Friday, November 3, 2017

Not All Psychos are Like That

Can you imagine a newsreader saying that? A President, perhaps? Can you imagine them saying "Paedophiles Brace for a Backlash", as though somehow the general public would be at fault for wanting to catch them and treat them as they deserve?  How about "Organised Criminal Gangs Brace for a Backlash" and fault the police making an effort to eradicate them. Or 'Not all Criminals are like that".  

We do not make excuses for classes of criminals: that is, those who would do harm to us and to society.  We differentiate criminals only on the basis of their particular choice of crime. We do not ever say, 'Not all criminals are criminals'.

They are. All of them, and without exception, 'are like that'.  

Even when they are sitting at home having a beer or  just thinking about molesting a child on the back lot of a movie studio. 

Not all gays are child molesters, despite Kevin Spacey's excuses. Except that so many are and so few heterosexuals are that it is a brave or foolish to deny it.  Kevin is certainly in the deep doodoo for daring to offer the excuse and showing up the sheer mendacity of the gay lobby.  

Gays are sacred.  Protected. Not all actors are gay, child molesters, perverts, sexual harrassers, rapists, lesbians etc despite Hollywood stinking to high heaven.  Even newsreader ladies using their autocues would not offer any blanket excuse or criticise a gay person.

I shall come back to that later.

The excuses given to Muslims though make the mind boggle.

Everytime there is a muslim atrocity visited upon us in our cities, upon innocent bystanders or bicyclists, upon vulnerable young girls, the same old, lame and frankly insulting cant is trotted out by the media and by those who have the authority and powers to stop the carnage. You never hear them make excuses for paedophiles, or organised crime gangs. So why do Muslims get a free pass? 

"Not all Muslims are like that"

They ARE all like that.

The Rochdale rapists were 'covered up', officially.  The PTB did not want to appear 'Islamophobic'.

Muslims have a very detailed creed which obliges them to be like that.  

All of them. 

Even those doing the shopping or walking their camel. They all want to visit atrocities upon you. 

You are an Infidel; filthy; to be killed.  Or raped. Like it or not, that is what they class you, and to them, you are all like that.

You will not hear a Muslim say 'Not all filthy infidels are like that'.

But they do moan and complain and blame.  As Chris Fuchs explained:
Muslim Americans Again Brace for Backlash After New York Attack
Only here can they get away with such mendacity

Umer Ahmad, a 43-year-old Muslim-American physician from New Jersey, was in his Trenton office when he heard that a rented pickup truck had deliberately driven down a bike path in Lower Manhattan, killing eight people and injuring about a dozen more.
"My initial reaction was, obviously, concern and shock over what happened," Ahmad told NBC News. "And then, basically, I was wondering if it was a Muslim who did it."
The suspect was identified as an Uzbek immigrant named Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29, who entered the United States in 2010, law enforcement officials said.
Saipov hopped out of the truck and shouted "Allahu Akbar," or "God is great," before firing a BB or pellet gun, four senior law enforcement sources said. Law enforcement sources said he left a note in the truck claiming he committed the attack for the Islamic State terrorist group.
A police officer on patrol in the area opened fire, hitting the suspect in the abdomen and ending what New York Mayor Bill de Blasio called "an act of terror."
Ahmad's question was answered.
"My biggest concern is that he's readily identified as a Muslim and then that is extrapolated out to my own faith," he said.
Er.... yes. Your faith demands that all filthy infidels, even those in prams pushed by young mums, be slaughtered. 

We read your book. 
In the wake of Tuesday's attack, some Muslim Americans and community leaders expressed concerns over how their religion would be perceived and whether Muslims would become targets of violence.
And just how do these 'community leaders' expect to be perceived? I perceive them as leaders of communities that worship hatred, violence and death. 
"There has been a history of, sort of, blowback, and that's obviously going to be something that people think about," said Ali Najmi, a board member of the Muslim Democratic Club of New York. "But the primary concern is, usually, and is now, how we can best lend ourselves in this time of crisis."
Hmmmm. Asking for suggestions. Perhaps 'lend' yourselves to the airline and ship ticket office, get a flight or voyage booked and SOD OFF to a Mulsim country where they like that sort of thing. 
Najmi predicted that Muslim-American groups would organize around ways to help those affected by Tuesday's attack.
"Their primary concern is about how we can be helpful and how we can help the victims and people in crisis," he said.
Best help is to GO. 
Afaf Nasher, executive director of the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the action and attitude that Muslim Americans must take were ones of continued service — "service to what needs to be done for, number one, those that are attacked, but also just in general for the general community."
"From our perspective as Muslim Americans, we are just incredibly heartbroken," Nasher added.
Oddly, I do not believe him for one moment. His Holy book of daily do's and don't's tells him to lie and deceive. 
"And just thinking about the senseless blood that was spilled and thinking about the families who are now in mourning, it's difficult to even talk."
Your fellows will be shooting guns into the air in celebration all around the world where your 'faith' has become the State Religion / Ideology. 
Ahmad, the physician, said he worried about backlash every time an attack like Tuesday's happens. But "I feel I'm more worried about what the response from political leadership would be," he said.
Worry? I bet. I do too. Fortunately I have not held my breath waiting for this backlash. So far all I have seen is a chap in the UK arrested and jailed for leaving a bacon sandwich outside a mosque. My main worry is that our authorities are too busy restraining ordinary people rather than arresting every damned Muslim in sight.
Ahmad said he had seen the Muslim-American community change since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the deadliest on U.S. soil.
"Ever since 9/11, we've become much less insular," he said. "We're more prone to reaching out and letting people know who we are and basically trying to create those connections in our communities.
"That's been a real important bridge to try to at least mitigate some of the misconceptions, and consequences of those misconceptions," he said.
Nasher said there were ways to combat the negative image often associated with Islam.
"We as Muslims carry the responsibility to show what we say and what we preach, and that's something we do every day," she said.
You preach hatred, violence and death. We know what you say and what you do. 
Ahmad gave some simple advice.
"Get to know a Muslim in your community, and maybe then you might have a different opinion," he said. 
Let us wait first until we hear from our highly paid local newsreaders encouraging us to "get to know a Paedophile in your community and maybe then we might have a different opinion". Or 'get involved with your local criminal gang and understand the pressures they are under.'

