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Broken Golden Thread

There are few golden threads in the glittering gowns worn by Hollywood's lady stars anymore. Few cannot be aware of the moral implosion in Hollywood of late. The filthy rich and famous celebrities, actors, actresses and even child 'stars' are lining up for a great 'victimhood' sprint that threatens to outsleaze any Olympic drug scandal. Accusations abound, some going back 30 years or more, and the 'meeeja' are quick, as usual, to pounce on them and give its Judgement. 

Yet, yet, we lose sight in all the howls and finger-pointing, of the Golden Thread, so noted by Horace Rumpole, that runs through the Laws of Anglophile nations.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty beyond Reasonable Doubt.

So where is the evidence? Where is the corroboration? Where is the examination and cross-examination? No-where in sight. That presumption of innocence is nowhere to be seen.

Talk in the Tavern, of course, is given with some Grace at hand. Pints usually. And the sight and sound of so many people jockeying for position on the greasy pole of fame has called for many a pint, I can tell you.

Despite the loud and raucus mob out there, we hear much talk of lies, mendacities, accusations and sheer hypocricy. Moans and shrieks coming from beyond the Tavern's hedges will not stop my customers from looking for Truth.  They know that there are liars and damned liars out there, despite there very likely being some truths being shouted.

Lies, accusations and the simple acceptance of such by 'authorities' as well as the 'Meeja', have broken the Golden Thread. 

In this latest hollywood fiasco we see a long line of women who have become wealthy beyond the dreams of a 18C Princess, all complaining of what they 'had to do' to get all that wealth and fame. Sell their sex. 

I can understand the vulnerability of young boys and girls targetted by pederasts and homosexual predators, but grown women? Women who prided themselves of being so much more 'mature, than boys? 

As their feminist sistas said a generation before, 

'Just what part of NO didn't they understand?'.

I think we have to, in fairness, assume their innocence too. So why are they not treated equally in this age of 'eeekwalleteee' ?  Why not test their tales in a Court and establishing which are 'mistaken'; which coerced into lying by nasty menz and wymminz: which seek further fame, sympathy and magazine story fees from bandwagon riding: and which are just damned liars. Heck we just might find some who are mad. Sorry .... have mental health problems. 

We can treat those like Muslims, then.

So, who have we seen put in the frame to date?

The always so reliable ABC (Hah!) tells us:

Weinstein's Impact: List of men accused of sexual misconduct

Since The New York Times published allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in October, multiple men in Hollywood and media have faced allegations ranging from sexual misconduct to rape. A look at some of the men accused:

— Producer Harvey Weinstein— Accused by dozens of women of sexual harassment or assault. Fired by The Weinstein Co. and expelled from various professional guilds. Under investigation by police departments in New York, London, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. He denies all allegations of non-consensual sex.
So, is he guilty? We cannot know until there has been an investigation, charges laid, a Court sitting to sift the evidence, the accusers tell their tales and prove beyond reasonable doubt.  

Is he likely to be guilty? So many would like to think so. I am not his defence counsel.

— Actor Jeremy Piven — Accused by three women of sexual misconduct. He denies all allegations.
Who are these women? It is all too usual for anonymity to be afforded the accusers: yet so often they are shown to be liars. Their names though are still kept secret. 
But this time everyone and her dog wants her name up there in lights for the fame and the sympathy.

Even President Trump was faced with calumnies by a raft of woman who all seem to have gone very quiet.  Ashley Judd, infamously denounced him for his comments while  - harbouring her own complicity, perhaps? - she stayed silent for years about her benefactors.

— Actor Kevin Spacey — Accused by at least 14 men of sexual misconduct or assault. London police reportedly investigating a sexual assault. Fired from 'House of Cards' and replaced in Ridley Scott's completed film 'All the Money in the World.' His former publicist has said he is seeking unspecified treatment.
Fired. No trial. No defence statement in a Court. No corroborated eveidence. But career in ruins. Same with most on this incomplete list.

