiny handful would be easily destroyed. They'd be arrested and imprisoned.

      Civil disobedience can be very effective but it requires organised disciplined collective action. Social conservatives are neither organised nor disciplined and they think that collective action is socialism so they won't do it.

      The SJWs won the culture war because social conservatives failed to mount any effective resistance. It's easy to win a war when your enemy is either unable or unwilling to fight back.

    4. Some parents do care and a small snowball starts an avalanche. I met with some just a few weeks ago regarding a school near me, a Catholic girl's school, where a form of 'safe school's program' is being introduced.

      We shall see what transpires.

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