By the way, the Police in the UK, so I hear, have said they are no longer going to arrest child molesters as there are too many of them.

Matt Walsh has been fuming about this 'backlash' canard too. 
If All You're Worried About After A Terror Attack Is 'Islamophobia,' You're A Gigantic Fool
An Islamic terrorist named Sayfullo Saipov hopped in a truck yesterday and ran into a crowd of people, killing eight people and injuring a dozen more. He yelled "Allahu Akbar" during the course of the attack, and apparently pledged loyalty to ISIS before carrying it out.
Literally minutes after news of the slaughter broke, the Left and the media set to work focusing the discussion on 
the most important thing: Islamophobia. 
An author and professor at Rice University tweeted that the attack was "unfortunate" because of the effect it will have on Muslims in the city. 
Many others shared this concern. CNN refused initially to describe the killer, and reported that he yelled "God is great" so as to subtly de-Islamize him. MSNBC jumped in to insist that this is "not Islam whatsoever" and had nothing at all to do with Islam. The New Yorker immediately interviewed a local middle school teacher to find out how the attack might emotionally impact her Muslim students. NBC News published an article informing us that the poor Muslims are "again bracing for backlash."
Again? When did the first backlash happen? 

When has there been any serious backlash against Muslims in the United States? 
The really incredible thing is that Muslims have faced basically no backlash at all. If members of a minority religious group in pretty much any non-western country killed thousands of innocent civilians over the course of only two decades, you can bet there would be a sustained and violent campaign of reprisals against them. 
Most likely, there would be a full-on purge and banishment of the offending party. 
That's how Muslim groups are treated in Muslim countries by the dominant sect. 
But nothing of that sort has happened here or will ever happen here. Muslim Americans ought to show some gratitude for our enduring tolerance, rather than standing over our dead to inform us that they, the Muslims, are the real victims here.
Next to transgenderism, "Islamophobia" is truly the Left's most ludicrous fable.
But even if there were some malignant strand of "Islamophobia" spreading rapidly throughout the land, you would only feed it, and, in the minds of the "Islamophobic," vindicate it, by making anti-Muslim bigotry the first and most pressing issue after a brutal terrorist attack. 
Nobody does this with any other group, as Ben Shapiro points out. The media didn't track down southern Americans to ask them about the effects of anti-south prejudices after the Charlottesville attack. 
Nobody was fretting about fears of anti-white backlash after Charleston. 
I don't recall NBC doing any "not all pro-lifers" puff pieces after a nutcase shot up a Planned Parenthood a few years ago.
In fact, the reaction is quite the opposite. 
There was, rather, a frantic rush to connect Charlottesville with southern culture, Charleston with deep-seated white bigotries, and the Planned Parenthood shooting with the pro-life movement at large. 
Even though Muslims have killed far, far more people in this country and worldwide than any of these other groups, still only they get this kind of warm and fuzzy treatment from the media and our culture in general. 
It's gross. Truly gross. 
Gross with a strong whiff of suicidal.
However you feel about Islam — if you think the religion is inherently peaceful in spite of terrorism, or if you think it is violent and hateful by its very nature — there are still certain facts you cannot avoid or deny. 
The terrorist in New York yesterday was Muslim. The terrorist in Orlando was Muslim. As were the terrorists in San Bernardino, and Chattanooga, and Boston, and Ft. Hood, and on 9-11, and in dozens of other cases in the United States, and thousands of other cases across the world. 
It is not "Islamophobia" to notice this fact. 
It is not bigotry to be disturbed by it. 
And the headline, the main point, of these blood events is certainly not that Muslims might get their feelings hurt. 
You are a fool, or something much worse, if that's your primary concern.
A pint for that man and a small glass of juice for the other chappie who needs a good talking to. I guess Matt just did that.

Oh, about Kevin and his 'apology'. An Indepndant Man had a few things to say. He was astonished at the media's reactions.

Drink up, Ladies and gentlemen. I am itching to refill your glasses.



  1. Can you imagine them saying "Paedophiles Brace for a Backlash"

    It saddens me deeply to have to say this but yes, I can imagine that. That's the way our society is headed. I really do think we'll soon have people saying that Not All Paedophiles Are Like That. And after all it's not their fault. They were born that way. You can't change your sexual tastes, even though you can change your sex as easily as you change your underwear.

    Not all gays are child molesters, despite Kevin Spacey's excuses. Except that so many are and so few heterosexuals are that it is a brave or foolish to deny it.

    Yep. The reality is that a sexual interest in children is primarily a homosexual thing. Among heterosexuals it's a very rare perversion. Among homosexuals it's common and has been part of their sub-culture for at least a couple of thousand years.

    Whenever you think that we've gone so far down the slippery slope that we just can't go any further, think again. Our society can always sink that little bit lower.

    1. Yes, you imagine with clarity, Sir. Many a word spoken (not just in jest) in barely covered sarcasm, can soon be seen writ large. The indefensible all too soon find defenders who would not dream of standing for what is Right and Reasonable. D is for Doom and our society appears to be just that unless we can haul it's head around. Keep up your end of the good work, Sir and have a pint on the House.


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