Monday, February 27, 2017

Well Deserved ?

What did I do to deserve this? I asked m'self as I sat by the sand at Kingston Beach this morning.  The world is sliding down into depravity and my Supplier lifts my soul with this day. "It is Gratis. Free". His voice whispers from deep down in the Tavern's Crypt and I hear it all this way off.

Some things in life are free. Really. He gives me Liquid Sunshine.

I am not a man to get depressed anymore. Seen too much. And while the world outside the hedges of the Tavern seems dark and full of anger and despair, I 'fear no evil', as they say. Perhaps it comes with old age as well as Faith.

The view I get from my cave, I was reminded today by the telecoms chap who came to fit me up with even faster broadband, is worth a million bucks. He stood and gazed out of my window for a full minute, just soaking it in, before he pulled himself together to do the work he came to do. But My Supplier gives me more.

This place, Tasmania, and my small part of it, is quiet, civilised and beautiful. But above all, quiet. Near me are beaches that were they anywhere else they would be crowded. Here just a few stroll.

With their dogs.

This is just one of several that I spend at least half an hour at or on several times a week.  Kingston Beach. I say a Rosary as I smoke a pipe.

It is just about 10kms south of Hobart. I have a beach much closer. Just 400 metres away. It too is beautiful. Perhaps not quite so quiet as it is so much closer to the city and more folk come to it. Not too many more though. It is also more civilised in that it is more 'tended'. Kingston Beach is largely left to its own.

Snaps are fine but not enough. Sharing the ambience needs a little more life and movement. So for those who bore quickly, just select one or two. For those who want to slowly savour the days, the dawns, the sunsets and rainbows, leap right in.

I shall pull a drink for you while you drink your fill of my small paradise.

Beautiful one day: perfect today. Even when it rains 

Dawn. Quiet. Calm. 

The rising of the Sun.

 A Double Rainbow.

From the Yacht Club end. There is a rock shelf here where one can sit with the waters slopping and the pools filling and emtying.

 The 'Dog Beach' end. I have seen 30 dogs at a time down here and in 15 years never a fight. It is a place to play.

The 'village' itself sits just outside of Kingston, the fastest growing suburb in Tasmania (unfortunately) but the village is largely unaffected as there is little room to add houses. 

So it remains quiet. 

You can chase up more for yourself. You tube is a fine store.

Meanwhile we are just about due an influx of visitors and no-one will be telling them about this place. Boatloads of them come and we send them to the markets and the vinyards - and keep the beaches secret.

All that was not to make you envious. You did not have to do anything to deserve the tour. It's free. Gratis.

On the House.

The sun shines on the rich and the poor alike: the good and the bad alike. 



  1. What a beautiful gift for you. Of all the photos and videos I especially love your first photo where you have captured the sparkles. Whenever I see them it is always a special moment for me :-)

    1. Summer here has been (is being) splendid. Yes, I knowm it will change for winter but meanwhile I shall enjoy the sparkles of liquid sunshine on the waters and also enjoy sharing them with you.


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