Friday, February 10, 2017

Wood and Sail

This is for a friend who loves boats. I am an 'Air' man m'self, tho' spending far too much time as a landlubber. Such is what comes with age and knackerdom. But I am blessed in this spot where my cave looks out over the waters. I can sit and watch sights that others have to pay a shilling or three to see. As I did today.

At the weekend, starting today, as Tasmanian weekends are oft' like to do, we have our annual Regatta in Hobart on the magnificent Derwent. And the Harbour hosts the Wooden Boat Festival. We are famous here for building boats the traditional way from fine woods like the Huon Pine, as well as building the fastest modern passenger boats in the world.  Our big Cats. We show off the wooodies every year and thousands flock to the quaysides to poke and gloat.

I just might go there the few kilometres up the road and have a coffee and a squint. Then again..... the view I had today could easily sate the thirst of any armchair sailor, especially one who would probably prefer to be sailing the skies.

But for you, and my friend James, here are some of the snaps I took from my poop deck. I am not more than 500 yards from the beach and 200 ft up on the hillside, so my view is fine.  I was alerted to the start of the 'Parade' forming up by the helicopter trying to get the same view as I get and from the same position !! 

First up, some big ones ( and not all wood !!), then the smaller.  At one point there were well over 120 small and large sailing craft laid out before me in a light breeze.

The landlubbers will mix with the salties and with luck the weather will be fine for the swimming  and small boat races, the air displays (hehehe) and the kiddies' scarey play-on machines.

And for those who want to get out of the mid-day sun (or showers) there will be plenty to see and do indoors too.

So, James, 'tis a pity you are stuck in the gloom of a UK winter instead of being here. Maybe next year, eh?

I shall have copious amounts of fine ale for you.



  1. James seems to be busy with 'Wimmin on telephones' and a machine that sorts Skittles by colour.

    1. He does have a lot of interests and does keep himself busy, 'tis true. Still, I am confident he will smell the salt and the varnish soon.

  2. Nope, James is here and drooling over these boats. Thankee kindly.

  3. Love that ferry or launch too in the top pic.

    1. Yes, it sits there and says "I am Nautical'. :)

  4. Also, that bunting or "full rigging" is not cheap. Most yachts have them but I might not. Just courtesy flags for various ports.

    1. More for the spectacle of the festival than for signaling I think. I went down there (well dropped by on the way back from Mass) and the place was swarming. Not just locals either. The 'Ovation of the Seas' was in harbour with 4000 tourists who had a festival just around from their quayside !


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