— Filmmaker Brett Ratner — Accused by at least six women of sexual harassment. Playboy shelved projects with Ratner and Ratner stepped away from Warner Bros. related activities. He denies the allegations.

— Actor Steven Seagal — Accused by two women of rape. He denies the allegations.
— Comedian Louis C.K. — Accused by five women of sexual misconduct. Planned release of film "I Love You, Daddy" halted. Netflix special canceled. He says the allegations are true and has apologized.
— Actor Ed Westwick — Accused by two women of sexual assault. The BBC pulled an Agatha Christie adaptation from its television schedule and halted production on a second sitcom starring the "Gossip Girl' actor. Los Angeles police are investigating. He denies the allegations.
— Actor Dustin Hoffman — Accused by woman of sexual harassing when she was 17. He has apologized for his behavior.
— 'Mad Men' creator Matthew Weiner — Accused by one woman of sexual harassment. He denies the allegation.
Biden has not been named even though everyone sees.
— Actor Robert Knepper — Accused by one woman of sexual assault. He denies the allegations.
— Actor Jeffrey Tambor — One woman alleges sexual misconduct. He denies the allegation.
— Writer-director James Toback — Accused by hundreds of women of sexual harassment. Beverly Hills police investigating complaints. He has denied the allegations to the Los Angeles Times.
— Director-producer Gary Goddard — Accused by one man of sexually molesting him at age 12. He was unavailable to immediately respond.
— Producer Chris Savino— Accused of harassing up to 12 women. Fired from Nickelodeon. He has apologized for his behavior.
— Amazon executive Roy Price — Accused by one woman of sexual harassment. He resigned from Amazon.
— Journalist Mark Halperin — Accused of harassing about 12 women while at ABC News. Book contract terminated. Fired from job at NBC News. He has denied some of the allegations.
— New Republic publisher Hamilton Fish— Multiple sexual harassment allegations. He has resigned from the magazine.
— New Republic editor Leon Wieseltier — Accused of sexually harassing numerous women. Removed from the masthead of The Atlantic magazine. He has apologized for his behavior.
— NPR news chief Michael Oreskes — Accused of inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment by at least four women while at The New York Times, NPR and The Associated Press. He has been ousted from NPR.
— Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner — Accused by one man of sexual harassment. He says he did not intend to make the accuser uncomfortable.
— Billboard magazine executive Stephen Blackwell — Accused of sexual harassment by one woman. He has resigned from the magazine.
— Artforum publisher Knight Landesman — Accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and sued by one woman. He has resigned from the magazine.
— Webster Public Relations CEO Kirt Webster — Accused of sexual assault by one woman. Firm renamed and Webster is "taking time away'"
— Celebrity chef John Besh — Accused by 25 women of sexual harassment. He has stepped down from the company he founded.
Why is the Meeja surprised? The entire world from Helsinki to PGN is aware of the cess pit of hollywood. The film world has long since abandoned the rule of 'one foot on the floor' in bedroom scenes. 
Since the 60's 'sexual revolution' when extra-marital sex was so suddenly lauded along with rampant sexuality everywhere, divorce, infidelity, contraception, legalised prostitution, the 'call girl' cult .... even the otherwise charming Dr Who assistant Rose, Billy Piper, played a prostitute to great applause..... and the monstrous regiment of Feminists demanding that 'women can do everything (the worst and most base) men can do', it has gone downhill gathering speed, plumbing the depths of depravity and taking society with it. 

It has been pushing homosexuality into the lounge rooms of TV viewers for a decade or more and buggery and sodomy are words long gone. Now it is 'lerve'. Homosexuals are the 'good guys' who should be able to have 'families' with the young children of those 'bigotted' heterosexuals who object.

And now they complain ! 

They reap what they sow.

Notable is the lack of women being accused.  Women can do anything and we must not criticise lest we be labled misogynists. Yet when we look at just what 'sexual harrassment' actually means these days - a 'look', a word misunderstood, a compliment even, not just rape and groping or being 'Bidened' in public, what is missing from 'accusatopn' is women's behaviour which men have always found to be confronting.  

