Monday, November 20, 2017

The Old Knight's Birthday

It was my Birthday on the 18th, which accounts for the lack of my presence in the Tavern for the past few days and Saturday in particular. And what a splendid day it was: hot, clear and lacking in wind.  It was an occasion where I was able to 'do the duty' of a Knight and treat folk to some largesse. It is not well known but on a Knight's birthday gifts are given by the birthday chap rather than simply received, although getting gifts is always a pleasure. I now have a fine pair of binocculars.

So it was that this old hermit warrior took a hermit nun to lunch. Nuns are not at all used to frivolity and 'pleasures of the flesh' so she was delighted to have a light dessert lunch of Orange and Almond cake with cream and a fine iced coffee with ice cream to wash it down in my favourite cafe by the beach. We sat beside the beach and watched the children play and it was a further delight to see so many dads with their little ones. We did not mention the newer tradition of dad's only getting to see their children at the weekend.

The evening was altogether different. I attended a Dinner, a fundraiser for a friend who cares for mums and babies. If I am to give, I give wisely at least.

This lady, Gaylene, started up 'Esther's House' some few years ago to help mums with 'crisis' pregancies - with crisis being a broad term.  Just how many babies are tottering around today in this paradise island because Gaylene cared I am not sure, but she has saved many from a gruesome death before they even got a start in life.  Many of the mums are 'single mums'. 

Some customers may wonder just why I am supportive, remembering all the discussions and 'denouncing' of the modern trend of fatherless families that we hear in the Tavern.  Even from me. 

Well there is a Reality to acknowledge and attend to. 

The Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life 

recognises that we live in a Vale of Tears and encourages us to wipe those tears away and get down to the business of Loving in practical ways, no matter what the circumstance.

Many people have difficult decisions and many fail in their courage. Gaylene is there for them.

Ben Shapiro is totally bold in addressing this. One may not agree with all of his views, particulalry the harsher ones, but virtually everything else he says cuts straight through to Truth and Reality. He, too, recognises that it is to each of us to Be Charitable.

Ben would happily give his hand and open his wallet.  As we did.

What an excellent dinner it was too. Some 150 people donated like it was going out of fashion and wanted to get in quick. 

You too can donate.

I was pleased to see amongst this virtually entirely Christian gathering in a Methodist Hall, many of my Catholic friends from my Traditional Latin Mass congregation, and even amongst those serving us. We opened our wallets like there would be no opportunity tomorrow.

There were prizes to be bid-for and won, items silently auctioned (I was outbid on several but then I am a poor Knight) and competetive giving 'races' between the tables. And as an added pleasure I found m'self seated next to a lady known to me only as an occasional facebook friend. Frau Flintstone was anything but flinty. A very pleasant dining companion.

I won a door prize of a bottle of wine, which I gave to Gaylene and her ladies to enjoy. 

I have Ales and Wines a'plenty from my Supplier. 

All in all, a very pleasant way to have a birthday.


PS, How old am I? 

This old Knight was born a very long time ago in Mythical times when years were not as they are now.


  1. Another year down old friend:)


    1. Made it past 64. Never been this old before. :) Never will be this young again.

  2. It sounds like you had a fine time on your birthday :-)


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