Monday, April 23, 2018

Sanctificetur Nomen Tuum

Down in the Crypt half the morning going through my operating procedure notes. Well, it is just a step from the barrels that I have to hook up. But such chores do give me the opportunity to get on my knees. One runs a Tavern according to routines and SOPs. 

It is essential to know one's place in the scheme of things and that others have 'gone before'.  They have given us a wealth of guidance.  SOPs. What good is a Knight that does not know humility or its essential stabilising role; what use one that does not see the higher purpose to which his profession calls? Even a retired Knight who only occasionally puts his old armour on and then just to see if it still fits. (It doesn't, I am sad to say, such is old age and avoirdupois).

I am not a bit embarrassed to say that I pray daily.  Morn and night. Indeed, often during the day too. It is a duty.

Many of the several hundred thousand visitors to the Tavern have seen me busy and listening to all the conversations of others  (and what a great bunch of customers they are too. Some are far better men and women than I and I am happy to hear what they say ) as I pull pints and wipe tables, without realising that prayer takes up much of the thought that goes on at those lower levels of  my consciousness. When my own daily doings thoughts quieten, I can hear the Rosary being recited, and not just by me. 

But down in the quiet of the Crypt I hear it very clearly. And there, at the start, I say that which my Supplier gave me to say.

That is on Page one of the SOPs, listed under 'Start Here'.

Of course over time there have been variations on the theme. I say it in English. Of course. But also in Latin. The Pater Noster. It is the language of the Church and has been for nigh on 2000 years.  It is a beautiful language too. 

In Church, where I attend a Traditional Latin Mass, it is often sung. I don't sing out loud there as I have a dreadful voice, but I do quietly to m'self so as not to put off those around me. In the Crypt, alone, I can let rip. 

There are other Traditions though, especially in the 'Eastern', or 'Orthodox' Church. 

The Pope was in Georgia (not the US State one) recently for a superb ceremonial featuring a big hairy Monkish priest and a young, clear-voiced girl leading the standing congregation. They sang in Aramaic. The same, eternal prayer given to us. 

 It must move you. Surely.

Some say that my Supplier, who always sends me notes in English as he knows my limitations, spoke Aramaic, and perhaps He did. But He was a Jew, and today's Jews speak Hebrew (when they are not speaking English or other languages). So I am pleased that someone explained how to me, as one would to a seven year old in a classroom.

A Good Knight, even one turned Tavern Keeper, prays morn and night. He is a warrior in a Great Battle. 

Just as a modern aviating knight goes through his check-lists, so he must also have his prayers to check off before going into battle or on the practice joust.

The habit is essential.

We are so prone to error that care has to be excercised constantly. 

So he will attend to the Manufacturer's Operating Manuals and His Operating Procedures. We listen to the guidance of better men. Especially that particular better One. And he will cross himself before letting the brake off.

And he will find me, often, on my knees in the Crypt (the Briefing room?) below the hubub of the tavern's many room. There is a small sign on the door.

Et ne nos inducas in tentationem.



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    1. Edepol ! Magnam Pilae Igneum. Poor. I have phrases. I can struggle my way through reading a passage or two, sometimes. My grammar is atrocious. Nothing to write home about. Indeed not able to write home. Fortunately one gets to know one's prayers through repetition.

  2. Awesome..... Just awesome my friend:)

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    1. Perge scelus (not you of course) mihi diem perficias. Dirty Harry's response to the Malo one.


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