In best Ghostbuster's receptionist voice, though, we can at last shout 'Got One !!'

Julia March could be Janine, that receptionist.

Ex-bodyguard accuses Mariah Carey of sexual harassment

Mariah Carey’s former bodyguard says the pop diva sexually harassed him by flouncing around in sheer lingerie while he was on the job — and now he’s threatening to sue.

When she wasn’t flaunting her saucy undergarments, the “Touch My Body” singer also called ex-guard Michael Anello a “Nazi,” according to a draft of the complaint obtained by TMZ.

Carey labeled Anello — head of the LA-based Anello Security and Consulting — and his colleagues skinheads, KKK members and white supremacists, the gossip site reported.

She “wanted to be surrounded with black guys, not white people,” Anello claims in the draft suit.

Carey, a New York native, is of mixed race — her father was black and Venezuelan and her mother is Irish.
In 1990, she lashed out at a Playboy reviewer who wrote that she was a “white girl who can sing.”
One wonder just how confident she is in her singing ability when she has to show her underwear and flash her pudenda infront of thousands who might find it difficult to look away.

Just what sort of woman will walk around in her underwear infront of a chap who is not her husband? I think we know the answer to that one. Pretty well all of those 'singer' entertainers do it infront of thousands and get paid for it.

“It seems that most people don’t know much about interracial children,” she said at the time.

Anello plans to sue over a $220,000 unpaid invoice for security his company provided to Carey from June 2015 through May 2017.

He is after another $511,000 for two remaining years on a security contract, TMZ reported.
But the draft suit also accuses the five-time Grammy Award-winner of performing “sexual acts with the intent that they be viewed by Anello.”
Specifically, Carey allegedly instructed Anello to come to her Cabo San Lucas hotel room to help her with her luggage — and was half-covered in a see-through negligee, according to TMZ.
When Anello tried to duck out of the room, Carey allegedly insisted that he finish moving the luggage first. There was no contact between the two.
Put it away, madam. 
I do not wish to see your crotch. 

She is as unaware of the 'harrassing' she does, as are many women who wander the streets showing far more of their private parts than is safe.  They get drunk, have random sex with men they barely know and hide behind the propensity of 'authorities' to blame the man when he is drunk too. 

He gets no such excuse.

It is time men complained first before they get accused of 'looking'.  Once accused, a chap is at the mercy of the criminal feminist legal system, which has no truck with the Golden Thread.

The Saunders woman - chief Prosecutor of Britain - the Rapistfinder General - is on record as demanding that all rape accusations by women against men be believed.  

The Golden Thread is not to be found in her wardrobe. 

To her, all females are pure and victimised and get sexually assaulted daily.

The police are to 'protect' female accusers. (Unless the accusation is against a Muslim rape gang). 'Tis a pity they are not more like Insurance companies who will investigate claims with a view to stopping false ones. 

False Rape claims are endemic today.

And she has media supportes too. Like Sonia Sodha. Hmmmm I wonder if she is a feminist.

When someone is acquitted of rape, it does not mean the accuser is lying

That’s not to say there are no false and malicious allegations. But there is no evidence to suggest that they are higher for rape than for any other crime, despite the damaging perceptions to the contrary.

If anything, they make up a tiny proportion of reported rape cases: a landmark study by the CPS found that in a 17-month period, while there were just under 6,000 prosecutions for rape, there were only 35 for making false allegations of rape. A significant number of these cases involved young, often vulnerable people – some with mental health issues.
Er.... hello. Perhaps more prosecutions are needed for lying in Court. Perhaps 'reported' needs looking into. 

But she doesn't think of that. 

And women DO lie about rape despite assertions to the contrary. Perhaps Janet Bloomfield can show her, and us.

12 Women Who Lied About Being Raped And Why They Did It

Two sensational rape stories in the media have brought to light the question of false allegations, prompting many to wonder just why a woman would lie about rape. 

In her memoir, Lena Dunham claims that she was raped by Barry, a flamboyant, well-known campus Republican, but her story does not hold up under scrutiny.

Jackie, the woman at the center of the Rolling Stone profile on Greek culture at the University of Virginia, claims to have been gang-raped, but the discrepancies in her account resulted in the magazine backing away from the story and questioning Jackie’s credibility. We do not know if either of these women has made false allegations, but false allegations of rape can and do happen. Here are 13 reasons women lie about rape.
Oh yes we do now, because the cases went to trial The woman lied. Just as the Matress girl was exposed for the dangerous, men-wrecking fraud that she is. 

1. Women lie about rape to cover up their infidelity

One night, Nicola Osborne got a bit drunk and ended up in bed with a man and they enjoyed “extensive sexual activity.”

The episode was entirely consensual and the two swapped phone numbers after they were through. On the way home, it occurred to Osborne that her husband might not think very highly of her “activities” and she became flustered and visibly upset. When passers-by came to her aid, she told them that she had been forcibly abducted and raped by a stranger, sparking a massive police response to find the rapist. A subsequent DNA test led police to the man whom she had slept with and he was arrested and held for 12 hours. Once the truth came out that the encounter has been consensual, Osborne was charged with filing a false report and sentenced to 18 months in prison. Women lie about rape to cover up their infidelity.

2. Women lie about rape to explain why they are looking at porn
When Elizabeth Coast’s mother discovered her looking at porn on the internet, Coast explained that her actions were the result of sexual abuse she had experienced at the hand of a neighbor. Coast testified that when her neighbor was 14, and she was 10, he had sexually molested her. Her testimony was compelling enough to secure the man’s conviction. He was sentenced to seven years and served four of those until Coast’s guilty conscience became too much to bear and she admitted that she had lied about an innocent man. Coast was sentenced to two months in prison for her lie and must pay the man $90,000 restitution. Women lie about rape to explain why they are looking at porn.
3. Women lie about rape because they are mentally ill

Rosanne England scratched her face, tore her clothing and concocted a story about a man asking to use her telephone and then violently raping her. She gave police a detailed description that happened to match a 59-year-old father of two teenaged daughters who had no alibi as he had been walking his dog in the woods when the rape allegedly occurred. The man was arrested and held for 28 hours until DNA tests finally cleared him. He continues to face suspicion from his neighbors about his guilt. England gave no justification for the accusation other than she suffers from “mental illness.” Women lie about rape because they are mentally ill.

4. Women lie about rape because they feel guilty
Kelly Harwood had a few drinks and decided that sleeping with her friend’s son was a good idea. Upon reflection, she decided that she had betrayed her friend by doing so and reported her friend’s son for rape. She told police that she had been raped while sleeping, and her friend’s son was subjected to an “intrusive medical examination and interviewed under caution.” Two days later, Harwood relented and admitted that she had lied about the rape. She suffers from depressive illness, exacerbated by the amount of alcohol she had consumed. Women lie about rape because they feel guilty.

5. Women lie about rape if the sex is bad

Lynette Lee arranged to meet a man whom she had contacted through a dating site. They went on a date, which ended with consensual sex in a motel room. Lee then reported the man for forcible rape. He was interviewed by police, who then re-interviewed Lee, who confessed to lying about the rape because “she did not enjoy the sex” and “it was bad.” Women lie about rape if the sex is bad.
6. Women lie about rape when they fail school exams
Rhiannon Brooker knew her party lifestyle was catching up with her when the law student failed her bar exams. She told her exam committee that her performance was affected by “extenuating circumstances” and had her boyfriend charged with multiple counts of rape and assault, including punching her so hard in the stomach that she miscarried. She faked her own injuries to support the charges. The accused spent 36 days in jail before police confirmed that he was at work and had alibis for each of the alleged rapes. Brooker was sentenced to three and a half years for false allegations. Women lie about rape when they fail school exams.
7. Women lie about rape because of psychiatric medication complications
Katherine Bennett had consensual sex with a national guardsman but then reported to police that he had abducted her from a parking lot, taken her to his house and drugged her and raped her at knifepoint before she was able to escape. The police were able to establish that the story had been fabricated but not before the guardsman lost his job and had his reputation seriously damaged. Bennett’s attorney said that Bennett suffers from depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder and “although her condition and complications from medication were not an excuse for the false report, they were contributing factors.” Women lie about rape because of psychiatric medication complications.

8. Women lie about rape when they want attention

Gemma Gregory, desperate for attention from police officers, filed eight false rape charges, accusing seven different men over a period of six years. Former boyfriends were subjected to DNA tests and interviews and huge amounts of police time were wasted so that Gregory could have the attention she craved. After recording hundreds of calls with Gregory, the police arrested and charged her with false allegation offenses. Women lie about rape when they want attention.

9. Women lie about rape to get sympathy

Linsey Attridge was having some relationship problems with her boyfriend and needed to win some sympathy from him. She trolled Facebook and found a picture of a 26-year-old man and his 14-year-old brother whom she had never met and reported them both for a violent rape. To make her story more credible, she punched herself in the face, ripped her clothing and told police that the two men had broken into her house while her boyfriend was away and subjected her to a brutal attack. Both were arrested and had their lives turned upside down as word of the charges spread throughout the community. Attridge eventually admitted to making the whole thing up and was sentenced to 200 hours of community service. She has never apologized. Her boyfriend dumped her. Women lie about rape to get sympathy.
10. Women lie about rape to make boyfriends jealous
Hannah Bryon was mad at her boyfriend for breaking up with her. Wanting some attention from him and to make him jealous, she told him that a man whom she had been flirting with attacked her on a bridge, raped her and then threw money at her to get a taxi. The man whom she identified as her rapist was arrested and put through a stressful examination and questioning but was able to provide police with evidence that he had not attacked Bryon. Bryon was given a suspended sentence and 150 hours of community service. Women lie about rape to make boyfriends jealous.

11. Women lie about rape for revenge

When Cori Lynn Osiecki’s boyfriend broke up with her and started “spreading rumors,” she decided to exact revenge on him by filing a rape charge. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where a rape kit was collected and an investigation was started. Eventually Osiecki admitted that she had lied about the assault because she “wanted to get back at him.” Women lie about rape for revenge.

12. Women lie about rape when their friends get mad at them

Biurny Peguero was extremely drunk, out at a bar with friends, and impetuously accepted a ride in a van with three men. When she realized where she was, she became frightened and hysterical. The men took her back to the bar, and that’s when the trouble started. The friends she had left behind were angry with her and a brawl broke out among the women, who punched and bit one another. When a friend demanded to know if the men had raped Peguero, she said that they had. The bruises she had sustained in the fight with her friends were accepted as evidence of rape, and one man spent four years in jail on the charge. Women lie about rape when their friends get mad at them.
Shockingly, this is not even a complete list of the reasons women lie about rape, but if anything is clear, it is that 

women do lie.
Sowing filth leads to reaping corruption.  Lies and blaming are at epidemic proportion. A little 'blow' here upon some fatcat or small boy, reaps the tornado we are seeing.

The next Hollywood disaster movie blockbuster will very likely be called... 

Karma Tsunami 

But it is not too late for society.

A final call for a Reality Check.

The Golden Thread can be restored.

It must be restored.

Or we all shall fall under the malevolent gaze of the Beast that this way comes.

Drink up.



  1. Tangled web, Amfortas, tangled web.

  2. Agreed, proof is required, but we also need to apply interest in full investigations equally, not play favorites because of politics or church membership or because we "like" someone.

    And as much as it behooves me to say, that includes even politicians. I don't assume anyone at a loftier level of politics is innocent any more than I presume they are guilty, regardless of political leanings.

    I think there is a tendency for people to automatically believe something because that person does or does not "appear" to ascribe to their political or religious views or and that is a dangerous mentality. Because don't you know, someone will eventually come along and know that and take advantage of it. (That may have already happened.)

    As for the fake reports of rape/assault, most true victims are afraid to tell and often don't go reported. If you've ever talked to real victims with the physical scars to prove violent rape, you know that.

    What are they afraid of besides more violence?

    The false accusations that will come THEIR way for speaking up. That they won't be believed. That the more powerful in the situation will destroy their life, they'll lose jobs, friends, reputation.

    Now let's take it off sex a moment. Lately, I've heard two horrible stories about hospital misconduct and negligence resulting in death or permanent injury from friends. They probably could've sued, but that wouldn't change what happened and they were afraid the powerful, wealthier hospital would win and stoop low, they'd be ruined in their towns. Thus, the hospital people feel no shame, while the families are left with the "couldda, shouldda wouldda" and feeling responsible for having taken them there in the first place, blaming themselves.

    I think most people in less powerful positions are afraid or speaking up against people in power, and when they do, we can't automatically assume they want attention or are lying, even in Hollywood lol, just as we can't assume they're telling the truth. Because perhaps the truth is they really ARE being brave. And when one victim is brave enough to speak, the others will, they know now they're not alone.

    Agreed, it needs to be fully investigated and even still, sometimes the person with the most money or the better liar wins. So I agree with the statement even guilty verdicts or acquittals don't mean innocence or guilt, it's often the best justice money can buy or the best liar who wins.

    I think your point is a valid one, but I also think there are already too many actual victims that never told anyone, won't press charges, afraid of not being believed, living in shame that they brought this on themselves or made the wrong choice that left themselves vulnerable, feeling all the shame while the powerful feel nothing and are happy to blame the victim too and will most likely do it again.

    People that have gotten away with crime due to fame or politics for years don't need anymore help, they've had enough enablers, for years. It's the victims who need our help and focus. Sure, some may be lying, but I'll take that chance to at least listen to what they have to say and fully investigate, (And when I say victims, I realize that there are victims of false accusations too and it's devastating too, I've experienced that myself. And don't forget, there can be false accusations about the accusers, too, that they're a slut, crazy, etc; in fact, that is common practice,)

    But if I had to choose between being a target or "victim" of false accusation or a target or "victim* of rape - believe me when I tell you I'd take being a victim of false accusation over a victim of rape or sexual assault any day. You heal from the former faster than the latter. The latter you never, ever get over. And you wonder all your life the "couldda shouldda woulddas" while an abuser never does, happy to blame you too. Just my opinion...

    1. Unless we get back to proper 'due process' no-one is safe. You make good points.

  3. So, is he guilty? We cannot know until there has been an investigation, charges laid, a Court sitting to sift the evidence, the accusers tell their tales and prove beyond reasonable doubt.

    In the vast majority of cases like this we can never know. It's just one person's word against another's. These kinds of accusations are by their very nature unprovable. Anyone who thinks that a court will deliver justice in such cases is living in a dream world. A case that relies on nothing more than one person's word against another's should never even go to court. It's nonsense.

    And the idea that a court can deliver justice in a case based on allegations about events that happened decades earlier is ludicrous. That's why we used to have the protection of a statute of limitations. It used to be recognised that a fair trial is absolutely impossible decades after an alleged offence. But statutes of limitations, like the presumption of innocence, are now largely things of the past.

    It's also worth pointing out that "sexual harassment" is a concept that is so absurdly vague and subjective that no court, no matter how perfect, could ever determine guilt.

    1. Guilty, in this respect, is a legal concept. A trial does not always deliver perfect justice or even perfect Truth, but the Good must not be sacrificed for perfection. And attempt at fairness must be sincere and seen.

      The gist of the other points was made and one can only agree. Well, not only.... I can thank you for underlining. :)

    2. Points well taken, it's often one person's word against another which is difficult to prove. However, what to do then?

      As for statute of limitations, well, that's what people in power are counting on - such as the hospital negligence case I mentioned. By the time the family settles family affairs, grieves, heals and finds their bravery, time's up - does that mean it didn't happen or shouldn't be investigated?

      And yet if this were actual murder instead of abuse of power or negligence, I doubt if 5 or 40 years later would make a difference in this discussion.

      Does it make a difference when the abuse of power is unwanted repeated forced sexual behavior from a person in authority vs. a lowling, rather than a hospital vs. patients?

      It shouldn't - whether the abuse of power is of a sexual nature or not, the accuser is male or female or not, left or right, Catholic, Evangelical, Jewish, or Muslim, black or white. All should be treated equally under the law.

      And if those things DO make a difference to us and we have bias, then justice is not blind, and as much as we complain about flaws in our legal systems, we are just as guilty at being part of the bias problem ourselves ;)

      Of course, these things could be about attention or monetary or political gain - but they could also be to insure they never happen again to anyone else. We are never sure until we at least hear what both have to say. That's why we have "hearings" in America :)

    3. If a small boy and a small girl smile at one another in a classroom, which one is sent to the Principal's office for sexual harassment?

    4. time's up - does that mean it didn't happen or shouldn't be investigated?

      The crucial point is that it simply isn't possible to have a fair trial after a couple of decades or more have elapsed. Key witnesses are likely to have died. Memories have faded and become confused. No-one can possibly have clear recollections of events that allegedly happened 20, 30 or 40 years ago. Evidence may well have been lost or destroyed.

      If there's no chance of a fair trial then obviously there should not be any trial at all.

      It doesn't mean it didn't happen. It simply means that it is too late for the accused to get a fair trial.

      And if you're the victim of an actual crime why on earth would you wait 30 years before making the accusation? The only plausible reason for waiting so long is that the accuser is relying on the fact that the accused will no longer have the ability to mount a proper defence. Or that the accuser is being pushed by shonky lawyers, or manipulated by people with a political axe to grind. If you believe you've been the victim of a crime then you should report the matter to the police. If you choose not to do so within a reasonable time then that's your choice and you should then forget the matter and move on with your life. Especially if it's something as vague and dubious as sexual harassment.

    5. If a small boy and a small girl smile at one another in a classroom, which one is sent to the Principal's office for sexual harassment?

      Guilt or innocence can be easily established by adding up how many Victim Pokemon Points each party has. If the male is white and heterosexual he has zero Victim Pokemon Points so he's automatically guilty. If the male is homosexual and the female is heterosexual then obviously the female is guilty. Homosexuality is worth more Victim Pokemon Points than being female. However if the female is black and the male is homosexual it's more complicated.

      It also helps to know something about the Principal. If the Principal is female then the boy is obviously automatically guilty.

      Back in the old days guilt or innocence was established by ludicrous old-fashioned methods like weighing up evidence. Thankfully that doesn't happen any more.

    6. If it were me, neither of us would because that isn't sexual harassment. Sexual harassment isn't even a proposition or being touched in an inappropriate way.

      Sexual harassment is when you've asked the person to stop and/or told them you're not interested, and yet they continue. (Many girls forget that it's not sexual harassment unless you have asked them to stop.)

      Sexual harassment is also when the person in power retaliates in some way for rejecting their repeated advances, affecting your reputation or job status.

      I'm sorry men aren't clear on this, perhaps some women haven't helped. And yet there is nothing unclear about the word "no" or "please stop" or shouldn't be.

    7. PS However, if instead we are not discussing two adults and instead discussing adult behavior vs. a child, children are often not of age to know it's appropriate to say "no" or "please stop," especially to adults, so it's not sexual harassment, it's molestation. There shouldn't be any propositioning or inappropriate touching at all of children - period.

    8. It appears my small ironic jest was not seen as such.

    9. Actually, as you know I'm a fan of absurdity in humor. Just not THIS time, AT this time, on two different blogs, about two situations that have absolutely nothing to do with one another? ;)

      But it's cool, we're cool. Can't say that about everyone on both blogs, but I'm cool with you, hope you still are with me. If not, I hope you get over it. I always do ;) Flawed humans, the lot of us :)

    10. Chrystal, I am cool with you, as you put it. I have time for you. Have I not always, even when I have had to put you in the stables and send orange juice out to you? :) Come, sit by the fire.

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    12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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